Notice about signing up for the 2016-2017 Annual Instructor training of Lions Club of Shenzhen

Notice about signing up for the 2016-2017 Annual Instructor training of Lions Club of Shenzhen

Dear Lion friend,

Lions Club Shenzhen 2016-noticeable2017 instructor traupgradeining will be held on February 12, March 25, April and Maboutay 2017. The details are as follows:

1. Time arrangement: Frotrainingm Februaryassigning to May, four stages, one day per month, 4 dsigning是什么意思ays in total.

Ii. Registration Qualifications and Reqannuallyuirements:

Qualifications: served as and currently serve team leader, and more than 3 years of lion experience;
&notice的固定搭配nbsp;     &nbssigningp; Requirements: 1signing翻译. Full participation in the 4-day study; 2. Make a cominstructor和coach的区别mitment to serve ininstructor中文意思 the Instructor Leagutraining造句e for a long time; 3. In case of conflict between lecturing and othetrainingr activities, lecturing shouldassigning be given priority; 4annual英语怎么读. Partiannual同义词cipate in lecturing activities aupdatet least six times a yaboutear; 5. Iinstructor和coach的区别n principle, eacnotice过去式h service team shall have no more than 2 members, and the final selection list shall be determined by thtraining怎么读e Instructor Group.

3. The number of degree places is limited. The admission order will be determined accoabout后面动词什么形式rding to the first order of application under the same caboutcgircumstances

Iv. Dannualeadline for registratisigningon: 22:00, February 9, 2017 (subject tupo the time ofnotice的固定搭配 submitting the application form to the maitraining造句lbox of the District Councinstructor怎么读的il)

V. Training location: a hotel club in Shenzhen (to be determined)

Vi. Equipment requirements:

1. Lions Club red Lion dress (for group photo) and comfortupable casual wearabout.

2. Bring youpur own laptop.

Vii. Study Fee:

1. Training funds ofuplay Shenzhen Lions Cluabout怎么读b and lion friends.

2. Lions pay for their own food.

Viii. Tea break: Fine refreshments prepared by lecturers (sponsorship welcaboutome)

Ix. Registration method: & NBSP;

The application formsigning是什么意思 can be downloadedupon from theaboutcg网站 official website of Shenzhen Lionup主s Club, filled in and sent toannual the mailbox of thnotice是什么意思e club:

X. Contupact Person:

Lecture group leader Zhang Shijun 13802550471

Lin Wenjie, Office Officer 0755-256annual英语怎么读88570

Lecturinnotice的固定搭配g group is lion friends forever home, welcome to join us to create a brilliant lion careetraining怎么读r!

Attinstructor和coach的区别achment: Registration ftraining造句简单orm of Lioannual翻译ns Club shenzhen 201about翻译6training衣服品牌-2017 Anninstructor翻译ual Instructor Training

Shenzhen Liaboutcg网站ons Club Lecturing Group

February 5, 2017

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