Honorable Book of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2012-2014

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            Part I & NBSP; Sbook怎么读语音henzhen Lions Club awards list at Lions Club International
            1. Best Lion Friend in the world
            2. Lions Club International President’s Medal
            3. Lions Club International Director team Award
        &nbookingbsp; &nbclubssp; 4. Lions International Leadership Mehonorabledal
  &honorable和honored区别nbsp;         5. Lions Club International District Chairman award of Excellence
    &nbook怎么读bsp;       6. Certificate of aphonorablepreciation from the President of Lions Club International
    &clubmednbsp;       Part 2 & NBSP; Shenz深圳疫情最新动态hen Lions club in the national lions association award list
&nbshonorable和honored区别p;           1.    Slions翻译pecial Contribution Award
            2.    Excellent Serlions英语怎么读vice Projects
      &club用英语怎么说nbsp;   &nbclub是什么意思sp; 3.    Distinguished Service Corps
 club翻译         &nbsclubmed官网预订p; 4.&nbs深圳p;   Oulion是什么意思tstanding member
    &nclubmanbsp;       The firstthreePart ofbookmark the Shenzhen Lions ClubinOffbook怎么读语音icial list of relevant awards in Shenzhen
    &nbhonorable和honored区别sp;       1.&lionsnbsp;             100 Best Public Satisfaction projects
    &nbsp深圳疫情最新消息;       2.  &nbsplions的音标;         &nbsp深圳; Advanced worker
        &nbs深圳疫情最新动态p;   3.              Top ten Caring enterprises
            4.          &nb深圳风险等级sp;   Tlions怎么读op 10 Caring Families
            Part iv & NBSP; List of shenzhen Lions Club awards 2012-2013
            A,        A spclubmedecial prclubmedizebookmark
1.“ Red lion suit &club middobookstoret; Abookmarkssistive standing throclub用英语怎么说ughout the &;
2.“ Red lion suit & middot; Watch the sunset
3.Spring multimedia classroom
4.Annual Special Project Award (for units and pioneers in Zhaotong, Yunnan and Ylionsa ‘an, Sichuan donating more than 100,000 YUAN)
Second,club是什么意思  &nbsphonorable翻译;     District award (this award is high nobookshelft low, not repeated award)
1.Governor’s Specibookingal Contribution Award
2.Direcbookingtor special Supphonorablyort Award
3.Special Team Contribution Award
4.Oclub怎么读utstanding Districtclub是什么酒 Chairman Award
5.Excellent District Chairman Award
6.Exbook怎么读语音cellent District Staff Award
7.Outs深圳tanding Selions翻译中文rvice Team A深圳地铁线路图ward
8.Outstanding Service Team Award
9.club是什么意思Service Team Member Development and Retention Award
10.        Service Team member Development and Retentiohonorable和honored区别n excellence Award
11.  &clubmannbsp; &bookletnbsp;   Outstanding Award for Service Team Member Activities
12.    &lions翻译nbsp;   Excellence Award of Service Team Member Service Activities
13.    &nbs深圳p;   Outstandi深圳ng Servichonorablee Team Presidhonorable是什么意思ent Award
14.        Outstanding Service Team President Award
15.    &nbclub用英语怎么说sp;   Founding President award
16.      &nbsplions翻译; Outstclubmed官网预订anding Service Secretarybookmark Award
17.&nbslions的音标p;       Service team Financbookstoreial Excellence Award
18.      &nbslions翻译p; Serviceshenzhen Chonorablyorps Outst深圳天气andinghonorable和honored区别 Member Awlions是什么意思ard
19.        Ou深圳天气tstanding Member award of service tbookstoreeam
Three,&n深圳地铁线路图bsp;       Eleven years senior Lion Friend awbookstoreard
Four,  &book怎么读语音nbslion是什么意思p;     Ten years veteran Lion Friendclub ahonorable是什么意思ward
Five,        List of shenzhen Lions Club’s 2011-2012 Hua Lion Award donors
Vi.        List of shenzhen Lions Club’s 2011-2012 Mervyn Bell Award donors

Part I & NBSbookshelfP; Shenzhen Lions Club awards list at Lions Club International
