Make a good announcement of the service team election and the election of representatives to attend the 13th district convention of Shenzhen Lions club

About the general election of the service team and the election of representatives fannouncement翻译or the 13th district convention of Shenzhen Lions Club
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Service teams:

  &nbs马克龙p;         Accormakeding to the rules of Lgoodleplay商店ions Club shenzhen, lions Club China and Lions Club International, the 13th District Aannouncementnnual conference of 2014-2015 is scheduled to be held on April 25, 2015, angoodsd the election of each service team must be completed before the conference is held. In order to make good preparations for the 13tservice怎么读h District Annual Confermakeupence, the following matter马可s concerning the general election of the service team and the election of representatiteams手机版ves for the district Annual Conference are hereby notified:

            I. Election of the service Corps

  &goodnotes软件下载nbsp;         1.3 Fr桃花源记om 14telection是什么意思h Apriattend是什么意思l to 10th April, eacelectionsh service team shall hold regular meetings and other forms to hold general meetings for election.
            2. The previous team leader should attach great importance to this election anservice是什么意思d shoulder the responsibility of the election of the new service Team council: Fattendantsirst, the election committee should be established to examine the qualifications of the candidates such as the new tea马克龙m leader; The second irepresentatives翻译s to be responsible for organizing a general meeting to elect a new service team council.
 马克笔           3. Each district chairman, annual chairmattendance的动词an arepresentatives翻译nd executive Chairannouncement同义词man should actively guide andteambition assist the service team to complete the work of the general election. All general elections shannouncementsould bgoodleplay商店e completed before April 10 and the results should be reported to the distservice怎么读rict office.

    &nbsteamop;       Election通货膨胀下什么最保值 of district annual meeting representatives

            1. Each service teamelection shall comply with the “Resolution on the election and qualificationelections of representatives for the 13th District Annual Conference of Shenzhen Lions club”, i.e. elect one official rservice是什么意思中文翻译epresattend的用法与搭配entative for each 15 members aattendingccording to the number of mem马可波罗瓷砖be马克笔rs wattend翻译ho have actually paid thteamoe membershipmake是什么意思 dues. If a service teamelection翻译 with less tannouncement是什么意思中文翻译han 15 members does not have a delegate, one delegate can be sent t桃花源记o attend the district annual meeting. The former president, the currattend是什么意思ent district board of directors and t陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿he current members of the board of Supervisors are ex officio repteamworkresentatives and do not occupy the quota oannouncementsf representatives of eachattend是什么意思 service team.
            2. In order to ensure full attendance at the district annuaannouncement是什么意思l conference, each official representative may elect a deputy represattendantentative. If the official representative is unable to attend the district annual meeting for some reason, he/sheservicebio may be replservice翻译aced by a deputy representative.
            3. The list of elected full and Deputy representatirepresentativesves must be submitted to the regional conference offices by 10 April.

  &nbsservice是什么意思中文翻译p;team是什么意思翻译          Iii. Arrang童话故事ements for the annual Meeting

              1. Meeting time: April 25, 2015 (Saturday) Details to be determined
  &nmake是什么意思bsp;         2. Venue: Huaxia Hall, Wuzhou Hotel, Shenzhen
            3. Participants: ex officio district annual conference delgood的比较级egates and annual confegoodlereattendantsnce delegates elected by each service team
            4. Main con马克龙tents: Deliberating and approving the annual work report and financial work repomakert, electeambitionting the 2015-2016 president, the last president, the first vice president, thserviceablee second vice president, the s马克龙ecretary gengood的比较级eral, the directors an马克吐温d the chief, deputy chief and chief of supervisors; To pass relevant bills for the curregood的比较级nt year; Elected as 2015-2016 chairman, la褪黑素st chairman, first vserviceice chairman, second桃花源记 vice chairman, secservice是什么意思中文翻译retary general, director and supervisor, deputy supervisor, and supervisor.
       桃花源记     5. Dress: Red dress

            If you have any questions ab陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ove,attending please contact the office directly, contact person: Li Jiangping, Cheng Zhaohua, telattend翻译: 25688590, 25688980, fax: 25688900.
&nannouncements是什么意思bsp;           Notice is hereby given.

            Best wishes
    &nbsannouncement和notice的区别p;       Lion luck!


   representative是什么意思 &nbservice的名词sp;       1. Shenzhen Lions Club 2015& MDash; The 2016 & have spent         Lannouncement是什么意思中文翻译ist of Service Corps Council (blank)
            2.      &service是什么意思nbsp;               List of service Teareelectionm representatives to the 13th District Conventiongood的比较级 of Lions Club shenzh马可en (blank)
            3. Resolution on the election and qualification of representatives for the 13th District Annuservice怎么读al Meeting of The Lions Club of Shenzhen
    &nbspannouncement作文;         &nbsteambitionp;             &nbspteam;    

    &nbsteambitionp;             &teamworknbsp;   Sattend名词henzhen Lions Club
                          &ngoodbyebsp;                     &nbspservice是什么故障灯;           2014-2015 President Lin Ziyu
                                March 12, 2015

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