Tiancheng Service Team: hold the 2019 New Year charity dinner of “Heart lighting up the Future”

Tiancheng Service Team:hostXinxin lighting,Illuminate the futureThe 2019 New Yearcharity翻译The charity dinnecharity怎么读r

On January 13, 2019, Shenzh天秤座男en Lions Club Tiancheng Service Teacharity和love区别m “Heart and Soul Lighting ,”Illuminate thdinner和supper区别e futservice是什么意思ureThe 2019 New Year Charity dinner was held in Shenzhen Hall on the thcharity的动词ird floor of The People’s Building in Futian District. Tiancheng Servhold的过去式和过去分词ice team ateams手机版ll lion friends and guests from all walks of life nearly 300 peholdingople rushed to the scene,helpThe Million Student Program.

Onteambition the evening of the dinner, the bnewanquet hall was full odinner的中文意思f people and lively. Lion frservice翻译iends can learn abhold的过去式和过去分词out tiancheng Service team’s outstanding achievements through the photos onyearcon是什么牌子的 the electronic screen. The wonderful documentary video of the service team touched pehold是什么意思ople’s hearts. By the tiancheng service team ateam什么意思ll lion friends toldnew是什么意思英语 the story of the origin of theyearcon是什么牌子的 service team, so that guests felt the team’s initial heart and determination; The briteamworkghold的过去形式ht smiles of the chold翻译hildren in the mountain area and their yearning for the fut天秤座最怕什么星座ure made the guests seteamoe the bitteservice是什么意思中文翻译rness and strength behind their innocence

“One million Student Program” is tteamviewerhe brand student program of Tiancheng Service Team. In recent years, the shold键是什么功能ervice team has workservice翻译ed hard and patiently in the service activity of “cultivating people for a hundred years”One after another children in poor mouncharity怎么读tainous areas grow up slowly, relieve their worries and difficulties, take them out of the mounservice是什么意思tains, ri天秤座ch life experience

Under the stage, each heart composed of 1000 electronic lamps is waiting to be lit, eachteamwork lamp represents 1000 yuan of educational donations. In order to heteamslp the children realize their good wishes, lion frcharity宽容的爱iends and guestholds eagertianchengly bid for the auction. The litnew的反义词tle lions in chargeteam是什么意思翻译 of the charity sale rushednews back and forth between the venue, and one love lamp after another was lit up.dinner和supper区别..

To prepare foyearningr this charity dinner, the lion friends of Tiancheng Steam是什么意思翻译ervice team showed their talents.The little lionWork closely with, to help the activity.

Inheritance, it isThe continuation of love.But allnewly theTiancheng Service TeamOf the fyear是什么意思riends of the lionBeginner’s mind.We willyear造句 let theThisteamwork loveFrom generation to generation,willteamsloveSpread fartiancheng and wide.And it goes on and on and on..newgrounds.


Photo by Tang Ting/Zhang Ruiqiang



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