Together for Development — Lions Club of Shenzhen and Sichuan Representative Office carried out lion affairs exchange

From November 16 to 18, 2020, sichuan Representative Office of Lions Association of China visited Lions Club of Shenzhen. The two sides gathered together for a lion affairs exchange forum to share experience and enhanccarried什么意思e friendship among lion friends.

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On The 17th, lu Zhiqi四川疫情最新消息ang深圳风险等级, president of Lionslion是什么意思中文翻译 Club of Shenzhen, Zhang Jian, chief inspector, Wei Xinxin, chaoffice是什么软件irman of the second Zone, Ye Ning,四川轻化工大学 chairman of international Exchange and Cooperation Commofficeittee, Toclubsng Xin, executive chairman of Lio四川大学ns Foundation Committrepresentativeee of Shenzhen came to Shenzhen Bao ‘an Airport to warmly welcome the lions of Sichuan Representative Office. On the afternoon of the same day, lions club of Shenzhen organized lions friendtogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动s of Sichuan representative office to visit Yantian Port.

In order to sdevelopmenttrengthen the exrepresentatives怎么读changes and cooperation and p深圳天气romote the common development of the two lion clubs, the lions club of Shenzhen and the Sichuan representative Offitogetherbnb攻略ce of the Domestic lion club hel四川外国语大学d a lion affalions翻译irs exchange forum in the lions club office of Shenzhen on The 18th.

Zhang Guojun, director of the international lions club international, thcarried翻译e domestilions英语怎么读c long Lin Ziyu lion fedtogetherbnb补丁eration supervisors, domestic representative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lion li whclub翻译, first secretary of the party brancclubman是什么牌子车h,club用英语怎么说 President of sh四川师范大学enzhen lion, long XiadevelopmentoXingPing zhi-qiang lu and supervisdevelopment同义词替换ors, the last Presidlionsent WengHua, first deput深圳市最新疫情y chairman Guo Yongyong, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, former President o深圳大学f ShiJianrepresentative翻译中文Yong, Lin Tao, Deputy secretary-general Tan Fei, secretary-genedevelopment怎么读ral Lai Zhuoni, finance long NieXiangDong, dean of general affair Deng Yi, long picket zhang jian,四川师范大学 deputy secr四川疫情最新消息etary-general Liao Ronghui, Fang Shilei, Wang Danya Wei Xitogethern new, li li, chairman of the zone, kevinbales, &schwarz, xiao-pinclubsg yu, li xiaofeng, chairman of the partition, zhi-jian wu, Xue Yong Dong Jun, Huang Yiqun, soup, supervisors iclubmed官网预订wslt good, why to pay such as, Mordevelopment怎么读英语e than 40 lion friends, including the special assistant of the president, Ye Wenqin, Kou Ke and Tang Xishun, the director of sichuan Representative Office of the Domestic Lions Association zhang Dewen, the former director Peng Changjun, the四川大学 ftogether翻译irst deputdevelopment的用法和搭配y directolionsr Liaoffice激活密钥o Jianping, the second deputy director Pei Libin, the former chairman Zhong Hao, Yan Bin, chief of the picket, Wang Xudong, Vice Secretary-general Xu Liang, Tanlions怎么读 Rui, chairman of the leading Development Team (GLT)carried翻译, Luo Jinping, chairman ofclubmed the GMT, Liu Hong, chairman of the Servicdevelopment同义词替换e Team (GST), Guo Zhiwei, chaishenzhenrman of thclub用英语怎么说e first Zone, Luo Mu, chairman of the Fclubmed官网预订oreign Exchange Committee, Tao Jun, chaitogetherbnb补丁rman of深圳疫情 the brand Building Committee, Wang Pin, chairman of the annual meeting Committee, Liu Xiaohui, chairman of the Service and Planningrepresentatives怎么读 Committee, Ou四川农业大学 Yueland, chairman of the post-disaster Reconstruction Project Implementation Committee and other 39 Sichuan lion friends attended the symposium. Ye Ning served as the chairman of the conferrepresentatives怎么读ence, Zhang Jian served as the general coordinator, Wei Xinxin served as the deputy general cclubsoordinator, and Fang Shilei presided over the forum.

Chairman Ye Ning extended a warm welcome to sicarried onchuan Shiyou and introduced Shenzhen Shiyou to them. The Sichualions是什么意思n Reprerepresentatives怎么读sentative Office thanked Mr. Luo Mu, chairman of the Committee of Foreign Exchange, for intrcarried outoducing the sichua深圳疫情最新消息n lions and thankeddevelopment是可数名词吗 the Shenzrepresentative怎么读hen Lions club for their warm reception.

General coordinator Zhang Jian declub用英语怎么说livered the welcome speech. She said that the friendship between sichuan Reprclubesentative Office and Shenzhen Lions Club goes back to ancient times. She hoped threpresentative翻译at through this forum, lions clubs from both sicarried怎么读des could have in-depth exchanges, discuss anoffice2016激活密钥d learn from each other’s excellent lion sertogetherbnb攻略vice experience, and promotecarried away the healthy develoclubman是什么牌子车pment of lions clubs from both sides.

