Notice | notice about the establishment of shenzhen lion brand public welfare project

Service teams:

Shenzhen lion since its establishment, has gone through a journey of extraordinary for eighteelion复数n years, in domestic and ZhongCanLian lion federation and successive area will be under the guidance of our leadership, we love footprints all over the dombrandsestic greaestablishment是什么意思t river nortprojectorh and south, service activities related to health care, student aibrandoncody做0d, poverty alleviation, disaster relief reconstructiabout是介词吗on, communitbrandy serlionvicprojectdolle, and many oaboutcg网站ther fields, A number of influential characteristic service projects have also emerged.

In order to further promote the lion culture corlion翻译e values, standard business services, improve service growth ability, strengthen the service brand influence, but also to encourage social innovation, better quality service resources docking, constantly promoting shenzhen lions benign and healthy development of the initiated by shenzhen lion culture research center "shenzhen lion brand public service project" construction, In order to implement this important measure concerningpublic翻译 the long-lionelterm development of Shenzhen Lions Club, we have drawn up a detailed construction plan and work plabout翻译an, please refeproject软件r to the attachment. We look forwwelfare翻译ard to the active supabout怎么读port and cooperation from district chairmen, distriproject软件使用教程ct cha深圳疫情最新动态irmen and service team lealion翻译ders.

Project Chairman: Zhang Shijun 13802550471

Contact person: Qu Zhangliang 13923401376

Contact person of zoneabout是什么意思 2: Zhang Hanningwelfare翻译 13502820029

Contact person of the third zone: Lian Wei 13501568090

Contact person of zone 4: Liu Lin 13326630603

Contact: Zheng Kpublicationaipi深圳天气ng 13823695465

Contact: Guo Heliang 15989439000

Ofbrandymelvile中国官网fice contact: Su Zhuangbin 256882notice作文57

Notice is hereby given.

Attachment: Plan for Establishing Shenzhen Lions Club Brand Public Welfare Service Project L深圳风险等级ibrary

  Shenzhen Lions Club

5 December 2020


About the plan of establishing shenzhen Lions Club brand publbrandsic service project library


"Brand, in marketing, is defined as a set of specific products, benefits or services that sellers proproject翻译vide to buyers for a long timebrand是什么品牌, representing consumers' cognition of the product or enterprise. The essence of a brand is the product, service or other advantages of the brand ownebrandingr, which can bring higher value to the target audience than peers or competitors.

Since its establishment 18 years ago, shennotice作文zhen Lions Club has been adhering to the pprojecturpose of "helping others and serving the society", and has carried out numerous social welfare and charitable sewelfare怎么记忆rvice activities in many fields, making posnotice翻译itive contributions to the construction of a harmonious society. 18 and volunte深圳市最新疫情ers, ideals,publicizing today, we refer to the concept obrandlovef "bnotice的形容词rand", through the establishment of brand standard public service projects, gradually cultivate a batch of more contribute to socialpublic404html最新网站 cwelfare是什么意思ivillion怎么读ization, more helpful for tisspublic是什么意思ue growth, to the participants mental ability to more enhance the brand services, is uabout是什么意思ndoubtedly a vbrand是什么意思ery meaningful value engineering.

The first part, background and purpose

Shenzhen lion is approved by the State Council, draw lessons from inte深圳疫情rnaabout翻译tional lions club operation management mode, in accordancaboute wi深圳大学th the relevant national laws and regulations, the formal registration of new service organizatiolionsn of charity, shenzhwelfareen lions with iestablishment是什么意思ndependent corpopublicityration qualification, is also a tax-exempt status with community and public welfare donation pre-tax deduction qualification grade 5 a social organization.

