Launching of “Spreading Love · Embracing Angels” Community Assistance Month cum “Red Lion Suit? Donation ceremony for the Project of The Station for the Disabled

The Lions Club of Shenzhen held the “Spread of Love, Embrace angelscommunity service month for the disabled
Launch and donation ceremony of “Red Lion Costume Disabled Stmonth怎么读英语单词atiospreading什么意思n” projemonthct

On the afternoon of December 3rd, 2014, to celebrangels是什么意思ate thecumshot什么意思 23rd “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”, Lions Club shenzhen held the launching ceremony of the “Transfer of Love, Embrace Angels” community service month and the donation ceremony of the “Red Lion Clothing, Supportimonthng栾城天气预报 station” project at the Shenzhen Comprehensive Service Center for Pmonth/year是什么意思ersons withassistance可数吗 Disabilities. Domestic lion standing vice President of federation find translation, vice chairman of Su Zeran, the lion fund Zhang Guojun, chief financial offmonth怎么读英语单词icer XiaoXingPingcommunity, wear with xin, vice President of advisory committee, member of the organlaunchingization construction and development committee chairmaassistancen Xu Wushun, servicemonth/year是什么意思s commicommunity servicettee chairman in the generation of wei, member of the organization construction and dassistanceevelopment committee, MoJianBo, vice President of shenzhen, chairman of the disabled persons’ federation ZuYuQin, Shenzhen lions club President of 2014-2015, Lin Ziyu, first deputy chalaunching翻译irman Lin Tao, second deputy chairspreading什么意思man ShiJianYong, secretary-general Zeng Shi, kang, head of the center, disabled personembracing翻译 representative and street from guangdong, shenyang, dalian, Qingdao, Beijinangels简谱g, sichuan, yunnan, shaanxi, Harbin leadership lion friends gatheredangels together to witnesslaunching this important moment.
At the ceremony, S栾城天气预报hi Jianyong, the second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the series activities of “cumtbSpreading love • Embracing angels”. This year, with the theme of “Passing on Lo栾城天气预报ve”, Lions Club shenzhen will hold themedlove service month activcumtbities in 4 months. Among them, the theme of this mon栾城天气th’s activities is to focus on the disacommunitybled in the community. Shenzhen Lions Club will hcumtbave 64 service teams to carry out 64 activities for the dislovely翻译abled in 56 occupational health centers in Shenzhen, mainly including lion love llovely什么意思unchembracing什么意思, ecummployment assistanccommunity collegee, holiday sympathy, recrelove is gone英文翻译ational and sports fellowship, and caring for autistic ccommunityhil栾城天气dren and cerebrlove直直播appal palsy patiemonthlynts. Ms. Zu Yuqin, chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, made an important speech. Shenzhen disabled persons’ federation as the llove is gone英文翻译ions club business in shenmonth/year是什么意思zhenassistance翻译, she said, “he appreciated about the activity of thassistance动词e competent department at the same time, she says, since its incommunity怎么读音ception shenzhen lion, actively栾城区有几个乡镇 carlove is gone英文翻译ry out public service activities, especially shenzhen lions will dock with the shen六安城南疫情zhen 56 street as kang center, sincommunity是什么意思ce its” red lion, assistive standi栾城北部新城规划图ng “project, Service activities sangels歌曲uch as holiday condolence, recreational and sports fellowship and purchase service are carried o栾城北部新城规划图ut regularly tembracing什么意思o benefit disabled friends in material, spiritual and economic aspects. This actimonth翻译vity was well rassistance的用法eceived by the staff of occupacumbersometional health, friends of the disabled and people from all walks of life. On behalf of the compcumshot什么意思etenangels摄影集肯豆照片t departments, she expressed her gratitude tolovely翻译 the Shenzhen Lionlovelys Club, whichcumshot什么意思 has been contributing to the healthy development of the disabled ispreading什么意思n Shenzhen.

Zmonthhao Dong, Executiangels歌曲ve Vice President of China Lions Association, Su Zeran, Vice President of China Lispreadingons Foundation, Zhang Guojun, Chairman of China Lions Foundation, Xiao Xingping, Chief Financial Officer, Zu栾城区有几个乡镇 Yuqin, Chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Lin Ziyu, 2014-2015 Presidenlaunching翻译t of Shmonth翻译enzhespreading怎么读n Lions Club, Lin Taocommunity是什么意思, first Vice President, Shi Jianyong, second vice president and oth栾城er leaders jointlaunching是什么意思ly promoted the launch of thelovely翻译 ball. The series of activities of “Spreading love • Embracing Angelcumts” community aangels摄影集肯豆照片ssistance service month were officially launched. Subsequently, the Service team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Silver Lake, Binhe and Central Discommunity英语trict donated rice, oil, quilts and other daily necessities worth about 40,000 yuan to the disablelovelyd. Da Tongcumulate Service Team of Shenzhen Lions C栾城区合并村规划图lub donated 30,000 RMB to Shenzhen Parents Club of Autistic Children for the club to hold seminars and exchanges for autistic children. The Lions Club of Shenzheassistance可数吗n donated 40,000 yuan for treatment and transportationspreading翻译 expenses to patients with lmonth是什么意思ow visiospreading怎么读n in Shenzhen, and the total service ex六安城南疫情penses exceedangelsofdeathed 100,000 yuan.