1. Best Lion Friend in the world
Su Zeran
2. Lions Club International President’s Medal
Su Zeran
3. Lionsclub怎么读 Club Intern深圳天气ationa深圳风险等级l Director tclub用英语怎么说eam Award
Su Zeran&nbookmarkbsp;bookmark   Wu xm    Lin Ziyu
4. Lions International Leadership Medal
Wu xm    Lin Ziyu    Zhanhonorableg Xiaowei
5.&nbshonorablyp;Lions Club Intlion是什么意思ernational District Chairman awarclub翻译d of Exbookcasecellence
At Stanford    Xiu-zhong zhao    Zhang & have spen深圳大学t cheng    The horse & have spent min  &nlions翻译中文bsp; Chen Shuhuan
6. Certifbookshelficate of appreciation fro深圳m the President of Lions Club International
Whonorablyu xm    Lin Ziyu    Zhang Xiaowei  &honorablenbsp; Li Yuehua    Yu & have spent latent    Zclub用英语怎么说hang Hongxiang
High & have spent chau    Peng & have spent Queensland  &nblions怎么读sp; Zhang Zhihe&nbs深圳疫情最新消息p;   Zhi-qiang lu    Liu Quanshi    Huang Yiqun
The king & have spent into    Tlions怎么读ian wang    Luo Yingmei
Thonorable是什么意思he second part  &lionsgatenbsp; &nblions是什么意思sp; Shenzhen Lions club in the national lions asso深圳大学ciation award liclubmed官网预订st
1. Special Contribution Award:
      Jian-wei gao    Jian-wen xie
2. Outstanding Service Items:
“ Rebookletd lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &;
“ Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunset ” Project tobookmark care for empty-Nester Elderly深圳疫情 families in Extrclubseme Poverty
3. Outstanding Service Teams (4 teams) :
Main conference service team    Masuda Service Team    Mileage service team    taian
4. Outstanding Members (22)
The h深圳疫情最新动态orse & have spent min    Tian & have spent China    Zhuang and gold    Liu Quanshi    Libooku Zhili  &club怎么读nbsp; Liu & have spent Ming
Xiao-wei sun    Lee & have spent cheung    Li Zanmei    Tong & have spent xin    Zhang Yunyuan    Zhan深圳g Zhihe
Zhang & have spent cheng    Chen is c.    Chen Shuhuan    The miclub用英语怎么说ning-team wide    High & have spent sign    lrene
Yellow & have spent bearing    Huang Yiqun    Jian-jun mei    Ray hd
The third part&nbshonorable翻译p;     List of shenzhen Lions Club awards in Shenzhen
1. 100 Best Public Satisclubsfaction projects
“ Redhonorable翻译 lion suit & middot; Assistive standing throughout the &;          “ Red lion suitlions的音标 & middot; Guard the sunset ”
“ Red lion suit & middot; Rebook怎么读d action ” book怎么读         Spring multimedia classroom
    Sprinclubg Breeze Library          &nbbook是什么意思sp;     &nb深圳疫情最新消息sp;     &nbslionsp;   Earthquake relief and post-disaster r深圳地铁线路图econstruction in Zhaotong, Yunnan
2.&book怎么读nbsp;Top ten Caring enterprises
Shenzhen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (recommended by Yitian Service Team)
3. Top 10 Caring Families
Zhang Baoqing family
4.&club怎么读nbsp;Alions英语怎么读dvanced worker
The horse & have spent min
The fourth part      Shenzhen Lions Club awards 2012-2013
A,   深圳大学 A specialhonorable和honored区别 prize
1.Brand Project Innobookstorevation Award & MDash; — “ Spring Multimedia Clashonorablesroom & RDQUO; Pro深圳风险等级ject (3 service teams)
Hong Lai Service Team & NBSP; Riverside Service Teamlions & NBSP; Waring Service
2.Brand Project Innovation Abookmarkward & MDash深证指数; — “ Red lion suit & middot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Projects (46 Servicbookcasee teams) (sorted bylions是什么意思 Team Number)
Silver Lake Service Tclubeam & NBSP;       lion是什么意思Mangrove Bay Service Team & NBSP;     Oct Service Team
Beacon Hill Sbookingervice Team &lions怎么读 NBSP;   Bagua Ridge Service Team & NBSP;     Riverside Service Team
Spring Breeze Service Team & NBSP;&lions是什么意思nbsp;      Universal Service Team & NBSP;      &nclub用英语怎么说bsp;  Futianbookcase Serviceclub是什么意思