Shenzhen lion was formawelfare怎么记忆lly established since 2002深圳风险等级, stick to "abide by thewelfare怎么记忆 constitutioprojectionnbrand是什么品牌, laws, regulations and policies, abide by social morality, is to help others, serve the societyproject, mobilize and organize social forces, to lead the people from all walks of life warm-hearted pestablishment怎么读ublic welfare charitabout是介词吗y, charity to raise funds, to caaboutcgrry out social serbrandingvice activities", will guideline A series of public welfare and charitable ser深圳地铁线路图vices have bebrandingen深圳疫情 carried out in medical and health cbrandloveare, educational assistance fpublic怎么读or students and the disabled, poverty allnoticeableeviation, disaster relief and reconstruction,projection and community services. As of June 2020, shenzhen Lions club has 143 service telion的音标ams with more tnotice的固定搭配han 3,800 members. According to incompleteabout statistics, in the past 18 years, Lions Club shenzhen has cawelfarerried out more thabout-facean 8,000 service activities with a service fund of aboubrandt 370 million YUAN, benefiting 50 million peobrandple. Lions Club of Shenzhen waboutcgon the "Top ten Public Welfare Organizations" award in the 14tnotice是什么意思h Shenzhen Care Action Awards. In 2008 and 2010, he wabrandings awarded the "Pengcheng Charity Organization Award" by Shenzhen municipal government. In 2010, on twelfare是什么意思英语he occasion of the 30th anniversary of the esprojecttestablishment翻译ablishment of theabout是什么意思 special zone, it was awarded the "Pengcheng Cnotice作文harity Outstanding Contribulionkktion Award (Group)"; In 2020, it won the fifth Pengcheng Charitprojectory Award "Tribute unit of Pengcheng C深圳疫情最新动态harity for 40 years", whic深圳地铁线路图h has been widely c深圳地铁线路图oncestablishmenterned and rprojectecognized by the whole society.

18 yelion翻译ars have passed深圳疫情最新动态 since the establishment of the shenzhe深圳疫情n lions in ZhongCanLian, domesnoticeabletic lion federation and successive area will be under the guidance of our leadership, each service adhnotice过去式ering to the tradition, a positive innovation, have produced a batch of such as "red", "spring breeze library", "red lion assistive st深圳ation", "low vision renotice翻译habilitation" "po深圳疫情最新消息st", "spring multimedia aupublicize翻译dio-visual classroom" influential features such as services. In order to further promote the lion culture core深圳风险等级 values, standard business services, improve service growth ability, strengthen the service brand influence, but also to encourage social innovation, better quality service resources dockinnotice作文g, constantly promoting shenzhen lions benign and hprojectorealthyaboutcg development of the this year set up a "shenzproject翻译hen lion brand public service project", issued and implemented as followswelfare是什么意思英语:

Part II. Warehobrandoncody做0using Requirementsproject软件 for brand projects (conditions and standards)

Shenzhabout后面动词什么形式en Lionsnoticeable Club public welfare brand service proje深圳ct (hereinafter referred to as branbrand是什么意思d project or project) should be guided by real sociashenzhenl needs, fonotice是什么意思cus on innovation, better solve hot social issues of publicestablishment怎么读 interest, and form a sustainable project development model. Specific storage requirements for brand projects are as follows:

I. Project area requirements

The domestic Lion Associatiabout是介词吗on advocates the sbrand-newervice field

l        Commbrandingunity service;

brand-new       Disaster preparedness and assistance;

l       about Environmental protection service;

l        Hygiene and health;

l        Internatibrand-newonal relations;

l    &nbestablishmentsp;   Shaping youth servlions英语怎么读ice opportunities;

l        Serprojectorvices for children;

l        ...

Shenbrand是什么品牌zhen Lions club according to the characteristics of The Timeabouttime免费观看s and local advocacy of the service field

l  Poverty alleviation in areas sunotice过去式ch as education, health, industry, ecology, science and technology, and entreprenreestablishmenteurship and employment.

l        Community service;

l&npublic翻译bsp;       Voproject中成本分为luntary blood donation;

l       public翻译 Visual health;

l        Mentpublic404html乱al health;

welfare;       Major dislions英语怎么读aster relief;

l        Enviroshenzhennmen深圳疫情最新消息tal protection;

l  &npublicitybwelfare是什么意思sp;     Assistiabout是介词吗ve;

l        Care for the growth of children;

l        ...

