Step up Service Team: Hold the second team meeting of 2021-2022

On August 10, 2021, the second captain team meeting of Lions Club Up-step Service Teamuplay of shenzhen 2021-2022 was held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of Fulin Logistics Building, Futian District. The first vice captain Xiateams手机版o Xiaoyu, the first vice captain Wei Shaoying, thmeetingse second vice captain Liu Xiaorui, the third vice captain Huang Meilian and other 10 pemeetingople attended the meetingstep是什么意思, lion friend Liao Maohua attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xiao Xiaoyu as chairman of the conference.

The meeting held a speservice是什么故障灯cialteams会议 discussion onteamo the school aid program in the disaster-histepht areas of Henan Provinceup主. After the flood in Heupdatenan province, the shangbu Service team actively responded toservice怎么读 the call of Shenzhen Lions Association and immediately donated 10,000 yuan for the purchase of emergency supplsecond翻译ies provihold过去式ded by the district Associathold是什么意思ion. After that, the first step service tservice怎么读eam continued to act quickly and appointeamsted an investigation team composed of the secoteamnd vice captain Liu Xiaorui, brother Tong Xin Shi andmeeting Brother Wei Zstepichu官网hijun Shi to henan for field insteppedvestigaholdtion.

The inveupgradestigation team visited five schools in the disaster-hit areas of Xinmi Cserviceity, Zhengzhstepichu购买ou city, Henan Province. Throughserviceman communication with locaupdatel education bureaus and schools, the aid plan for three schools was initially drawn up, and the initiative of pledsecond的基数词ging “Huashi Award” for tarhold不住geted aid to schools in the disaster-hit areas of Henan Province was issued. In 12 hours, all 43 memeeting翻译mbers of the first step service team pledged the “Huasheng Awmeetingyou是什么意思ard”, a total of 56 “Huasheng Award”.

Cstep翻译aptain of the team meeting lasted three hours and team memberuppers of the three primaryservice和serve的区别 school, nursery school donation project budget and each item of donor hservice和serve的区别ad a full discussion, lion friends published personastepichu购买l ostepichu官网pinions and Suggestions, and reacheservice是什么意思中文翻译d a basic consensus – thupgradee aid project mainly aimed at the official cannot solve or can’t solve the problem in a timely manner, provide basichold的过去形式 guarantee for smooth opening. Given that many of the stmeeting的音标udents in the three rural primary schools are left-behind children who need accommodation, the assupstairsistance is focused on impmeetingsroving studentsserviceable‘ learning and living conditions.

The school aid program in henan disaster-affected areas has received strong support and active participathold的过去式和过去分词ion from the district association, friends and Jihai Foundation, and has raised nearly 4teamviewer50,000 yuan iupn total. After the meeting, the leaders of the fserviceableirst step service team begaservice是什么意思中文翻译n to devote themselves to the implementation of the aid plstep文件用什么软件打开an, and implemented relevant procedures and procurement matters as soon as possible.

Flood ruthless, lion frienholdds have love! Over the years, the lion fteam是什么意思翻译riends in the first step service team in the face of great disaster has always been a greameeting怎么读英语t love to pay, rescue and solve difficulties. It is hoteamviewerped that through this assistance prostepngram, the childrensecond in the disaster area can return to school in Septembemeeting是什么中文意思r as scheduled, and start the new semester of study and life.


Article/photo Provided by the service team

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