Shenzhen Lions Club picket chief Zhang Jian

In the exchange session, Secretaryclub Ge四川疫情最新消息neral Of Lions Club shenzhen and Assistant Director Of Lions Club Sichuan introduced the general situcarried怎么读音英语ation of lions Club Shenzhen and Sichuan respectively. Deputy Secretary-General Wang Danya and Chairman Tan Ru深圳i introduced the GLT w四川人事考试网ork of bclubmedoth sides.lions怎么读 Su Jianhua and Zhu Wen, chairrepresentative翻译中文men of threpresentative和representatione disability assistance committees of the two places, introduced the development of the disability assistance work in their respective areas and exchanged views. Chairman Sheng Baihua and Deputy Secretary-General Xu Lrepresentative和representationiang introduced the work of the commission respectively. Li Zhou, the captain of the fairy Lake servdevelopment的用法和搭配ice teamtogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动, kuang Ning, the captain of the golf service team, communicated wit深证指数h each other on the basic situation and charofficeracte四川农业大学ristic projects of the service team.

Supervisor Lin Ziyu spoke highly of the full spirit of sichuan Shiyou group, and spoke highly of the rapid development of Sichuan Reprcarried怎么读音英语esentative Office and its achievements in sofficeervice. She said that in the past 18 yearrepresentative是什么意思s, ulion是什么意思中文翻译nder the leadership of the previous presidents and with the joint efforts of all lions, Shenzhen Lions Club has gone through an extraordinary journey. She sincerely hopedrepresentative和representation的区别 that the lion friends of the two places would work to深圳疫情最新消息gether, cherish the profoundlions怎么读 historical relationship bet四川1岁孩子确诊ween them, and contrrepresentative怎么读ibute wi四川轻化工大学sdom and strength to the work of the lion clubs in the region and the organization ofsichuan the Lion clubs in China thoffice怎么激活rough exchanges and cooperation.

Lin Ziyu JPG.

Director Zhang Guojun extended a warm welcome to szechuan Lion Friends, thanked Presidenoffice2016激活密钥t Lu Zhrepresentativelyiqiang and Director Zhang Dewen for their attention to this exchange activity, and thanked Shenzhen Lions Club for its leadership an深圳地铁线路图d careful organization. He said that excofficehanges promote promotion and learning promote development, and the exchanges asichuannd discussions between lion frcarried什么意思iends of the two places are of profound significance to the development of the two places. He reviewed the establishment proccarried怎么读ess of the Sichuan Representative office and expressed the deep frclubman是什么牌子车iendship between shenzhen四川轻化工大学 Lions club and the Sichuan Represenoffice2016激活密钥tative Office. He hoped that shenzhen Lion friends could learn from the excellent service experilion是什么意思中文翻译ence of Sichuan Representative office with an open mind. He hoped that tlions读音he exchange would be a complete success and that both sides would be better and better.

Zhang Guojun JPG.

Fclub用英语怎么说irst Secretary Li Weihua spoke highly of the exce深圳风险等级llent practices of Sichuan Representative Office in assisting the disabled and caring for lion friends. He expressed his hclubman是什么牌子车ope that the lion friends of the two places are one family. He hoped that the liotogetherbnbn friends of the two places四川大学 could strengthdevelopments翻译en exchanges and learn from eacdevelopment翻译h ottogetherbnb攻略her,lions是什么意思 practice the responsibilities and mission of the lion friends wit四川1岁孩子确诊h pract四川疫情ical actions, and jointly contribute to public welfare.

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Director Zhang Doffice2016激活密钥ewen gave a speech and expressed his sincere greetings to all the leaders of lions club. He thanked shenzhen Lions Club for its support and help to Sichuan Representative Office and hoped to learn the advan深圳大学ced experience of Shenzhen Lions深圳疫情最新动态 Club during this exchange. At深圳疫情最新动态 the same time, he also sincerely invited the Lions Club of Shenzhen to visit the Sichuan representative Office to deepen the learning and exchange between the two sides.

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Lu Zhiqiang, President of ccPIT Xiamen, marepresentative可数吗de a speech, thanking lion fclubmed官网预订riends for attaching great importance to this exchange activity and participatitogetherbnb补丁ng wholeheartedly. Thank you for your wondcarried怎么读音英语erful sharing and communication. He said that sichuan representtogetherbnb怎么绅士ative office’s service projects and lionlions怎么读 service management standardlions翻译中文ized operatio深圳风险等级n, innovative, unique, worthy of shenzhen lion friends to learn. Herepresentative是什么意思 hopedcarried that the two sides could learn from each other and strengthen cooperation through this exchange meeting. Finally, he expressed his sincere thanks to all the lion friends a深圳大学ttending the meetirepresentative翻译ng and wished them all the best luck of the lion.

Zhi-qiang lu. JPG

After thdevelopment同义词替换e meeting, President Lu Zhiqiang and Director Zhang Dewen exchanged gifts. All participating liolions读音n friends took a group photo.

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