The numerous students table aspirations of outstanding talents to continue the new chapter

Eager students table aspirations & NBSP; A new chapter

            For Heyuan Middle School, which started preparing weeks ago. Elite class of poor families ” During the class visit, mchapterany lionbrothers and lionsisters, who had pltable翻译aced deep expectation and hope, could not help their endless yearning for the studentalents翻译ts who wstudents’dormitory翻译ere 150 kilometers away, and many of their hearts had alrenew怎么读ady gone to Heyuan Middle School. Some liocontinue造句n frtalents是什么意思iends say “ We hope you can be there as much as possible! Heyuan air index is much better than Shenumerouslynzhen, go out to inhale the fresh aioutstanding前面加a还是anr to replenish enechaptersrgy, moreover is the way to do gchapterood deeds, see the childrentable是什么意思‘s learning situation, more people are very fun, when the time comes to take some beautiful photos, the lion fricontinue造句end bit by bit love to stay intableware everyone’s memory, this is how caspiration什么意思omfortable istudents’uniont is! .  

      &ntablewarebsp;     Oncontinued the morning of November 19, 2chapters011, a warm day in early winter, the lions of Shenzhen Liocontinue的用法ns Club and the Lions of Datong Service team gathered in the sstudents翻译outh gate ofchapters游戏 suntable翻译gang Road gymnasium with gnumerousreat enthusiasm and spontaneously formed a self-driving teastudentsm ready to go to Heyuan Middle School to participatalent是什么牌子te. Elite class of poor families ” Vitablesiting class activities.

     talents       Prior to this, on September 17th, the Guangdong Lions Hakka Service team initiated the donation to heyuan Middle School Lions Claspiration什么意思ub, which was jointly donated by Cha Cheng, Wanlu Lake and other brother service teams acontinue翻译s well as heyuan Sociatable和desk的区别l Sports Instructor Volunteer Assonews可数吗ciation. Hakka Hope Class ” The tuition and living enew是什么意思xpenses of 100 students from poor families totaling 1.2 milliostudents’dormitory翻译n yuan for three years have also beeoutstanding翻译n fultableau是什么软件ly acconewlyunted for.

      &ntalent是什么牌子bsp;   &nbsstudents所有格p; Today, the lions of Shenzhen came to heyuan Middle School to visit the students oftalent是可数名词还是不可数名词 the elite classcontinue翻译 from poor famcontinues怎么读ilies stinnumerousudying atalent是什么意思nd living there. The three etable和desk的区别lite classestable翻译 established in 2013 and 2014 gathered 156 poor students wtablewareith excellent characnew balanceter anewgroundsnd lcontinue造句earning from five counties and one district of Heyuan. They formed a big family here. In this big family,numerous怎么读 everyone has a grateful heart, thnew的反义词ey are grateful to their parents, grateful to their teachers, grateful to the people who helpednewgrounds them. In spirit, theytalent什么意思中文 are pure, virtuous, positive and progressive. They anews可数吗lso love life, are confident and energetic, have lofty ideals and asnew是什么意思pirations, and have correct outlook on life anew怎么读nd values. Although they were born in anumerous修饰可数还是不可数 poor family, they did not fchapter翻译eel inferior, lost and discotable和desk的区别uraged because of poverty. They used their most sunny side to greet every day, and repaid their teachers, parents annewlyd everyone who helped them in the Lion Club with excellent results. In them, with the traditional virtues of the Ctalentshinese natiooutstanding前面加a还是ann, they know tolerancetable和desk的区别, understanding, respect for teachers,students是三单吗 but also in their own way to help some people in need of help. During the lunch, the two teachers spoke aboutnews their love for the three classes. They treated the students like their own children. Especially when thecontinues first & LDquo; Poonumerous是什么意思r elite ” Zhang, the class teatable和desk的区别cher, was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes when she told about one of her students, Htableclothuang Mei. When she just entered this clstudents的中文ass, her father died of cancertable是什么意思, which brought a heavoutstanding前面加a还是any blow to her and affected her study. Achapters游戏fter a semester of adjustment and efforts, her grades improved by leaps and bounds, her spirit of self-istudents翻译mprovement, moved all the people present.new的反义词

    &nnew是什么意思英语bsp;       When the lions arrived at Heyuan Middle School, 156 students from thstudents’dormitory翻译ree classes were already watalent是可数名词还是不可数名词iting for them in thstudents18e meeting room. They welcomed the people who were kichapter02nd to thnumerous和many的区别em with the warmest applause. The thundeoutstanding后面加什么介词rous applause appeared after eoutstanding什么意思ach speechtableau是什么软件 ofcontinue造句 the lions. Three studstudents英语怎么读ents on behalf of the exciting speecnews可数吗h, expressed their infinitetable怎么读音 gratitude to the lionoutstanding后面加什么介词 brothertalent什么时候可数s and sisters, and the lchapter缩写ast song with heartfelt feelings “Grateful Heart”, dancing with the sign language of ttable怎么读音he lion friends, moved everyone, made the vistudents所有格sit to the climax of the activity. Lionsoutstanding同义词 are also distributed andtalent show worn by each student as a symbol of carrying on the lion spirit. Lion friends with their gifts to the sponsored students, in the teaching builnewlyding and “ Talent tree & throughout; Take a group phostudents’unionto before.

    &continue和break的区别nbsp;       Since ancient times, out of the cold, they are the twinklchaptersing stars, nstudents是三单吗ot afraid of difficulties and poverty, they live a strong life, houtstandingopingnews可数吗 to use the future progchapternextress and success to return to the society, and then to help others in need of help. Ms. Huang said she wouldnumerous修饰可数还是不可数 sponsor one stchapternextudent every year, and then pass it on when her daughter fstudents’dormitory翻译inished college anoutstandingd went to wnewspaperork. Huang Xuelan’s daughter agreed without hesitation. Although she is not a member of the Lions Club now, she learned the meaning of giving and shared the joy of giving love after participtalent是可数名词还是不可数名词ating in similar activities with her mother several times. Waspirationse believeoutstanding是什么意思英语 that there will be new caring people to join the organization.newly Elite class of poor families ” This pnew是什么意思英语roject and the lion spirit embodied by this project will ccontinue翻译onnumeroustchapterinue and be passed on continuously.

By Liu Zhiying & NBSP; Figure/He Gang

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