New exploration of the integration of industry and education! Five schools in Shenzhen gather to PK entrepreneurship and Innovation

Pengcheng Technician College

“Combining the soft steel of silk and precious metal, this preducationaloduct uses 3D printing technology to achieve details and structgather的形容词ure that cafivennot be achieved by tradischoolstional hand深证指数.” A represeneducation是什么意思tative ofexplorations翻译 Shenzhen Technical Institute introdindustry什么意思uces product design ideas to judges at the “exploration是什么意思Shenzhen Lions Cup Maker Intelligence Manufacturing – Innovation and Entrepreneurship inter-school invitational competition” in Shenzhen, Dec. 9, 2007.

On the same day, the laufivenching ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Shenzhen Polytechnic.

New exploration of the integration of industry and education! Five schools in Shenzhen gather to PK entrepreneurship and Innovation news picture1Zhang

Five schools and eschools怎么读ight teams PK

Maker Intelligeducationalent Manufacturing — Innovation and Entrepreneexploration翻译urship Interschool Invitational Competition is the key ceducationalompetition item of the 17th Skills Festival of Shenzhen Techneducation是什么意思英语ical Institute, which has been successfully held for three times. The topics oindustry和factory的区别f the competition are based on two fields of technological innovation and public welfare innovation, including business plan evaluation and project roadshow evaluation. The projects selected by each school involve ifive的序数词nnovative practice projects combining cutting-edge tgathering是什么意思echnology with hot social topics, such as artificial iindustry形容词ntelligence, block chain, 3D printin深圳市最新疫情g, genetic engineering, etc.

The competition consists of 8 teams from Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Shenzhen Pengcheng Technician College and Shenzhen Institute of Technofive翻译logy. Shenzhnew怎么读en Lions Club will provide entrepreneurship support scholarsnew的反义词hip.

New exploration of the integration of industry and education! Five schools in Shenzhen gather to PK entrepreneurship and Innovation news picture2Zhang

After more than two hours of competition, in the end, shenzhen uni深圳疫情最新动态verindustrysityeducation怎么读英语, “the little moxa artificial intefive什么意思lligence helps the blind glasses – domestic visual sensory substitution device pioneer” project, shenzhen vocational and technical college in “soft”industry baby worldwide project, snew是什么意思英语henzhen technician institute “gold silk does domeeducation怎么读stic precious metals – 3 d printing fashion aeducation是什么意思英语ccessories pace-setter” project won the first, two, three, respectively.

On the scene, Guo Yongyong, presidennewlyt of Shenzhen Lions Club, donated 15five的序数词0,000 YUAN of innovation and entrepreneurship support scholarship to shenzhen Lions Club on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club. Luo Chao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Polyshenzhentechnic, Gao Zuming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Ji Dongxiexplorationao, vice prnewgroundsescointegrationident peng Ying and other representatives of Shenzhen Lions Club and 20 service teams presented flags to Shenzhen Lions Club on behalfschools翻译 of Shenzhen Lions Club.

New exploration of the integration of industry and education! Five schools in Shenzhen gather to PK entrepreneurship and Innovation news picture3Zhang

Twenty entreprenintegration数学含义eurs were hired as innovation and entrepreneurship mentors outside the school

This actifive什么意思vity haseducation怎么读 been planned for nearly 2 months. Through the earlyeducation是什么意思 exchange of visits, shenzhen Techni深圳天气cal College and Shenzhen Lions Club reached a consensus on cooperation in social hot public welfare fields such as studeschools怎么念nt assistance, red action and rugather怎么读音英语ral revitalization.

On the same day, both sides of the university association held a awar深圳疫情ding ceremony深圳疫情, shenzhen Polytechnintegration怎么读ic Institute awarded shenzhen Lions Club off-camindustry的复数pus innovation and entrepreeducation翻译neurship Practice base, shenzhen Lions Club awarded Shenzhen Polytechnic Institute Lion friends hel深圳疫情p innovation and entrepreneursgather英文hipschool是可数名词吗 base.

At the appointment ceremony, Secretary Lindustry什么意思uo Chao awarded the certificates of apgatherpointment of innovation and entrepreneurship mentorsfiverr to 20 lnewions selected by Shenzheschoolship的意思n Lions Club. It iintegration英文解释s reported that these 20 mentoexploration翻译rs are entrepreneurs in the fields of business management, brand marketing, creative design and ointegration数学含义theducation怎么读er fields of Shenzhen Lions Club Lion Friends. They will help the teaeducation是什么意思英语chers and students of Shenzhen Technical Institute to carry out innovation andindustry可数吗 entrepschool是什么意思中文翻译reneurship practice activities in tindustry和factory的区别he future, and provide professional guidance.

Luo Deochao, secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Technician College, said in his speech that he hoped that both sides of the college would lead and promoexplorations是什么意思te the integration of skills, innovation and entrepreneurshi深圳地铁线路图p under the framework of strategic cooperation in thschoolse future, so as to create a broader path for more young students to become talents with skills.

Wieducation翻译ll bexploratione to carry out strategicschools怎么念 cooperation as an opportunity to caintegration英文解释rry out all-round, a hiexploration是什么意思英语gh level of cooperatgather怎么读音英语ion in the future, further mining sceducation的形容词hool skills students innovative undertaking demand with shenzhen lions entrepreneur resources, synergy in fusion, desigeducational翻译ned a fusion innovation such as production and education, realize theindustry school party both sides have complementary advantages and common development, explore a double gen education and skills education financing the development of the new road.five的序数词

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Origigather用法nal link: new exploration of the innew是什么意思英语tegration of industry angather用法d education! Five schools in Shenzhen gather to PK entrepreneurship and Innnews可数吗ovation

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