The 17 apublicize翻译reas of sustainabl深圳市最新疫情e Dprojects怎么读evelopment Goals issued by the United Nations

l        Poverty eradication;

l        Eradicating hunger;

l        Good health and well-being;

l&nbsprojects怎么读p;     &nbabout是介词吗sp; Quality education;

l        Gender equality;

l        Clean water and sanitation;

l        Cheap and clean energy;

l&nprojects怎么读bspproject中成本分为;       Decent jobs and economic growth;

l        Industry, innovation and infrastructure深圳地铁线路图;

l        Narrowbrand是什么意思ing the gap;

l  &nblion复数sp;     Sustainable cities and communit深圳市最新疫情ies;

l  &nlions英语怎么读bsp;    notice的固定搭配 Responsible consumption and production;

l&lionelnbsp;       Climate action;notice过去式

l        Underwater life;

l  &nblionssp;     Terrestrial organisms;

l        Peace, justice and strong institutionpublic是什么意思s;

l  &nbsproject翻译p;     Partnerships that advance goals.

Ii. Real and reasonable project requirements

The project has real social needs and needs to be based on scientific researclionelh or reliable data for demand analysis. The socialestablishment翻译 problems targeted at the project have public attr深圳天气ibutes and clear recipient gronoticeableups, wlion的中文意思hich can effecpublicize翻译tively make upnoticeable for the deficiencies of official and social functions iproject是什么意思n this field and solve a specific social and public problem.

3. The project has achieved remarkable reslion是什么意思ults

(1)  &nproject翻译bsp;   The projpublicize翻译ect hbrandymelvile中国官网as a clear mission and directiabout后面动词什么形式on, with obvious results, high satisfaction of the recipients and participants, and can effectively solve the relevant socialpublication problems, with a certain degree of social visibility and influence. In addition, the amount of manpower, material resources and funds invested and the satbrandisfaction of the recipients have quantitative basis that can be evalua深圳大学ted and vpublicityerified.

(2)      The project operation is professional and efficient, with clear execution pla深圳疫情最新动态n, human resources, financial managbrandmeliveement and risk preveestablishment怎么读ntiopublic翻译n and control measbrandsures. The operation mode can be promoted and copied.

(3)  &establishment是什么意思nbsp;   It is innovative inproject中成本分为 the direction and operation mode of the service field, aabouttime免费观看nd focprojectuses on improving the inner gr深圳疫情owtbrand是什么品牌h ability of the recipients.

(4)      The project has a high d深圳天气egree of soci深圳天气al responsibility and a systematic perspective, and can effectively prevent possnotice翻译ible legalwelfare怎么读, moral, ethical, environmental, cultural and other risks to avoid harm to thepublicity relevant parties, damage to the social ecological balance or causabout是介词吗e new social problems.

Iv. The project has the prospect of growth and sustainable development

Project library is required to complete before for a year or more of the implementation of the plan, target to achieve good, has the long-term development goals, implementation plan and sustainable operation modpublicitye, to solve the social problems and maintain sharp focus on environmental change, pay atproject中成本分为tention to and the service obproject中成本分为ject and units to estbrandloveablish a sustainable relationship of cooperation, has the system to guarantee the sustainable development of the project.

The third part, brand project enabling mechanism

1. Brand project certificate

The seprojectionrvice team of the brand project application subject will getabout后面动词什么形式 the certificate of Shenzhen Lions Club brand Project Entry.

2. Identification of project i深圳市最新疫情nitiating service team

To the brapublicationnd project initiapublicize翻译tion service team (can beaboutcg网站 single or multiple) tnoticeo identify, and in the brand proabout是什么意思ject database to be recorded.

3. Awards and honors

The team initinoticeating the appro深圳天气ved brand prwelfare是什么意思英语oject can get the medal and certifipublicitycate of "Innovation C深圳市最新疫情oprojectorntrabouttime免费观看ibution Award of Brand Service Project" issued by Shenzhen Lions Club. The team and individaboutcgual participating in the establishment of brand service project can be considered aprojects olion的中文意思ne of the priority criteria for the annual outstanding service team and individual o深圳大学f the dislion怎么读trict Clnotice同义词ub.

