Shenzhen Lions Club funds 1.2 million yuan to help the disabled (source: Shenzhen Business Daily A10, October 14, 2014)

  The Lions Club of Shenzhen invested 1.2 million yuan to help the disabled.

      &nbshelplessp; [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (Reporter Deng Xiaoqun, correspondent Su Zhuangbin) Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Transfer of Love & Middot; Light up hope ” During the month of cmillion怎么读英语ommunity Tclub用英语怎么说hemed Service, nearly 50 service teams carried out 49 service activities in shenzhen‘s深圳大学 major communities, including outdoor outing, Mid-Autumn Festiva元气骑士破解版l condolence gatherifundsng, visiting special chimillionsldren, helping children in need, and assisting the disabled. The service funds weredisabled翻译 over 1.2 million yuan, pclub怎么读roviding warmth to peopleshenzhen in need and benefiting原神 more than 4,800 plions是什么意思eople.

&nbdisabled翻译sp;      According to Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Chelplesslub of Shenzhen in 2014~2015disabled造句, Passing on love ” Comm圆通快递unity theme service month activity is one of the key work of Lions Club in 2014~2015. We strive to build a service brahelpnd with more beneficiaries, wider service coverage and str圆通快递查询单号onclub用英语怎么说ger sustainabiliclub是什么酒ty on the basis of traditional community brand projects through integration and upgrading. “ Transfer of Love & Middot; Light up hope ” As the first activity of the month, the service teams cardisabled造句简单ried out activities such as helping theclub翻译 poor, respecting the elderly and helping the disabled in communities, providing material, spiritual and legal assistmillionaire是什么意思ance to families in need.
       Ilion是什么意思n the first community activity launched on August 29, 20 poor college students in Xin ‘an street received 5,000 yuan each, 50 disabled people received 2,000 yuanfunds翻译 eahelpfulch, andisabled电脑启动项d 20 poor families received 3,000 yuan emillion怎么读英语ach, with the serv原神ice funds reaching 260,000 yuan. From August 30th to September 7th, just before the Mid-Autumn F元气骑士estival, representatives of more than 30 service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club went to the pubhelpful是什么意思lic sign. Red lion suit & middot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Street as center condolences to Mid-Autumn festival activhelplessities, not onldisabled电脑y for the disabled, the elderlydisabled是开启还是关闭 in the community friends of moon cakes, oil, rice and fruit, such as holiday gifts, and mattresses, massage chair, water machine, computer, t圆周率elevision and other articles for daily use, and there are many t深圳地铁线路图eams still organized fel深圳风险等级lowslion是什么意思hip actdisabled电脑启动项ivit缘之空ies, and community residents celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, by everybody’s consistent high praise. On August 30th, the Starting service team of Shenzhen Lions Club and the Nursing Hdisabled是开启还是关闭ome of Shenzhen People’s Hospital held a game in the People’s Hospital. Lion Ldisabled的形容词ove Home & M深圳地铁线路图iddot; Mid-Autumn Festival love & RDquo; More than 60 people, including family members of ningyang patients, social workers, medical staff anyuand volunteers, participathelp怎么读ed in the evendisabled的形容词t.
&nbslions怎么读p;      A group of disabled people play on the xichong beach in Dapeng New Area, east China’s Guangdlion是什么意思中文翻译ong Province, Sept. 5, 2019. A foDdisabled造句简单 said that it was very rare to have a chance to go out to play on the beach, looking at the blue sky and the sea, I felt so happy. I thanked the lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club and the caring people in the community for takinmillion的用法g us out to play and giving us holiday gifts. On Septembelionsgater 16, the Shenzhen Lions Club Brocade Service team donated 100 sets of mattresses, with a total value of 120,000 yualions怎么读n, to disabled people, elderly people and poor familmillion和billion的区别ies in 12 communities in Shatou Street, Futian District. On September 19th, the yantian Service team of Shenmillionairezhen Lions Club held the 3rd China Charity Exhibition. Transfer of Love & Middot; Lirefundsght up hope ” Signlions英语怎么读ing ceremony for fundlions的音标ing education fdisabled怎么读or sfund什么意思pecial children, donated 30,000 yuan of rehabilitation tlions的音标raining fees for autistic children to Yantian Caihong Special Education Institution.
       Introduction by Lin Ziyu, President & LDquo; Local based, serving the community & Rdisabled怎么读Dquo; It is the service direction of Shenzhen Lions Club for many years and also the focus of this ydisabled造句简单带翻译ear’s work. Community service is not only convenient for lion club members to participate in, but alsfund什么意思o easy to cshenzhenoncentratclubmane the limitedisabled电脑d funds, so that the disadvantadisabled造句简单带翻译ged groups around can get more help, improclub翻译ve the service level, and enhance the cohesion of lion club. In the following community themed service month, S深圳地铁线路图henzhen Lions Club will focus on the lifund什么意思中文翻译on friends of more than 100 service teams to influence more caring people and caring enterprises深圳疫情, and jointly care for and help the dis圆周率advantaged groups amillion的用法nd the disabled groups around.
       It is reported that the Shenzhen L深圳市最新疫情ions Club will be launched in December this year. Transfer of Love & Midddisabled电脑启动项ot; Embrace angels ” , launched in February 2015 & LDquo; Transfer of Love & Middot; Guard the sunset ” Launched in May 2015 & LDquo; Tr元尊ansfer of Love & Middot; Grateful mother ” Community Theme Service Month activities. Activities will be in the integration of shenzclub用英语怎么说hen lion traditional assistive, poverty allevia深圳天气tion, the respect such as community service brand, on the basis of trying to carrclub是什么酒y out difficult cadisabled是开启还是关闭re activities such as a single mother and take care of children with autism, at the same time, the traditional assistive project to make the brand upgrade, enlarge the support groups, improve service levels, enriching元气骑士 the content of the brand, strengthen community influence.

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