District 16 to 21 lion Friendly heart-warming visit meeting was held successfully

Shenzhen Lions Club district 16-21 warm heart visit meeting of caring for lions was held successfully

&nbsheartfeltp; &nbheartsp;         On October 28th, 2012, shenzhen Lions Club heldmeeting the meetdistrict和region区别ing of Caring for lions from Zone 16 to Zone 21 in shenzwarming英语怎么读hen Lions Club officemeetingyou是什么意思. The 201friendly是什么意思2-2013meetingyou是什么意思 Director su Zeran, the first Deputy Dfriendly的比较级和最高级irector Wu Xiaomindistrict造句g, the second Deputy Director Liwarmingup什么意思中文n Ziyu, the Deputy Secretary Zhang Zhihe, the 17th District Chairmanvisit名词 Tang Shidistrict什么意思huang, the Executive Chaidistrict什么意思rmameeting翻译n of the Care Committee Li Zanmei, The meeting was attended by 20 people, including the president, first vivisit名词ce president, second vicdistrict的中文意思e president, third vice president, sfriendlyecretary, and treasurer of the six sfriendly是什么意思ub-divisionsdistrict.

      &nbspvisit名词;     The meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Zhwarming什么意思ihe. Mr. Su Ziran, director of Lions Club shenzhen, made a speech. He tvisit翻译hanked the participants for their participation, and said that this year’s Lions Club shenzhen has been a success. Limeeting怎么读英语on Friend Warm Heart Project & RDQUO; As one of the five kvisit是什么意思英语ey projects, the purpose of the project is to care for the lion friends, serve the lion friends, encourage the lion friends, and better semeetingtencentcomrve the society. In just a few mmeetingonths, the heart-warming project has achieved good results and strengtheartworkhened the cohewarming up什么意思sion of shenlion怎么读zhen Lions Club. He said that hefriendly的名词 would continueheartshot to promote and improve the project, and called on all district lion friendheartbrokens to join in this activity and pass on this kind of care.

           heartbroken At the mewarming翻译eting, the lion friends have spoken, all said & LDquo; Llion是什么意思ion Friend Warvisitedm Heart Project & RDQUO; This project is very good, very realistic, feel at home. We hope that this project cvisit什么意思an continue to become a brand project of Shenzhen Lheartshotiondistrict是什么意思英语s Club andistrict造句d hlion是什么意思elp more lion friends in need.



Photowarming翻译 by Zhang Lichen


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