4. Operational support

The service and operation of brand projects after warehounoticedsing are mainly self-funded by the initiating service team and t深圳地铁线路图he participating service team. The Dnotice翻译istrict Council will allocate funds according to the actual expenditurelions英语怎么读 of each brand projpublic怎么读ect within the budget this year to supp深圳市最新疫情ort the standardized and standardized operation of brand projects.深圳疫情最新消息

5. Brand project promotion

Each brand project in shenzhen linotice同义词ons Internet websproject软件ite, WeChat website platform "service activities such as" brand servprojectorice "page, the theme of the pnotice同义词roject, servbrandmeliveice mission and direction, a service name, cooperation unit and resource, the past activities, has won the honor, annual plan and d深圳天气ynamic activnotice翻译ity reports, etc.

6. Resource priority interconneaboutcgction support

The regisbrandtered brand projects can be recomlionsmended by Shenzhen Lions Club to particabout翻译ipate ipublic怎么读n the selection or eprojectorxhibition activities of domestic or international excellent public welfare and charity projects, and also recommended to connect with variouabout是介词吗s charitable and public welfare resources.

The fourth part, brand project advisory group

A, & have spent Set up a brand project advispublic404html最新网站ory group to provide directional gui深圳疫情最新动态dancnotice翻译e and practical support to the brand construbrand是什么品牌ction planning, project operation and resource docking of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Second, & have spent The adviestablishment翻译sory group shall have alionkk general adviser, who shall be assumed by the prenotice用法sident; Th深圳地铁线路图e advisory group consists of former presibrandmelivedents,深圳市最新疫情 second vilion怎么读ce presidents, secretar深圳y general and GST chairman.

The fifth part, brand project warehousing review

I. Brand probrand翻译ject Review Committee

1.  Shenzhen Lions club has set up a "brand Service Project Eva深圳疫情luation Committee" wipublic是什么意思th 1 director,brandoncody做0 2 deputy direbrandctors, 1 secretary general and 7about是什么意思 members.

2.  The director of the project evabrandmeliveluation committee shall be the chaprojectirman of the Public Welfare Culture Reseapublicrch Center, and the depabout是介词吗utwelfarey director and members shall be noestablishmentminated by the director and apestablishment怎么读pointed by the presibrand-newdent.

Ii. Funnoticeablections of the brand projelion的中文意思ct Review Committee

1.  Review, approve, reestablishmentvise shenzhen Lions clunotice翻译b brand project library opeprojectorration management plan.

2.  Review and approve the warehousing of brand items.

3.  Review and approve the annual brand service activity plan submitted by each brand project ininotice是什么意思tialion的中文意思ting service team.

4.  Revielionsw the application of allocation and support fees applied by thbrand是什么意思e service team of brand project initiation to the District Council, and submit to the District Council for approval and implementatipublicityon.

5.&nbspublicizingp; Review and conotice作文mment on brand projects that have been stagnant or stopped operation, or are inappropriate, lack of viestablishmenttalnotice是什么意思itybrands and influenaboutcgce, or have deviation or error in operation, and make rbrandectification or cancellation of warehouse entry qualification decision.

The sixth part, brand project operation and management

I. Management subject

In order to facilitlion的音标ate the effective management of brand projects, the Public Welfare Culture Research Center haabouts set up a "Brand Project Management Center", which is responsible for the daily management of the深圳疫情最新消息 brand project library.

The direclion的音标tor of the brand prolion复数jectreestablishment Managemenwelfare可数吗t Center isabout是介词吗 the chairwelfareman of the public Welfare Culture Research Center, and the office assigns a full-time staff member to assist in t深圳地铁线路图he daily management and liaison work of the brand prnotice的形容词ojectestablishment.

Ii. Management responsibilities

1.  Accproject怎么设置无休息日ept the applicatiopublic404html最新网站n for storage submitted by each service tabout是介词吗eam, guide and improve the aabout是介词吗pplication materials, and submitabout怎么读 them to t深圳风险等级he brand project review committee for review anotice用法nd approval.

2.深圳风险等级  Clion复数ollect annoticedd summarize the annual brand service activity plan and annual district council allocation support fee application submitted by each brand project initiating service team, and submit tbrandingo babout后面动词什么形式rand project review committee for review.

3.  Track and collect project service trendsabout怎么读 of each brand, communicate and coordinate possible problems.

4.  Investi深圳疫情最新消息gate and collect the situation of the brand project with obvious problems, and submit it to tproject怎么设置无休息日he brand project review committee for review and comment,project软件使用教程 and make the decision of correcting deviation or canceling thlions英语怎么读e storage qualificatioabout是什么意思n.

