The third district Council of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2011-2012 was held successfully

The third district Council of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2011-2012 was held successfully

  &nblions英语怎么说sp;         On the afternoon of March 3, 2012, the third district Council meeting olion是什么意思f 2011-2012 was hel深圳大学d in the multi-function Hall of Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Mr. Zheng Dwassupegang, the director, Mr. Xiao Xingping, the former director, Mr. Su Zeran, the first deputy directlion是什么意思or, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, thelions是什么意思 secdistrict什么意思retarythird怎么读英语 general, Mr. Zhang Xiaowei, 24 execcouncil读音utive directors and district chairmen attended the meeting. Dai Tongxin, former directcouncil是什么意思英语or of district Annual Meeting Committee, Wcouncil读音u Liujiang Shi and Huang Hcouncil和counseluishi, executive chairman, Chen Ke Shi and Liu Mingshi, chairmdistrict翻译an of Finance and Law Committee, were present at the meeting.
            The meeting was preclub是什么意思sidedclub是什么意思 over by the presidelions英语怎么读nt Lin Ziyu shijie andclubs the executive chairman Peng Kun Shijie. The mcouncil词根eeting deliberated and approved in principle the revised Articles ofcouncilor Association of Lions Club shenzhen, the revised Financial Management System of Lions Club Shenzhen, the revthird翻译ised Financial Management Rudistrict是什么意思英语les of Lions Club Shenthird的基数词zhen, the revised Fundthird的基数词 Managemenlionst System of Lions Clubthirdly Shenzhen and the revised important system of Lions Club Shenzhen.club怎么读 Scrcouncil和counselutlions英语怎么读inised and subsequently passed thewas怎么读 10th annual meetithird是什么意思英语ng of the directordistrict缩写是什么 of shenzhen lions in 2012-2013, the first dwashingtoneputy director, second deputy director and secretary general descriptions, regarding the service transition and the election in shenzhen lions tenth district conference represent w深圳ork notice, on the shenzhen lions tenth district conference on behalf of the election and its qualification of resolution and the about Notice on the reelection of the service team and the election of representatives to the tenth Districouncilct Annual meeting of The Shenzhen Lions Club wasthird音标 made. The summary, budget and uthird的基数词sage of the low vision project and the Decision on the Cancellation of the Abnormal Service Team were examined and approved. We also briefed on the preparaticouncil和counselons for thedistrict是什么意思英语 10th annlionsgateiversary celebration of Shenzhen Lions Club, the collection of membership dclub用英语怎么说ues, the development and retention of members, and the preparations for the 95th International Conve深圳风险等级ntion.

Photo by Zhaclub怎么读ng Lic深圳大学hen/Li Jiangpicouncil读音ng

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