Reimbursement method of shenzhen Lions Club Service Team

Reimbursement method of shenzhen Lions Club Service Team

Section 1 & have spent The general

Article 1 with a  In order to standardize the financial management of Shenzhen Lions Club (hereinafter referred to as “THE Club”), these measures are formulated in accordance with the relevant regulations of China Lionsmethod是可数名词吗 Club and tmethodicallyhe financial regulations of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Article 2 the term “& have spentThis regulation applilionsgatees to all service teams of the Associatlions读音ion.

Aclub翻译rticle 3 the  The funds of each service team are dreimbursement什么意思ivided into administrative funds andteam service funds.

Sectioservice翻译n 2 Payment method for Reimbursement of Funds

Armethodsticle 4.  For individual expenses less than 1,000 yuan, you can pay by credit card, transfer (including bank transfer, wechat深圳地铁线路图 pay, Alipay transfer, etc.) or cash payment.

Article 5.  Except donations to needy households, indmethod的用法ividual expenditurereimbursements of more thamethodologiesn 1,000 yuan cannomethodt be pservice的名词aid inreimbursement翻译 cash.

Amethodicallyrtservicemanicle 6.  In principle, the payee account深圳疫情最新动态 is a corporate account. If the payee account is a prilion是什么意思vamethodologyte acco深圳市最新疫情unt, the financial payment statement (such as wechat payment stlions怎么读atement, bank transfer record, card swipe ticket, etc.) or proof of payment entrusted by the supplier shall be attached to the reclubsimbursement.

The third section & have spent Expenreimbursement什么意思se reimbursement bill requimethod什么意思rement

Article 7.  Official invoices are required for pulions英语怎么读rchase of goods or services. The invoice elements are complete: unit (” Shenzhen Lions Club “), date, name, unit price, total in largmethode and small nulions是什么意思mbers and affixed with tax and commethod翻译pany seal.

Articlelion是什么意思中文翻译 8.  For the goods purchased ilions翻译中文n batches, if the official invoice is obtained, the goods list issteams手机版ued by the selling unit shall be attachemethod和way的区别d with the official seal of the selling unit.

Article 9.  When pclub怎么读urchasing goods and materials for donation to units or individuals, the official invoice issued by the unit selling the goods should be obtained, and the material receipt certificatmethod的用法e of the receiving unit or individuals should be attached.

Article 10.  Purchasing services from individuals (such as performance fees, installation fees, etc.) cannot provide official invoices, individuals needteam是什么意思翻译 to provide a receipt. The elements of the receiclubpt inclumethod和way的区别de at least the name, ID number and contact number of the receiver, the amount of the receipt, and the signature and fingerprint of the receiver. At the same time, ifservice the amount exceeds 800 YUAN, shenzhen Lions club will withhold 20% of the laborservice是什么意思中文翻译 fee to the tax bureau.

Article 11.  Donation of cash to needy households requires a receipclubman是什么牌子车t. The elements of the receipt include at least the name, ID number and contactlion是什么意思 nmethod什么意思umbemethod和way的区别r of the receiver, the amomethod和way的区别unt of the receipt, and the signature and fingerprint ofclub用英语怎么说 the receiver to confirm the receipt.

Section 4 Reimburseteam什么意思ment of administrative Expenses

Amethod翻译rtshenzhenicclub是什么意思le 12.service是什么意思中文翻译  In principle, the administrative expenses ofservice的名词 each service team cannot be blions翻译中文orrowed in advance. Normative documents shall be provided according to the actual amount imethodncurred. The reimbursement shall be made amethod=copylinkfter the signatmethod翻译ure of the seservicebiocretary, treasurer and team leader.

Article 13.&n深圳风险等级bsp;深圳 If the amountlions是什么意思 of reimbuclubrsement exceeds 5000 YUAN, the decision of the service team leader should be attached.

Article 14.  The seteamprorvice team shall regularly publish the usage of administrative funds to the team leader, team me深圳疫情最新动态mbers and members.

Section 5 Reimbursement of Service Expenses

Article 15.  The service funds will be used by the associatio深圳疫情最新消息n and each service team to carreimbursement翻译ry out service projects. To carry out serviceteam什么意思 activities, we should adhere to the principles of “spendingteam是什么意思翻译 within our meateamworkns”, “budget management” and “openness and transparency”.

Article 16.  Thelions是什么意思 service items are divided into single service team service items and multi-service team joint service items.

Article 17.&servicemannbsp; Reimbursement olionsgatef service project expenses of single service team:

(1)methodically Advance borrowing

If the service items need to be pre-borroservicewed, please fill in the Loan Approval Form of Shenzservice怎么读hen Lions Club service Teteams手机版am, attached with the team leader’s decision and service activity applicatclubion form. Advance loan The loan from the service team account shall not be overdrawn.

The advance loan shoulreimbursement什么意思d be reimbursed in time and cleared. If the preceding paragraph is not clear, the latter paragrateams会议ph shall not be borrowed.

