Shenzhen Lions Club community service third walk into qiaoxiang community

On November 15, 2020, the third event of shenzhen Lions Club community Service series was held at Qicommunity复数aoxiang Community Square, Xiangmihu Street, Futian District.thirdly This activity provides spinal health lectures, red action blood donatservicemanion, diabetes prevention education, visi深圳地铁线路图on care consulta侨乡是什么意思tion, oral hea深圳风险等级lth free diagnthird怎么读osis, traditional Chinese medicine healthcommunity英语 management, physicommunity怎么读cal testing and other services for the majority of community residents, the service funds of 30,000 yuan.

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Activities by the lions club in shenzhen, shenzhen sports center operations management co., LTD., shenzhen blood center, shenzhen lithird怎么读ons nature, Oriental rocommunity英语se, bright pupil, Thailand, and beacon hill, mile侨乡是什么意思age, shenyang, flat land, the son, huaqianthird怎么读英语g, the pclubath, the east China sea, shajing, bacommunitygua ling, liuzhou, lotus, hong ya, yi, alex, silver lake and othercommunity怎么读 service to undertake, Xin ‘an, Blue sky, Long term, Huangganinto1小跟班g, Hongli, Bou深圳大学gainvilleainto怎么读, Yitian, Tiancheng, Qianhai, Mingde and other service teams cooperated, and obtained the strong support of Shenzhen Sports fashion Magazine Operation Management Co., LTD., xiangmihu Street Qiaox俏香阁iang community residents committee.service是什么意思中文翻译

Li Weihua, the representative of lions Association in Shservice是什么故障灯enzheclubn and the firlionsgatest Secretary of The Party Branch of Lions Club shelions读音nzhen, Guo Yongyong, the fclubirst Viclub用英语怎么说ce President of Liolions的音标ns Club Shenzhen in 2020-2021, Peng Daojian, the second vice President, Tan Fei, the deputy Supclubservisor, Lacommunity造句i Zhuoni, Nie Xiangdong, the Chief Financial Officer, Li Li, Gao Ling, Partition xiao-ping yu,qiaoxiang li xiaofeng, chairman zhi-jian wu, Ms. Wang, linlin, Xue Yong Wang Xuebo, chun-ping li, soup, supervisors Li Zhou, special assistant tocommunity英语 President Zhu Daoying, community service committee chairman Chen, executive chairman of ming-xia sun, secretary Zhao Jinnan, red action committee chairman Zhang Zhining, shenzhen lion fund committ深圳疫情最新动态ee executhirdtive directservice翻译or Cui Weiying lions, friends, Futian Distr侨香村ict xiangmihu street qiaoxiang community neighborhood committee director Luo and community residents a total of more than 180 people participated in the activity. The activity was chaired by The leader othird是什么意思英语f nacommunity英语ture Service, Mr Zhu Xinru, and the executive vice-chair敲响两侧的钟任务原神men were Mr Du侨香村 Jilions是什么意思e, Mr Hu Jiaqi, Mr Tong Yan and Mr Sun Yulin.

A侨香村 tai chi perfoclubrmance by Yang Yan of the Nature Service team kicked off the event. Taijiquan is licommunity英语ke the spring silkworm spinning silk, continuous, reflects the traditionthird-partyal culture of human and nature development of a high degreintoe of深圳 harmony.


Zhu Xinru, executive chairman of the event, introduced ththird的基数词e guests. Chairwoman Sthird音标un mingxia introduced the main contents and formslion是什么意思 of the s深圳疫情最新动态henzhen Lions Club community service activities to the community resclub是什么意思idservice和serve的区别ents, encouraging the rewalk怎么读sidents to actively participate in and enrich their lives.

On behalf of thservice是什么故障灯e Diabetes Prevention Propaganda and Educaticommunity复数on Committee, B敲响两侧遗迹中的钟rother Su Yi wang Shi of yishan Service team popularized the causes and control methods of diabetes among the community resiclub是什么意思dents, and called on everyone to “stop talking and take steps” to prevent and deal with diabetes together.


First Secretary Li Weihua, First Vice President Guo Yongyong, second Vice Prlions翻译中文esident Peng Daojian, secretary General Lai Zhuoni alions翻译中文nd other leaders expressed their importance and expectations of community service, and also appreciated the guidance and support of relevant departments. On behalf of the community, Luo, director of qiacommunity怎么读oxiang Comlions是什么意思munity neighborhood Committee, wservice是什么故障灯elcomed the official arrival of community servwalk怎么读ice and hoped lions club could organize more and better community service projects to benefit more community residents.

The spine is the central axis of the human body and the hub of nerve conduction. How to protect the spine is the focus of this qiaoxiang community health lecture. Commuwalkingnity service committee invited with decades of spinal health management experience of shenzhen lions nintoatlions读音ure service teinto1am captain spinal health alliance, the world the first President of shenzhen, the first President of the asia-pacific institute of spinal health shenzhen, domestic spinto1超话inal movement rehabilitation medical association executive director Ren Jiulong to share the causes of the formation of spinal diseasewalk是什么意思s. Ren Jiulong, president of the company, taught us some tips for spinwalking是什么意思al self-test, and reminded us to avoid深证指数 the bad habits existing in daily sitting and lying walking, and enjoyclub是什么意思 a happy life together. Questithird什么意思ons and answers with prizes interspersed in sericlubmedous lectures, welcomed the present residents eagerly answer.


In addition to the lectures on the stage, various service projects off the stagethird的基数词 are also well received by the community residents. Spinal health consultation aservice是什么意思nd evaluation, blood donation,深圳市最新疫情 blood glucowalkmasterse testing, vision care consultation, othird是什么意思英语ral health free diagnosis, TCM health management, physical monitori侨乡文化ng and other projects are lined up. Lion friends actively distribute brochures t深圳疫情o nearby resthird的缩写idents to guide them to participate in projects they are interested in. The Community Service Committee will continue tocommunity造句 update the servwalksice content, so that more services closely related to the community residents really settled in the community. At the enlions读音d of the eventservice是什么故障灯, the nature Service invited the commun深圳天气ity to cut a cake to celebrate the lion’s birthday in November.

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The community Service Cointo1超话社区mmittee will award community service flags深圳疫情 to the service teams particcommunity怎么读ipating iwalksn the undertaking and co-organizing. Next, the Community Service Committee will join hands with the servwalking是什么意思ice teams to carry敲响混沌钟九响是什么小说 out selions是什么意思rvices in shenthird的基数词zhen’s major communities, and do a good job in procommunity serviceviding social sethird的基数词rvices centering on the annual theme of “Joy, Rclubesponsibili侨乡文化ty and Goowalking是什么意思d Deeds”, helping Shenzhen Lions Club expand its horizons in the field of public welfare and charity.


[Text] Sun Mingxia
[Photo] Sun Mingxia
[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen
[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng
[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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