Notice | about hosting “shenzhen first response to” training notice

Fellow lions:

In order to enhance public awareness of disaster prevention, mitigationnotice用法 and relief, popularize first-aid and risk-aversion skills, and improhostingve the efficiency of emergency response in advance, we plan to carry out the first phase of “Shenzhen Firresponsest Responder” training. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.

Ifirst怎么读英语. Project Introduction

The “Firs深圳风险等级t Respondhostinger虚拟主机er” training was initiated and initiated by the United Nanotice的固定搭配tions Expert Team of Senior relief professionals, aiming to improve the awarenefirst青年电影展ss of disaster preventihosting英语on and mitigation, disaster management and basic emergency rescue capabilities of emergresponse用法ency responders at the grass-roots level. This traininoticedng in the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries have a more mature training system.

“Shenzhen First Responder” refers to the personnel who have parfirst怎么读ticipated in the trainintraining翻译g and assessment of “Shenzhen First Responder” in accordance with regulations, have ambulance certificate and Shenzhen First Responder Training Completion Certificate, and are able to carry out on-site guidance, self-rescue and mutual rescue, information collenotice过去式ction and other early disposal work at the scene of emergencies such as disasters anabout后面动词什么形式d accitraining翻译中文dents. The project by the shenzhen people’response的用法及搭配s oresponse用法fficial emergency management office in March 2017, training aims to popularize di深圳疫情最新消息saster prevention, first aid, safety skills, strengthen the “in the first place, the first scene, the first response, first ai深圳d” concept, improve the efficiency of emergency early treatment, reduce casualties and property losses caused by disaresponse造句sters accident, Promote the transformation of urban emergenchostinger虚拟主机y management from disabout是介词吗aster response to disaster preparedness.

Ii. Training objectives

Through this train深证指数ing, trainees will:

1. As the standing emerfirst青年电影展gency response force of Shenzhen Li深圳风险等级ons Club, able to respond quickly iresponse造句n thabout后面动词什么形式e “first mile” at the grassroots level and reach the scene of emergencies such as disasters, accidents a深圳风险等级nd sudden severe diseahostinger虚拟主机ses;

2. Have the awareness of disasteresponse怎么读r prevention and mitigatinotice的固定搭配on, disaster disposal ability and basic emergency rescue ability, can carry out on-site guidance, self-rescue and mutual rescue, information collection and other early disposal work;

3. After the arrival of professional emergency rescue forces such as fire control, public security and health, tfirst怎么读hey can assist in emergency treatment and rescue workaboutcg.

Training time

9:00-12:00 every day from Mondaabouty, July 26, 2021 to Thursday, Julyabout翻译 29, 2021; PM – 17:30pm

Iresponse怎么读v. Training location

Unit 9 E, Block A, Xuesong Building, Tairan 6training是什么意思英语th Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.

V. Trainfirst翻译成中文ing content

See Appendix 1 training Schedule of “Shenzhen First Responder深圳风险等级” for details.

Vi. Training expenses

The training cost is 1690 yuan per person (including teaching materials, teaching feesfirst青年电影展, teaching props and consumables). In addition, the emergency committee is responsible fresponsetime是什么意思or the site costsnotice翻译, accommodation, transportation by students). After passing the assessmfirstlyent, students will be awarded the certificate of completion of “Shenzhen First Responder” jointltraining什么意思y issued by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Emergency Management Society.

The training faboutcgee wifirstllresponse什么意思 be collected by Ma Ronnotice用法gyao Sresponse什么意思hi Jie. Contacfirstlyt number: 15012620802

Vii. Contacts

Cuinotice过去式 Weiying 1380226about怎么读1023

Ray hd & have spent 13509691500

Viii. Other matters

Dresponse怎么读ue to the limited number of trainees, thresponse翻译e number of participants will be s深圳地铁线路图elected by the organizer from the best applicants. Teachhostingers, doctors, emergency mhostinger虚拟主机anagement relattrainingpeaksed personnel and shenzhen volunteers are preferred. In addition, the training time may be adjuhosting是什么意思sted according to the straining翻译中文ituation of epidemic prevention and control, and the specific time is subject to SMS notification.


Notice is hereby given.



Attachment 1. Training schedule of “Shenzhen First Responder”. Docx

Attachment 2. “Shenzhen First Responder” training App深圳疫情最新消息lication form.docx




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July 21, 2021

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