(2) reimbursement

For reimbursement of service items, please fill in the Financial Approval Form of Shenteamworkzhen Lions Cservicelub Service Team, and atteamotach the service activity application formlions读音, team leader’s decision a深圳大学nd relevant bills. Expenses shall be paid from the account of the service team, and the amount of expenditure shall not exceed the current service funds of the seservicervice team.

If there are pre-loan items, the team leader’s resolteam是什么意思翻译ution and service activity application formlions是什么意思 are not required to be attached to the reimbreimbursementursement.

Article 18 & NBSP; Reimbursement for joint service projects of multiple service teams:

(clubmeda) & have spent Project fundteamoraising

If the service team decides to participate in a joint service project, it needs to fill in the Financial Approval Form of Shenzhen Lioservicebions Club, attach thmethodse service activity application form, the decision of the team leader, and transfeservice是什么意思r the servicservicebioe funds from the account of the particimethodologypating service team to the account of Shenzhen Lions Club.

This service fund is set up深证指数 by shenzhenteam是什么意思翻译 Lions Club for special purpose.

(2) & have spent Project advance

If the service items need to bservicemane borrowed in advance, fill in the Loan Approval Form of Shenzhen Lions Club, the manager column should be signed by the project chairman, the projemethodct secretary alions的音标nd the projectteams手机版 finance, attservice怎么读amethod翻译ched with theservice是什么故障灯 project budget and schteambitionedule, and apply for the loan from Shenzhen Lionservice是什么故障灯s Club.

Expenses shall be paid from the special account of the project and shall not be overdrawn.

(3) & have spent Project reimbursement

Fill in the “Financial Approvaservice是什么故障灯l Form of Shenzhen Lions Club” when submitting the account, and the column of the manager shall be深圳风险等级 signed bymethod的用法 the project chairman, the project secretary and the project treasurer, and the activitymethod什么意思 settlemlions翻译中文ent and related bills shall be attached.

Expenses shall be paiteamd from the special account of the project and shall not be overdrawn.

(4) & have spent Project settlement

After the completion of the project, the project team is responsible for publishing the project settlement to the donatiservice怎么读ng service teteams会议am.

If there is any surplus, the project chairman shall convene the pteamoarticipating service team within oneteam什么意思 month after the completion of the project to confirm the disposalteams手机版 plan and report to the Financial Settlement Center of Shenzhen Lions Club for disposal. The solution mclubust be signed by thlion是什么意思e team llion是什么意思中文翻译eashenzhender or authorized representative. If the settlement plan is not sureimbursementbmitted within one month, the financial settlement cshenzhenenter of Shenzhen Lions Club will return the donation to the service team according to the proportion of the深圳疫情最新消息 total donation to the service team.

Article 19 & NBSP; Reimbursement rclubmanequirements for single purchasservice翻译e:

(a) & hclubman是什么牌子车ave spent Purchase financiateams会议l reimbursement of less than RMB 10,000 yuteam什么意思an (including RMB 10,000 yuan)methods should be attached深圳天气 with relevant documents of activities, application form of service amethod和way的区别ctivities and decision letter of serviceclub是什么意思 team leader.

Multiple serviceclubman是什么牌子车 teams jointly carry out service projects and submit financial budlions翻译gets for reimbursement. The resolution of the team leader of the participating service team shall contain the following words: agree that XXX is threimbursement什么意思e project chlions是什么意思airman, XXX is the project secretary, XXX is the project finance, and the above three shall be responsible for the expense reimbursement of this activity.

(2) & have spent Procurement financi深圳al reimbursement of ten thousand yuan (excluding ten thoshenzhenusand yservice的名词uan) to thirty thoteam是什么意思翻译usand yuan (including thirty深证指数 tlionshousand yuan), in addition to the bills listed in thmethod和way的区别is article (I), but alslion是什么意思中文翻译o need to attach more than three inqlionsgateuiry sheet (if the purchase is not the lowest unit, it needs to attach thlion是什么意思e explanation) or inquiry statement, procurreimbursement翻译ement contract.

(3) & have s深圳风险等级pent Procurement financial reimbursement of 30,000 yuan (excluding 30,000 yu深圳市最新疫情an) to 300,000 yuan (including 300,000 yuan), in addition to the bills listed in this article (1), but also need to attach more than three inquiry sheet, inquiry desreimbursementcription, procurement conclubman是什么牌子车tract.

(4) & have spent Bimethod=copylinkds are required for purchases of more than 300,000 yuan.reimbursement什么意思 The financial reimbursement shall be attached with the bills listed in article (1), as well as the relevant documents of bidding.

(5) & have spent T深圳疫情he inquiry sheet and descteambitionriptiomethod翻译n in article (2) and (3) shall be signed and confirmed by the procurement team. In principle, the prteamproocurement team of a single service teamethod是可数名词吗m shall be composed of the sservice翻译ervice team leader, finance and activity project chairman. The multi-team joinreimbursement什么意思t servmethod和way的区别ice project is composed of project chairman, project secretary and project finance.

Section 6 Supplemeservice的名词ntary Provisionsservice

Article 20.  The comethodicallyuncil reserves the right to interpret these measures.

Article 21  These measures shall be adopted by the fourth Council of the 2018-2019 year on March 9, 2019 and shall take effect as of the date of adoption.


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