Lions微博spreading assistive committee chairman xiao-wei sun for poverty alleviation in shenzhen, shenzhen lions each service representatives remonths中文意思ad the “love relay, hugs angel” community ChangYiShu assistive serviclove最新版官方下载e month series activity, advocate the docking “red lion, assistive station” service to enthusiastically streetlovely翻译 health center, to carry out various forms of services;angels简谱 It is hcommunity怎么读oped that thangelsofdeathe service teams who are not affiliated with the “Red Lion Clothing Disabled Support Station” wassistance可数吗ill also actively plan, organize and clovelyarry out some effmonthlyective serviceassistance动词 activities within their capacitcumulativey, to help tspreading翻译he disabled frangels歌曲iends improve their living standards, improve their laspreading怎么读bor skills, restore their employability, andcommunity怎么读音 sembracing翻译trengthen their courage and confidence in life.

Wiangels摄影集肯豆照片tnescommunity英语sed by leaders at all levels, caring personag栾城区有几个乡镇es and all lion friends, Sh栾城北部新城规划图enzhen Lions Club also held acumshot什么意思 signincommunity怎么读音g ceremony for the project of “Red Lion costume • Disabledangels摄影集james Sassistance是什么意思英语tation”. She乱成语nzhen Lions Club huahan, Binzhi, Caitian, Tiancheng, Xianhu and Tien signed contracts with bantian, He栾城天气nggang, Nanwan, Haishan, Shiyan and Kengzi stcommunity是什么意思reet Vocational and health centers respectively, and they promised to caembracing什么意思rrycumulative ocommunity是什么意思英语ut long-term support activities in the adjacent street vocational and health centers.

Afterwards, the representatives ocommunity是什么意思f the recipients thankedassistance是什么意思英语 the lion friends for their selfcommunity翻译less love and dedication in the speech. They felt the concern of the society for the disabled and special education from the lion Friends’launching是什么意思 actions, and said thaassistance的动词形式t in the future, they would also actively repay the society within the scope o蹙眉f their ability to contribute to the constassistance的动词形式ruction of a harmonious socicommunity是什么意思英语ety.

Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2angels歌曲015cum, gave a speech. She first extended a warm welcome toassistance是什么意思 the leaders of lion Friends from nine regions of China, anassistanced expressed heartfelt thanks to shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Slovelytreet Occupational Health Center, reprassistance是什么意思英语esentatives of the disabled and all guests for coming! She pointed out that in recent years, the Lions Club has camonthlyrried out a series of cassistance怎么读hassistance是什么意思英语aritable activities, including medical treatment, assistance for the disabled, education, orpcumcontrol五次hans, poverty alleviation and environmental protection, which have been widely praicommunity servicesed by the whole scommunity复数ociety. In partlove is gone英文翻译icular, the project of “Red Lion Clothing • Disabled Statassistance可数吗ion” has been appreciated by local disablecumbersomed people in Shenzhen, reangels是什么意思cognized by Shenzhen Disabled People’s Federation, and recogassistance和help的区别nized by the National Lions Association. Today’s launching ceremony and donation ceremony isangels翻译 a goodlove直播手机版app下载 start. She hopes that after participatcumting in this activity, the representatives of lion friends across the country will make suggestions and suggestilove is gone英文翻译ons for the “Red Lion Clothing • Station focommunity怎么读r the Disabled”, and activelcumty promote the ideas and concepts of the establishment ocumcontrol五次f communimonth是什么意思ty stations for the disalovebled to benefit more people with disabilities.

Finally, zhao Dong, executive vice president oembracingf the National Lions Association, delivered a speech on behalf of the Natiospreading什么意思nal Lions Association. He first congratulated shenzhlove直播手机版app下载en Lions club on iangels怎么读ts outstanding achievements in membership development and rangels摄影集jamesete蹙眉ntion and service activities this year. Secondly, he fully affirmed the signifcumcontrol观看onlyicance of shenzhen Lions Club’s actilovealarmvities of communitangels摄影集jamesy assistance for the disabled, and called on lion friends from all over the country to learn froembracing翻译m Shenzhen Liocommunity怎么读ns Club and carry olove最新版官方下载ut栾城 more practical community栾城 assistance for the disabled. Finally, he hopes that more public welfare groups, caring enterprises and caring people will actively join the ranks of helping the disablmonth是什么意思ed like the Shenzhen Lions Clove is gone英文翻译lub, so that more peoplemonth是什么意思 with disabilities can benefit from it.
This activity came to a successful conclusion under the warm response of elaunching翻译veryone, marking a new chapter for the project of “Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station” to establish a foothold in Shenzheassistance怎么读n and go to the whole country.

By Cheng Zhaocommunity collegehua & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun

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