Notice | informed about standard business behavior between shenzhen lions club members

Dear Leo,

Shenzhen lion since its establishment, in domestic and ZhongCanLian lions under the leadership of the federatuninformedion, under the shenzhen municipal party committeaboutcge, city official concern, the shenzhen alions的音标dministration of social organizations in the corporate registration authbehavior怎么读ority and competent businbusinessmaness dbusiness-methodepartment, under the guidance and supervision of dibusinesslikesabled persons’ federation, strictly ababoutcgide by stabusinesste laws and restandard怎么读gulations, adhere to “independent will, independent operation, adhere to the purplion是什么意思ose, to follow the law,” the guidelines, Astandard和level区别dhering to the spiinformed翻译rit of “giving money, making efforts, giving heastandardisedrt and attending”, it has carried out a series of sociastandardizel welfare and charitable seabout是什么意思rvices in various fieldbetween是什么词性s, including medical and health care, studbusinessent abehavior是什么意思ssistance, povestandard和level区别rty alleviation, disaster relief and reconstruction, and community services, which habehavior是可数名词吗ve been widely recognized and praised by the of深圳疫情ficial authoritbehaviorsies and the public.standardised

With the develonoticeablepment and growth of the association, the number of members keeps increasing, and the communication between members has gradually infiltr深圳风险等级ated into work and life from simple public welfare activities. In order to standardize the business behaviors amonstandardizeg shenzhen Lions Club members, avoid some unnecessary economic disputes, and avoid mutubusiness-methodal injury among individual lions club members, the relevant matters are herebybehavioral notified asbusinesslike follows:

I. Lions Club shenzhen reiterates that the club is a pubehavior怎么读blicstandard翻译 welfare and charitable service organization, and the business behavior between members is personal a深圳风险等级nd has nothing to do with the purpose, mission aninformed是什么意思d business scope of lions Club Shenzhen.

2. Shenzhen Lions Club is a non-profit social organizationnotice用法. It does not encourage or approve commercial activities such as crowdfunding, lending and coolions英语怎么读peration among its members, and doesbehaviors not intervene in commercial activities among its members.

3. It is prohibited to plan anlions怎么读d organize marketing content or other commercial contnotice的固定搭配ent under the names of “financial mutual assistance”, “love and charity”, “virtual currency”, “e-commerce”, “wechat marketing” and other activities that dbetween andisturb the national economic and social order or infringe on theinformed safety of people’notice的形容词s property. If there is any economic or employment relat深圳风险等级ionship babout翻译etween members, such as business cooperation, loan, crowdfunding, etc., it is not allowed to pronotice用法mote the society in the name of tbusiness的形容词he Association. Oncaboutcge discovered, this council has the right to pursue its legal liabilibehavioralty.

Iv. Members shall bnotice用法e cautious and vigilant in their business dealings, and consulshenzhent reaboutcglevant industry or legal personainformedge when necessary.

V. Any business behavior is risky, and the business behavior between members shall also conform to the law of market value, uphold the spirit of honest深证指数y and tinformed中文意思是什么rustworthiness, equal value and conotice过去式mpinformed翻译ensation contract, fulfill the obligation of careful review, and abide by the law.

Six, if there is any dispute between lion friends, hope lion friends through reasonable, reasonable and legal way to solvelions读音, lion friends can go to the coinformedurt and arbitration department to solve the dispute. This dispute has nothing to do with Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Lions Club, Domestic Lions Association and Shestandardizationnzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation will not accept and resolve the complaints in thebehavior是什么意思se aspects.

Business isabout翻译 riskybehavior是可数名词吗, cooperation must be cabetween是什么词性utious! For the honor of Shenzhen Lion Club, for the uniaboutcg网站ty and friendship between lion friends, we hope that the lion frienotice是什么意思nds follow the above pbusiness是什么意思rinciples and keep a sense of risk prevention in business acaboutcgtivities, so astandard是什么意思中文翻译s to avoid unnecessary losses.

Labouttime免费观看et us stay true to our original aspiration, keep in mind the tenet of “helping others and serving the societbetween翻译y by serving ourselbehaviorismves”, and continstandardizationue to marchbetween是什么意思 forward on the road of pubbehaviorallic welfare and charity serbehavioralvice.



Shennotice同义词zhen Lions Club

18 November 202about怎么读0

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