Behind the scenes — the backstage story of the 2020 New Year charity Gala

Success is never a matter of one person. For a large party, the work of the conference affairs group istory复数s veryearcon是什么牌子的y tedious. In order tgalanz是什么牌子o ensure the smooth flow of thscenese party, the members of the mbackstage视图怎么打开eeting team should not only have sstorybooktrong executive power, but also have full enthusiasm and serioucharity怎么读s working attitude. The 2020 New Year chyearningarity party was highly praicharity宽容的爱snew是什么意思英语ed by the lion friends for its successful work.

Aftercharity的内涵意义 the preparacharity怎么读tion of the first charity party, Yang Shuijin, the grostorylineup leadnewserstoryline, Wu Jinzhi, tang Quanhui, the deputscenes翻译y group leaders began to recruit, and quickly established a team of nearly 20 people consisting of the last team leader and the team leader with rich experience in lion service. Released from docking director, statistical attending guest list, pledging, sponsorship, honor list notification, to put the lion flag, flag, clapper, flowers, dispatch goods, arrange lunch ascenesnd dinner banbackstage视图什么意思quet reservation and dishes, and then to China lion prize awards, notify all previous auctions and donors at outside, foreign friends and lead the lion hotel arrangement and the party finally cyearninglear the work… The lion friends of the committee carefully deliberated every detail and repeatedly implementednews every link. In orderstory to make the evening party more exciting, the meeting group held no less than four internayearcon是什么牌子的l meetings, the meeting group also set up a secretary to ensure tibehindmely notification, accurate information transmission in place. The collision of ideas, the building of consensus, the careful planning, hands-on, perfect coyearcon是什么牌子的operation of each libackstage视图word的哪里nk, let albackstage漫画l lion friends feel thnew是什么意思英语e ordestory复数形式是什么rly atmosphere of the scene.




On the evening of the evening, the lion friends of the afyearcon是什么牌子的fairs group arrivecharity的动词d at the office early in the morning and carried materials with the staff of the office.charity怎么读 Atyear造句 noonbackstage视图word的哪里, the worstorytellerk of the affairs group had been basically arranged. In order to provide a more suyearlymptuous lunch for the organizers, the committee prepared chili sauce and drinks, and ensured that the working meal was delivered to the site on time, which was well received by many lion fstorylineriends. Before the party, the affairs grscene是什么意思英语oup will arrange someone to take care of the MEDALS and other materials to ensure the orderly distribution of materials.


The sucbehind的用法cess of the 2020 New Year charity party is inseparable from the lion friends’ silent efforts. Let’s say “thank you for your hard work” to all the lion friends of the Committee.


[Text] News Agency Annie Zhao

[Photo] Provided by the conference Commyearbookittee

[Edit] News Agency Chencharity和love区别 Meihong

        Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP; peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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