Shenzhen Lions Club held a forum with the lion friends of 303 District of Hong Kong and Macao

Shenzhen Lions Club held a forum with the lion friends of 303 District of Hong Kong and Macao

  &ndistrict翻译bsp;         On the aflions翻译中文ternoon of February 29, 201friends翻译2, Chen Yisheng, former director of The Lions Clubfriendship的英语作文 of 303 District of Hong Kong and Macau, led more than 1district的中文意思0 directors to visit Shenzhen Lions Club and attended & LDquo; Lions Club of Shenzheld的原型hen and 303 Distlion复数rict of Hclub怎么读ong Kong and Macao Lion Friends Exchange Foru深圳市最新疫情m & RDQUO; . More than 80 people attdistrict什么意思ended the forum, including zhang Guojun, vice president of Domestic Lions Association and foclubrmer director of Lions Club sheclubmannzhen, Zheng Degang, director of Lions Club Shenzhen, Su Zeran, first deputy director, Zhang Xiaowei, secretary general of Lions Club Shenzhen and service team presidents.
    &nbheld的原型sp;       The forum was moderated by Mr. Wang Xingyue, chairman of lions Club shenzhelions翻译中文n International Exchange Committee, and Mr. Xia Yunpi深圳地铁线路图ng,clubmed chairman of lions Club Association Committee. Mr. Zheng Degang, director of Sfriends怎么读h深圳enzhen Lions Club, deliverelion怎么读d the welcome speech on behalf of the club. He said that the estfriends怎么读英语单词ablishment and development of The Shenzhen Lions Club dependedheldback on the guidance afriendship可数还是不可数名词nd slionsupport of the Hong Kong and Macao Lions Club. He thanked the Hong Kong and Macao Lions Club on behalf of the Shforums是什么意思enzhen Lions Club for their efforts, especdistrict翻译ially for the guidance and help of The director of the Shenzhen Lions Cluheld的原型b, Mr. Tan Ronggen, the current general preslions怎么读ident of lions Club International. Director Zhlions读音eng also pointed out that this year is the international Year of China and the international ye深圳风险等级ar of China. Throfriendshipugh the fellowship and communication with lions clubs in H深证指数ong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen Lions Club will further promote the grheld的中文意思owth of Shenzhen Lions Club. Through learning the successful experience of Lions clubs in Hong Konupheldg and Macao, we will further improve the relevant system construction of Lions clubs in Shenzhen.
        &nbfriendship可数还是不可数名词sp;   Zhang Guojun, vice president of lions Club in China and former director of Lions Club in Shenzhen, stressed the importance of communication in her speech. She said that With the glions英语怎么说uidance and help of Lionsfriends翻译 Club in Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen Lions Club has grown rapidly and won international awards together with lion深圳疫情最新消息s Club in pdistrict什么意思revious international conferences. Shenzhen Lions Clions音标lub anforumd Hong Kong and Macau Lions Club have grown togetfriendship的英语作文her and strengthened their friendship. On behalf of the Lion Association in China, he invited lion clionkklublionkks from Hoforum鞋款式叫什么ng Kong and Macao to participate in the commemorative activities of the Emp深证指数eror's Mausoleum to be held in Shaanxi province on April 5 to c深圳天气ommforum翻译unicate with more lion friends in the mainland.
&district是什么意思英语nbsp;           Mr. Chen Yisheng, former direcfriendshiptor of Lions Club of Hong Kong and Macau, said in his speech tforums翻译hat he had visited thedistricting Lions Clclub翻译ub of Shenzhen many times and had cooperatlions是什么意思ed with the Lions Club of Shenzhen to hold the "ldQUO; Pupil heart action ” . I am very glad to visit lions club again and hope to learn mclub怎么读ore about further cooperation and friendship opportclub是什么酒unities through exchanges. Chen appreciated the invitation frforum什么意思中文om zhang Guojun, vice president of the association, and said that she would aheld的中文意思ttend the event in Shaanxi on April 5.
          &nbsheld的中文意思p; After that, Mr. Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Li Chao, President of Miles Club, Mr. Wu Jianing,lions怎么读 president of OVERSEAS Chinese Town Club, and Mr. Xue Guowan, president of Shangbu Club introducclub是什么意思ed the situation and main service aclion翻译tivities of their service teams resdistrict的中文意思pectively. President Wong深圳天气 ofclub怎么读 the Peninsula Lioforum和conference的区别ns Club of Hong Kong, President Cheung of the North Lions Club of Hong Kong, President Lam of the Clion是什么意思ity Lions Club of Hong Kong, President Hui of the South Kowloon Lions Clu深圳疫情b and President Lee of the Victoria Peak Lions Club also introduced their service teams and their wonderful activities. The lheld过去式和过去分词ion clubs of tclub怎么读he two placesdistrict和region区别 have enhanced mutual understanheld的中文意思ding and friendship by sharing and communicalions英语怎么读ting with each other.
            Finally, the lions club offorum84 Shenzhen and The Lions club of Hong Kong and Macau exchanged gifts and took a group photo. In tclubmed官网预订he evening, we gathered in Shenzhen Luohu Friendship City for dinner and friendship.


                                              &nforums是什么意思bsp;                                 &nbsfriendsp; Article by Chen Luoyi & NBSP; Photo/Li Jiangping

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