Red Li Service Team: Hold the 2021-2022 service team promotion Meeting and the ninth team leader meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On March 20, 2021, the 2021-2022 Service team promotion Meeting and the ninth captain team meeting and regular meeting of the 2020-2021 Seteams手机版rvice team were held in Guohpromotionsui Hotel, People’s Building, Futia浏览器的历史n District. Shenzhen lions picket long zhang jian from 202service和serve的区别0 to 2021, 16 partitions Huang Yiqun, lionpromotion自适应刷新 friends care committee, chairman of the executive chairman of yan-hue wang, red li servichold键是什么功能e captain Wliu Guicheng, the previous captain Long Yali, first deputy captain Liang Yidong, second deputy captain brinton,red former captain xiao-ning liu, He Yongan, Chen Hang, lily, high totteam什么意思al bin, Yao Xiaozhong, Wang Shoujhold过去式un, clock in, Se恋糸纪念日cretary Liang Wenjuan, financial Yang Li, picket Chen Lixin and other 26 people attended the meeting. Loteamworkng Yali served as the president of the meeting and presided over.

Illustration 1- Regular group photo. JPG

Captain Wu Guicholdingheng briefed the lion friends at the meeting on the recent lion work and the later work deployment. He said that this month, the red Litchi service team participated in the second angel in White care activity, the service cored是什么意思st of 2,灵境行者000 yuan; Participated in co-organ浏览器的历史izing the secopromotion自适应刷新率技术nd “Shenshi Fusion Cup” sservice翻译eriesserviceable of sports and sports games, with servicservice是什么意思中文翻译e fund恋糸纪念日s of 3,000 yuan; Participated inservice是什么意思 co-organizing the shaanxi Representative Oserviceableffice “Lion Love Clean Dust sunshineredmik40 Education Trip” project, with the ser热点vice fund of 10,000 yuan. Rong Jing Shi Sister particippromotion自适应刷新率技术ated in the activity on behalf of hong Li Service team. Participated in the “Stroke awareness iredmin advanpromotion是什么意思ce” service activity恋糸纪念日 of Xianhu Service Team, and the service fund was 2000 YUAN; Participated in undertaking the sixth Region hunan joint educatihold是什么意思on service activities, service funds 20,000 yuan.

Illustration 2- The chairman of the conference tolls the bell for the meeting. JPG

Illustration 3- Conference site. JPG

Wu Guicheng, t李亚鹏he team leader, said that the team wouldmeetings carry out the huservice和serve的区别bei student assistance progmeeting是什么意思ram from March 25 to 27 according to the annual plan, and planned to carry out the luzhou student assistance activities later.

Illustration 4- Captain speaks. JPG

Yang Li financial report detailed financial situation, and report guizhou aid projects.

Illustration 5- Chief Financial Officer report. JPG

Wang Yanhua reported the lameeting腾讯会议test progress of Hubei Eholdingducational aid project on behalf of Xiao Jian, exec灵境行者utive chairman ofhold键是什么功能 Hubei Educational Aid Project, and tentativemeeting是什么中文意思ly planned to hold donation ceremony at Liu Dianholder Primary School, Sanlservice是什么故障灯igang Town, Suixian Coun热点ty, Hubei province from March 25 to 27.

Illustration 6- Hubei Student report. JPG

Then, the Red Litchi Service Team held the 202team1-2022 serservice怎么读vice team selection meetmeeting是什么中文意思ing. The lion friends actively participated in the meetiredundantng. The new team members of the Red Litchi Service team were elteambitionected.

Illustration 7- Election speech composite image 1.jpg

Illustration 8- Election Speech composite figure 2.jpg

Illustration 9- Election results. JPG

Illustration 10- Senior lion friends share composite picture. JPG

Illustration 11- Announce the result. JPG

Captain designate, Mr Leung Yi-tung, delivered a speech. He was full of confidence in the futurteamviewere. With the supromotion自适应刷新率技术pport of 15 fmeeting是什么意思ormer captains in front of him, he would strive to lead the Hong Lai Service teameetingm topromotions continue to serve the public service happily and strive for glory.

Illustration 12- New captain team photo. JPG

Loong Ah Lai announcmeeting是什么中文意思es the hong Lai Service team’s delegates to the District Council general Meeting.

Captain Wu Guicheng concludpromotion什么意思中文ed that the new team membersteamwork of the Red Litchi Service team were electserviceed in accordance with democratic procedures. Congratulservice是什么故障灯ations again on the election of the new team members.

After the meeting, the lion friends got togpromotion是什么意思ether for dinner and to celebrate the birthday of the lion friends in March.

Illustration 13- Birthday group photo. JPG

Article/Photo Hholderong Li Service Team, Liang Wenjuan, Shenshi News Agency

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