Be willing to pay for love — wonderful story of etiquette group of 2020 New Year charity gala

Today, we don’t talk about behind the scenes or in front of the stage, but listen to the wonderful stories of the eleganwonderful翻译中文t and youthful etiquette group under the stage. Theystorybook是什么意思 are sunny and have sweet smiles; They are quiet and graceful; Their beauty from the inside out adds to the beauty of the 2020 New Year charity gala.


On the scene of the evening party, thpay的过去式e etiquettpay的过去式e of wearing beige gauze dress is particularly noticeable. Dignified anlove is gone英文翻译d elegant Wei Xwilling的名词in xin shi elder sister as the etiquette group leader,willingly的中文 enthusiasm to pay. New Year charity party afgroup怎么读英语ter the first preparatory meeting, Wei Xin new llove最新版官方下载ion sister discernive, sincerely invited 10 beauty provoke etiquette group “beam”, in order to choose the lion sisters age, skin color, temperament of clothes, Wei Xin new lion sister devoting his mind, many times compared to clothing style, color. In order to make the etiquette grouwillingly的中文p better service lion friends in tlove直播破解版he party, the experienced wei Xin new leader actively training for the team, teach etiquetpay的用法te knowledgeetiquette是什么意思英语, explain thnewspapere party on-site arrangements, and inspire he Yajun shi brother responsible for carrying bags, carrying things, getwilling翻译 lunch and othwilling名词形式er logistics work.


All the mwonderfullyembers oetiquettef the etiquette team arrived at the scetiquette什么意思ene at 10 a.m. on The 23rd and began to make up, change their clothes and decide their positions. Even during lunch time, they discussed thewillingly details over dinner. Before signing in, the etiquette group and tstorytellerhe cstory复数onference affairs group held another meetingwonderfulu歌词英文 to manew是什么意思ke careful arrangements for the better cooperatilovealarmon and seamless docking between the two groups in the evening auction.


At two o ‘clove最新版官方下载lock in the afternoon, the etiquette group formally put into work. They are active in every leading area, cooperate withgroup翻译 other preparationlove直直播app groupetiquette什么意思s to guide guests to sign in, wear wrist flowers and corsage for guests, deliver warm tea fowonderful英语怎么读r lion friends, deliver MEDALS for astorytellerward presentation, and wear flowers for winners in auction… All the time will bpaychecke the Chinese etiquette “kind, warm, enthusiastic, generous, kind” charactegroupsristicwilling翻译s of the performance incisively and vividly. In the auction session, the etiquette group, together with the meeting affairs group and the auction group, wlove最新版官方下载ere busy in the venue, trotting alstorybook是什么意思l over the field in high heels, only to wear the wreath of glory and great love on the winners. As the onwillingness翻译ly lion brother in the etiquette group, He Yajun lion brother willingly under the “green leaf”, doing the most tired physical work,wonderful同义词 responsgroup造句简单iblewillingness翻译 for the handlingwonderful翻译 and placwonderful前面用a还是anement of flowers, wreaths, snacks and minerapaymentl water.


They stpayoneerood in high heels for ewilling翻译ight hours at a time and kept themselves elegant, but none of them was tired and lasted until the last minute of the party. When the party was over and all the lion friends left, thepaypal下载 lion sisters in the etiquette group sat down on the steps of the firstwilling名词形式 floor of the conventetiquette怎么读音发音英语ion center with their supaycheckistorybooktcases. They took oflovealarmf their shoes anwonderful同义词d sang quietly in thwonderful同义词eir bare feestorylinet, enjoying a momelove is gone英文翻译nt of peace and comfort. Looking up at the stars in the night sky, they speak out loud – for love, I awillingness翻译m most williwillinglyng!


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