Notice of registration for 2021-2022 Junior Instructor Training of Lions Club of Shenzhen

Dear Lion friend,

Lions Club Shenzhen 2021-2022 Junior Instructor Training RFDI is scheduled to be held on April 22-24,training是什么意思英语 2022. The relevant arrangements are hereby notified as follows:

I. Training Time:April 22-24, 2022, all day.

Ii. Training Location:A hotel near Shenzhen (TBD);lions是什么意思

Iii. Registration Requireminstructor怎么读的ents:

1.  Lion friends who love lions cluclub翻译b and ainstructor和coach的区别spire to serve in teachers league;

2. Former or current service team leader;  registration是什么意思中文翻译;

3.&ninstructor翻译bsp; At least three years of lion age;  

4.  Recommended jointly by two lecturers of 2021-2022 Faculty Group;noticed

5.  All the above requirclub翻译ements must be met.

Iv. Degree Quottraining翻译a:12

V. Registration Time:

Fclubmanrom April 10, 2022 to Aregistration的动词形式pril 15, 2022, the deadline for submitting the application form to the email address of the Instructor Group shall prevail.

Vi. Admission Methods:

After the deadline of registration, students will be selected by the teaclions翻译中文hing consultant team.

Interview time: Anoticedpril 16, 2notice用法022 (Saturday) aftnoticeernoon, place:lion是什么意思 District office. Specific arrangements will benotice翻译 announced later.

Vii. Traininregistration怎么读音g requirements

1. Red Lion dress (for group photo) and comfortable casual wear.

2. Bring your own lapregistration动词top.

3. You will not graduate if you missclub是什么意思 the course.

Vjunioriii. Study Fee:

1. The courregistrationse development and tlionseaching expetraining造句简单nses shall be borne by Lions Club of Shenzhen;

2. Students shall pay for transportation, accommodjunioratjunior台湾艺人ion, meals and other expenses otherregistration是什么意思中文翻译 than those mentioned ablions英语怎么读ove. Students will pay their owregistration怎么读音n expenses. Students will be notified of payment afteregistration的动词形式r beingnotice的固定搭配 admitted.

Ix. Registration Minstructor翻译ethod and Contact personlions翻译中文:

Please filljunior台湾艺人 in the application form and sign your name. After signing, take a photo or scan of the application forregistration是什么意思中文翻译m and send it to shenzhenclub怎么读 by email. Incomplete information may affectlions的音标 the admission. If you have any questions, please contact the director of this training course directly: Lin Yanshu shi Brother: 13923802222.

Welcome to join the lecturing group, and work with us to heclub怎么读lp you learnclub用英语怎么说 and grow, and promote the btraining翻译rilliant lion career!

Notice is herebinstructor和coach的区别y given.junior英语

Shenzhen Lions Club

President: Guo Yongynotice过去式ong

Lecture group leader: Jiang Xiezhen

April 10, 2022


Notice of registration for 2021-2022 Junior Instructor Training of Lions Club of Shenzhen news picture1ZhangShenzhen Lions Club 202notice1-2022 Entry Forregistrationfailed什么意思m for Junior Instructclubman是什么牌子车or Training.docx

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