5.  Assist distprojectorrict informpublicizea深圳地铁线路图tion technology committee to bproject软件使用教程uild and improve the brand project database informatioproject中成本分为n management system.

Iii. Leading mechanism of project operation

1.  Identification of brlion复数and projectnotice作文 operation initiating service team:

Shenzhen Lions authorized brand project initiative or declared service team (can be single or multiple joint) as the project operation and brand maintenance initiative team.

2.  Initiate servireestablishmentce team responsibility

According to the operating standards and requirements of Shenzhen Lions Club brand library project, formulate the annual brand pabouttime免费观看roject service activity planproject中成本分为, carry out project publicity, promotion, training and exchange actestablishment怎么读ivities, actively raise resourcabout怎么读es, and cooperate with the servicelion翻译 team to carry out brand prlion怎么读oject sebrand是什么意思rvice activities.

3. public是什么意思 Accept thnotice用法e operation guidance and management of brand project managemeestablishmentnt center, submit the service operation plan, district council allocatilion的音标on fee application, periodic and annual summary on time; Actively participate in the selection of excellent brand sewelfare翻译rvice projects; Feedback the problems in the brand operation pronotice过去式cess, and constantly improve the branotice的固定搭配nd project operation level.

4.&nbs深圳p; Replace or terminate the authorization to initiate the service team

If the brand project initiating service team cannot assume the leading responsibility深圳疫情最新消息 for any reason, it can apply to the brandpublic是什么意思 project management center to give up the projeclion复数t leadership, and the brand project management Center can request the brand project review Committeelionel to replace the initbrand翻译iating service team or terminate the project operation afterwelfare怎么读 study.

The seventh papublic怎么读rt, brandpublic404html乱 project warehousing operation guide

I. New brand pestablishmentroject storage operation guide

1.        Application conditions: Refer to "Warehousing Requirements (Conditions and standards)" of the program for application.

2.  &welfare可数吗nbsp;     Application materials: The project initiabrandingting service team shallnotice用法 submit the following materiwelfare怎么读als (the following materials and the sppublic怎么读ecifiabout怎么读c tiprojectionme of submission will be notified later).

(1)      Shenzhen Lions Club brand Sbrandloveervice Project warehousing declaration Form.

(2)&nblionkksp;   &establishment怎么读nbsp; Brand project application Manual (Word or PPT format) : Content should include the project topic, sebrandoncody做0rvices, mission and direction, a service name (can be joint service launched), project background and service demand research, project goals and the ewelfare是什么意思英语xpected effect, the cooperation unit and the avpublic是什么意思ailable resources, past events, has won the honor (if any) and thpublicitye annual activity planwelfare是什么意思 (inbrandscluding cost budget), etc.

(3)aboutcg网站&nbslion的中文意思p;     Operation and management measures (Wowelfarerd or PnoticeableDF format) : VI design of project brandwelfare是什么意思英语, project management system, projeabout是介词吗ct implewelfare可数吗mentnoticeableation plan and summary report, etc.

(4public怎么读)      Others (not limited) : such as the relevant official approestablishmentval,notice internal anabout是什么意思d external resources description or the cooperation agreement of sponsors, etc.

3.welfare可数吗  &brandoncody做0nbsp;     Declaration way: the declaration service team shall submit the above information to the project Management Center of rebranding service of the district ofproject软件使用教程fice.

After the construction of the brand pproject翻译roject database informationotice翻译n management system is completed, the service team can declare through the official website of the District Council and upload the relevant documents.

4.        Declpublicaration process: a service application to brand service project management center of first instance, counselling and perfectproject怎么设置无休息日 the declaration data summary to brand project review committee first trial - cwelfare是什么意思英语ouncil review - announcenotice的形容词ments, entry brandlion的中文意思 plionelroject librarabout-facey information managemenwelfare怎么读t system, district website show - the brand projects warehousing certificate, issued by the "brand service project innovation awaraboutd" MEDbrandmeliveALS and certificates.

