The Shenzhen Lions Club held a symposium on anti-drug publicity

On October 25, 2019, the Lions Club of Shenzhen held a forum on the community service project of “Harmonious Force: Antdrugstore是什么意思i-drug Publicity” at the Lioantiquens Cllion是什么意思ub office in Shenzhen. Sclub怎么读ympoheldensium, says the Chinese people’s political consultatilions翻译ve conference (CPPCC), the municipal public securityanti bureau, the city of shepublicitynzhen work with the leadership of the club service center, shenzhen warmth, and shenzhen lions mutual discusdrugsion how to make drug pr深圳疫情最新消息evention and pro深圳疫情paganda work, to shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao to the construction of large bay area and the first demonstration of condensed wisdom and strength, to create the national anti-drug demonstration cities.

Shenzhen city stanclubman是什么牌子车ding committee of the CPPCC national committee, the CPPCC, director of the social legal system and national religious committee Li Zantibiotichenhe, shenzhen, the city public security bureau deputy director of the unodc says Dclubman是什么牌子车eng Guangdrug翻译sheng, standing committee of the CPPCC, charity, executive vice President and secretaheld的中文意思ry-general of shenzhen rooclubsm tao, the CPPCC members, supervisors ldrugstore翻译onganticipate Su Zeran before domestic lion federation, shenzhen warm anti-drug soanti前缀cial work service center field toheld是hold的什么形式tal suclub怎么读pervision inspection, l深圳疫情最新动态i Fclub是什么酒ourteen people, including Weng Hua, president of 2019-2020, Guo Yongyong, secon深圳疫情最新消息d vice President, Li Feng, Executive Vice Secretary general and Li Zhou, chairman of the second Zone of Lions Club shenzhen, attended the symposium. The meetinlions是什么意思g was chaired by President Weng Hua.

Wheld是hold的什么形式eng hua, chairman of the Shenzhen Lions Club, expressed his sincere gratitude to the municipal CPPCC, municipal Public Security Bureau of Drug Control Bureau, municipal Charityheld的意思是什么 and other uclub用英语怎么说nits for their active support anheld是hold的什么形式d guidance in carryi深圳ng out anti-drug publicity wupheldorantibiotick. He said thadrugstore怎么读t over the years, Shenzhen Lclub用英语怎么说ions Club has closely followed the footsteps of the Party and the government and actively cashenzhenrried out various public welfare services. This year, after careful investigation and evidence collection, anti-drug publicity public service is included in the annual key service promotion, hoping to let more people understand the harm of drugs, stay away from drugs, and make a contribution to the constructidrugon of a harmantistressonious socialist society inlions翻译中文 the new era.


Xie Suguang, the former leader of the classic Service Team, introduced the anti-drug publicity wordrugk oanti前缀f Shenzhen Lions Club from the aspects of the harm of drugs, thpublicity什么意思e situation of the anti-drug work carried out by the clalions翻译ssic Service team, the s深圳天气ignificance and characteristics of the anti-drpublicity可数吗ug project, the groups and formdrug是什么意思s of the service, and tantidotehe specific arrangement of the anti-anti前缀drug pulion是什么意思中文翻译blicity work this year.

Classic Service team presentation project. JPG

Chief Supervisor Li Jianyue introduced the general situation ofdrug怎么读 Shenzhen Wclubarm-hearted Social Work Service Clions怎么读enter, the content and effectiveness of anti-drug service, and the nine anti-drug projecdrug药ts planned tclubmed官网预订o be carried out jointly with Shenzhen Lions Club, and played the video of the anti-clubdrug Little Postman project.

Lee review. JPG

Fang Tao executive Vice president said深圳疫情最新动态 that anti-drug publicity is a long-term public servicedrug药骗局 project, which needs to effectively integrate all resources and maheld的意思是什么ke use of all advantages to jointly continue to promote. She proposed that, under the guidance of the Municipal CPPCC and the Drug Control B深圳地铁线路图ureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the five parties coopershenzhenate to carry out an anti-drug program for three to five years, combining the financial advantages of the CCF, the strengths of the Shenzhen Lions Club in terms of manpower, execution anclubmandclubs international influence, and the professional advantages of the Shenzhen Warmth Social Work Sheldervice Center.held是hold的什么形式

The room out. JPG

  Guo Yongyong, the second vice Presipublicity什么意思dent, Li Zheldhou, the chairman of the second zone, said thlions是什么意思at drugs are the common enesymposium翻译my of all mankind,drugstore怎么读 related to the harmonious development oheldf society and the happiness of families;anti They wiantimalware占用内存过高ll actheld的中文意思ively promote and gclub是什么意思uide more service teams aclubman是什么牌子车nd peodrug是什么意思ple from the community to participate in the project and fully support it.

Su Zeran, former supervisor of the Lions Club of Shepublicity可数吗nzhen, expressed his appreciation for the lions Club’s anti-drug publicity. He hoped that the Lions Club of Shclub用英语怎么说enlions是什么意思zhen would adhere to the sershenzhenvice innovation, mlions怎么读ake the anti-drug publicity a brand service project, and form the experience and practices that can be copiedrugstore翻译d and promoted to the national lions club,lions翻译中文 so as to promote the深圳风险等级 service work of The Lions Club of Sclubhenzhen to take the lead in the country.


  Deputy Director Deng guangsheng thapublicity怎么读nked shenzhen Lions cllionsgateub for its attention and support to anti-drug work. He introduced the achievements of shenzhen’s drug control woclubrk, and analyzed the comdrugstore是什么意思plicated situation that Shenzhen, as a frontier city of China’s reform and opening-up, faced in drug control wordrug怎么读k. He said drugs are a global scourge and drug control is a major challenge facing the world. In publicizing the harm of drugs and helantigenping drug users not to relapheld过去式和过去分词se, it is not only necessary to rely on officialantimalware占用内存过高 forces, but also need to work together with orheld中文ganizations, enpublicity什么意思telions是什么意思rprises,club用英语怎么说 schools and fam深圳疫情ilies to cdrugstore翻译reate a “drug-free worldanti是什么意思啊” social environment.

Deng Guangsheng, National Narcotics Control Administration

Director Li Zhenhe spoke highly of the symposium and the parti深证指数cipants’ in-depth and multi-angle sharing of anti-drug work. He pointed out that in the context of building the Guangdong-Holions翻译ng Kong-Macao Gpublicity什么意思reater Bay Area and supporting Shenantizhen in building aheld的原型 pilot demonstration zone of socialism with domestic characthelderistics, it is of great sigheld的中文意思nificance for the Shenzhen Lions Club to serve the overall situation, takeclub the initiatheld过去式和过去分词ive to build consensus, actively integrate the advantages of all parties, and carry out anti-drug publicity and education work. Helion是什么意思 stredrug怎么读ssed that the anti-drug work should focus on methods, integrate resources and work together to achieve better overall results. It calls on all sectors of society to participate in anti-drug wlionsork pragmatically and efficiently under the guidance of the authsymposium翻译orities. He hoped that the Lions Cshenzhenlub of Shenzhen, CCF and Shenzhen Warm-heart Social Work Service Cenheld是hold的什么形式ter would work together to laulion是什么意思中文翻译nch an anti-drug service with high participation and great inflheld怎么读的uence, and build a pilot demonstrupheldation project to contribute to the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Maclubmancao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration area.

Li Zhenhe _ duplicate_duplicate.jpg

Big group photo _ copy.jpg


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[Photo] Su Zhuangbin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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