Xin 'an Service Team: the third regular meeting of 2017-2018 and the completion and handover ceremony of plastic runway of Xingzhong Primary School was successfully held

Xin 'an Service Team: the third regular meeting of 2017-2018 and the completion and handover ceremony of plastic runway of Xingzhong Primary School wasmeetingtencentcom successfullthird怎么读英语y held

On October 22, 2017, the third regular meeting of the new Security Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 ateamond the completion and handover ceremony of the plastic runway of Xingzhong Primary School was successfully held in Lianping County, Heyuan Ci新商盟ty.

In the morning, the 2017-2018 third council and regular meeting of Xin 'an Service Team was successfthirdlyully held in the conference room on the third floor of Industrial Park of Jiatai Pharmaceutithird怎么读cal Group Company, Lianpi心居ng County, Heyuan City. Cthirdhen Zong, supervisor心居 of Lions Club of Shenzhen foteams手机版r 2017-2018, Wu Wenkang, executive chairman of Lions Club, Zhao Yunpeng, first vice captain Wu Jinzhi, second vice captain Wu Zhijserviceableian, fo新浪rmer captain Zeng Zhaosheng and othregularlyer 41 peoservice的名词ple atteregular是什么意思英语nded the meeting. Mileage service team second vice - captain Xiong Qi attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wu星座 Zhijian and presided over by Li Jun.

Wu Zhijian, thecompletion怎么读 second vice capmeeting是什么中文意思tain, delivered a speech and reported to all the lion friends the "Sunshine for Students, Sincthird什么意思erely for you and Me" activity andservice和serve的区别 the completion of the plastic rmeeting是什么中文意思unway handover ceremony. Captain Zhao Yunpeng explained the matters of attention oservice是什么意思f the financial aid activity of Xingzhong Primary Schoolthird-party, and thanked Yang Zhi and his wife for their hard work for the regular meeting.

Mr. Wang Dameeting是什么意思gui, chairman of Jiatai Phameetingsrmacemeetingsutical welcomed the presence and gservicebiouidance of lion friends, saying that he would work with you to sow lov星座运势e and contribute h星座运势iteams own strength. Xiong Qi, the second vice captain, hoped that the New Security service team and mileage service team would keep close contact, strengthen cooperation, aregularnd subregularizationlimate the friendship between lion friends into a baton of love. Afterwards, supervisserviceor Chen Zongregular翻译 talked about lions club culture and hoped that tmeetingyou是什么意思he new An service team would go further and further on the road of public welfare!

Thecompletion lion friends made enthusiastic speeches and made suggestions f星座or the development of thregular反义词e New Security Service team.

At two o 'clock in tmeeting是什么中文意思he afternoon, warm applause and cheers sounded inmeetingtencentcom the sky aregularlybove xingzhong Primary scthird什么意思hool in Youxi Town, Lianping County. Xiteamonan, mileage service bregularly意思中文翻译y the lions club in shenzhen, guangdong jia tthird的缩写ai pharmaceutical co., LTD., the Golservice的名词dmeeting腾讯会议mathird什么意思n sachs confidence in heyuan city, guangdong science and technology co., LTD., lianping tolo yoshida, science and technology co., LTD., heyuan city, tcompletion翻译he golden state inregular翻译dustrial co., LTD., shenzhen hui bo capital management co., LTD., shenzhmeeting是什么中文意思en dapeng stay mouserviceablentain beauty boutiquemeeting是什么意思中文翻译 inn co-host of "sunshine student, Sincerely you and me "Xingzhong Primary School playgrounmeetingsd plastic runway completion handover ceremony officially began. He Zhiwe星座i, head ofmeeting腾讯会议 Xiteamviewerngzhong Village, Lianping Comeeting是什么意思中文翻译untservice是什么故障灯y, H星座月份表eyuan city, and o行程码健康码怎么合并ther village leaders, Huang Zhiqing, principal of Xingzhong Primary School, Huang Junping, principal of Centralservice是什么故障灯 Primary School and other school leaders, teachers and students of tregularityhe school and Lion Friends of Shenzhen Lions Club 110 people participated in the activit行程码健康码怎么合并y. The activity was chteam是什么意思翻译aired by Yang Zhihe and presided over by Li Jun and Gao Shenghan.

Captain Zhregularlyao Yregular反义词unpeng delivered a speecompletion的中文意思ch and introduced the original intention of donating to build plastic runway and the situation of runway construction. He thanked the lion friends, teachers and students who took time out of their busy schedule to participate in the activity, thanked the mileage Service team and other organizers and co-organizers for their strong support to this activity, and thanked Wu Zhijian, Wang Dagui and oteamother lion friends for their inspection and guidance during the c新武则天外传onstruction of the runway. He hoped that新浪 all the studen星辰变ts would study hard, make clear the goal of life, care for each other,team pass love and realize the value of life.

Principal Huang zhiqing highly praised and thanked xin 'an and Mileage Service team for their contribution to xingzhong Primary School. He said the construction of the plastic track will be recorded in the history of xingzhong Primary sch新浪微博ool, and the students willmeeting study hard and give back to society with excellent results.

Yteamworkang Zhihe, Xiong Qi, respectively, said that the completion and usmeeting是什么中文意思e of plastic runway is not only a happy event of Xingzhong Primeeting腾讯会议mary schoothird-partyl, but also a happy event of Xin 'an, mileage service team, but also a happservice和serve的区别y event of Jiatai pharmaceutical; Children are the future of our country, and it is our bounden duty to星座运势 deteams手机版velop education. They called on more caring people to join in helping students and carry forward thregularizatione traditional Chserviceinese virtue of respecting teachers and valuing education.

The student representative spoke and thankeserviceabled the Lioxinns club for donating the running track to the school soteamwork that thmeeting腾讯会议e students would not worry about running and falling.

At the scene, the lion friends of the New Security Service team pregular的所有形式resented schoteams会议o心居lbags to students. The children were as happservice和serve的区别y as a lark when they got their beautiful schooservicebiolbags.

Benevoleteamonce creates harmony and love inherits virtue. Xin 'an and Mileage Serregularizationvice team have sservice是什么故障灯own love and gained the respect of all teachers and stuservice翻译dents of Xingzhong Primary School and wide praise from all walks of life. This activity has also attracted attentiomeeting怎么读英语n from allregular的名词 walks of life. Heyuan Daily reported the activity, highly praising the lion friend新商盟s' great love.

By Liu Juntu/Ronin

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