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Service teams:

In response to the call of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Domestic Lions Association for participating in the poverty allecounty是什么意思啊viation project in Shancheng War-supervising county, Shenzhen Lions Club proposes that each volunteer service team particilisting在电商中什么意思pate in the paboutoverty alleviation project in 52crucial内存条 Shancheng war-supervising county in China. The counties under war supervision are as follows:

I.鼻窦炎 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (8crucial的名词)

Du ‘an County, Dahua County, Lupoverty怎么记忆oclisting是什么heng County, Sanjiang County, Ron鼻窦炎gshui County, Baise Lnotice作文onglin County, Napo County, Leye County

Ii. Sichuan Province (7)

Butuo County, Zsolicitationhaojue County, Meigu County, Jinyang County, Puge County, Xide County, Yuexi Countabout怎么读语音y

Iii. Guizhou Province (9)

Weinincount英语怎么读音g County of Bijie City, Nayolisting怎么读ng County, Hezhang County, Congjiang County and Rongjiang County of Qiandongnan Prefecture,solicitation Qinglong County and Wangmo County of Qiandongnan Prefecture, Yanhe Ccrucial的意思ounty of Tongproject软件使用教程ren City, Ziyun County of Anshun City

Iv. Yunnan Province (9)

Fugong County, Luscount用法hui City, Lanping County,notice作文 Huize County, Qujing City, Xiongcounty, Zhaotong Town, Lancang County, Puer City, Guaproject翻译ngnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Ninglang County, Lijiang Cpoverty的形容词ity, Pcrucial是什么牌子ingbian Councounty是什么意思啊ty, Honghe Prefecture

5. Gansulisting优化 Province (8)

Tanchanprojectiong County, Dongxiang County, Linxia County, Tongwei County and Min County of Dingxi City, And Zhenyuan County of Qingyang City

V币的部首i. Ningxia Hui Autprojectdollonomous Region (1)

Xiji County, Guyuan City

7. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (10)

In Hotan prefecture, Moyu countlisting包括哪些内容y, Pishan County, Yaboutcg网站utian County, Lproject怎么设置无休息日uopu County and Cele Countypoverty的形容词; in Kashgar Prefecture, Shache County, Jiashi County, Yecheng County and Yingjisha County; and in Kesolicitationtao County, Kezhou Prefecture

The service teams that plan to carry out activities in poverty alleviation and war mcount英文单词怎么读onitoring countiescount英语怎么读音 should spoverty是什么意思英语ubminotice翻译t the original paper version of The Application Form for Service Activities of Shenzhen Lions Club (Attachment 1about后面动词什么形式) and the Resolution of The Service Team Leader (Attachment 2) to the service offibidcer before 10 o ‘clock on May 26, and the office wnoticedill report to thlisting优化什么意思e Domestic Lcountyhumansions Club.


Contact person: Yang Xin 25688590

Mailing address: 13th Floor, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen



Appendix 1: Application form for Lions Club service actlisting机制的优缺点ivities.doc

Appendix 2:project Shenzabout怎么读hen Lions Club Captain’s team resolution docx


Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP; &listing机制的优缺点nbsp;

19 May 2020

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