Ii. Sorting out original brand items and stlion的音标andardizing wapublicationrehousinnotice是什么意思g arrangements

1.  Fobrand是什么意思r the original brand projects ofestablishment翻译 Shenzhen Lions Club, the initiating serbrand翻译vice team is respopublicationnsible for standardizing and improving the project theme, serviceproject中成本分为 missshenzhenion and direction, initiating service team name and coopwelfare怎么读eratioproject翻译n according to the re深圳疫情最新消息quirements of this planUnits and resources, past a深圳大学ctivities, dynamic activity reports, honors obtaineproject怎么设置无休息日d, annual activity plans and other contents shall beestablishment submitted to tbrandhe brand service project Management centeaboutcgr for review, and shall be submitted to the Brand project Revieprojectdollw Committee for confirmation, and re-recorded in a unified foraboutmbrandoncody做0at on the official website of the District's Internet and wechat websites and other platforms.

2.  Theproject original brand projects without initiating service team shall be coordinated by the district Council or designated by initiating service team or specialized work agency to complete project sorting深圳地铁线路图 and standardized ware深圳疫情最新消息housing.

3.&nproject翻译bsp; Thabout是什么意思e re-confirmed original brand service project initiating service team was awarded the "Brand Project Storage Certbrandsificate" and "Brand Servbrandmeliveice Project Innovation Contribution Award" MEDALS and certificates.

Part VIII. Annual Work Plion复数lan

1. Draft and approve the database construction plan

August -- Septembepublic404html最新网站r 2020: Researbrand-newch, plan draftinwelfare是什么意思英语g,lion翻译 soliciting opinions, finalizing andnotice是什么意思 submitting for approval, striving for appropublicize翻译val by the end of October.

Ii. Promulgation and publicity of the database construction plan

Novembestablishment是什么意思er 2020: Programme apublicizennouncement, publici深圳疫情最新消息ty and mobilization.

Iii. Sorting out and storing original brand projects

December 2020 -- March 2021: Opublicityriginal brand projects are standardized and put innotice同义词to storaproject怎么设置无休息日ge

Iv. Brand service project selecestablishment翻译tion

lbrand是什么品牌  February 2021 -- April 2021: Accept the application for warehousiabout翻译ng of the service team;

l  March 2021 -- April 2021: Brand service project Management Center counselingpublication, improve application materials;

l  May 2021projectdoll: Collect application materials and submit them to brand project Review Committee for preliminary review;

l  June 5, 2021: Spublicize翻译ubmitted to the sixth Board of Directors forshenzhen review;

l  June 2021: Hold the firswelfare怎么记忆t "Shenzhen Lions Club Brand Serv深圳疫情最新动态ice Innovation Forum" (plan to be decided senotice作文parately).




Shenzhen Lio深圳ns深圳大学 Club

5 Decemberlionkk 2020



Appendix 1: List of consultant group of Shenzhen Linoticeons Club brand Service Pronotice作文ject

General Advisor: Lu Zhiqiang

Consultants: Peng Daojianbrandlove, Tianestablishment翻译 Wangxing, Lai Zhuoni, Fang Shilei, Wu Zijian)



Appendix II: Li深圳天气st of Shenzhen Lions Club Brand Service Project Selection Coprojectormmittee

Director: Zhang Shijun

Deputypublic怎么读 directors: Zheng Kaipinnotice作文g, Lian Wei

Secretary Generabrandingl: Zhaiprojectdoll Zhangliang

Members: Fang Shilei, Zhang Hanning, Guo Heliang, Zheng Anping, Liu Lin, Wu Zijiaprojectn


Full-time secretary of brand project Management: Su Zhuangbin, 15915444117



Appendix 3: Listnotice of Shenzhen Lions Club Brand Service Project Manageme深圳疫情最新消息nt Centers

Dbrandsirector: Zhang Shijun

Deputy directors: Zheng Kaiping, Lian Wei

Sec深圳地铁线路图retary General: Zhai Zhangliang

Members: Fangpublic是什么意思 Shilei, Zhlionkkang Hanning,project中成本分为 Guo Heliang, Zheng Anping, Liu Lin, Wu Zijian

Full-time secretary of brand project Mlionsanagement: Su Zhuangbin,lion翻译 15915444117





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