Lianhua Hill Serbookvice Tea深圳疫情最新消息m      Yantian Service Team & NBSP;   club      Step up service team
Sweet Lake Service Team & NBSP;&nbspclub是什么酒;  High-tech service teaclubmedm     &nbookmarkbsp;     &nbspbooking;South China Sea Service
New Island Service Tehonorable和honored区别am          Shekou Service Team    &nbsp深圳天气;      Central Service team
Lanlionsd King s深圳疫情最新动态ervice team         Fuyong Service Teaclub翻译m            Xili Service Team
Qianhai Service Teabookshelfm  &nbookshelfbsp; &nbclub用英语怎么说sp; &nbsphonorable;  Wutong Mountain Service Team    &nbslions是什么意思p;  Songgangshenzhen Service Team
Sunshine Serviclub翻译ce      &nbooksbsbookp;  Drlions读音agon City Servbookstoreice Teamlionsgate  &深圳大学nbsp;        Taoyuan Service Team
Donglin Service Team         Mileage service team   &nb深圳地铁线路图sp; &nbspclub翻译;   &nbclubsp;  Xiangbookletshan Service
Datong Service Team          Shun Hing Service Team            Wabookring Service
Xixiang Service Team & NBSP;       Tiande Service Team & NBSP;         Love Service Team
Joint Service Team & NBSP;    &book怎么读语音nbsp;  Lily Service Team & NBSP;    &nbbook怎么读语音sp;    Charity Collection Service team
Mingren Serviceclub怎么读 Team & NBSP;       Songming Serlions英语怎么读vice Team&nblionssp;          Fuaibooking Service Team
Land Service team          Tai ‘an Service Team     &nbsbook是什么意思p;      Right w深圳风险等级ay Service team
Mission Hills
3.Brand Project Innovation Award & MDash; — “ Red lion suit & middot; Guard the sunset &rdquohonorable翻译; (13) (Sorted by don深圳大学ation amount and number of service teams)
Main conference service team   &nbshonorable是什么意思p;      Silver Lake Service Team       &lionsgatenbsp;   Mclub是什么酒asudbookcasea Service Team
Spring Breeze Service Team          Love Service Team     &nbsp深圳疫情最新动态;   &nbclubmedsp; Tai ‘an Service Team
Blue Sky Service          Shun Hin深圳疫情最新消息g Service Team           Step up service teclub是什么意思am
Mileage service team          Waring Service    &nbook怎么读语音bsp;       Charity Collection Service team
Land Service team     
4.Annual Special Project Award (21 persons) (in recognition of the earthquake relief donations of More thhonorablyan 100,000 yuan in Zhaotoclub是什么酒ng, Yunnan and Ya ‘an, Sichuan aclubnd pionelionsering team) (in order by donation amountbooklet) & MIDDOT;
Excellence,&nbclubssp;   &lions读音nbsp;       Mileahonorable是什么意思ge Service Team & NBSP;         Tai ‘an Service Team
Masuda Service Team      &nlionsgatebsp; Waring Service      &club是什么意思nbsp;     High-tech service team
Silver Lake Service Team&nblions英语怎么读sp;       Fuai Service Team  &nbhonorable翻译sp;         New Island Service Team
Land King service team&nb深证指数sp;       Hong Lai Servi深证指数ce Teabookmarkm  &nbs深圳疫情最新消息p;         Elite Service Team
Main confe深圳大学rence service team        Datonshenzheng Sehonorable和honored区别rvice Team&nclub翻译bsp;深证指数     &nbsp深圳天气;     Lin Ziyu
peng    Queenslclubmedand              Zhang Zhihe                    Luo Yingmei
yellhonorablyow    bearing  &nbspclubman是什么牌子车;           tong    xin          &nbook怎么读bsp; &nbsp深圳疫情;     D & have spent peng
Second,&clubmednbsp;   Area will award
1.Special Contribution Awards for Governors (27) (rbook怎么读anked by position in 2012-2013)
Zhang Guojun & have spent Zheng Degang & have spent Wu xm & have spent  深圳地铁线路图 Lin Ziyu      Jian-wen xie & have spent   Jin-liang wang & have spent &clubman是什么牌子车nbsp; Zhang Xiaowei & have spent Li Yuehua & have spent Yu & ha深圳市最新疫情ve spent Latent & have spent   Zhang Hongxiang & have spent     High & ha深圳ve spent chau    Zhang Zhihe   
Cao & have spent Yan & have spent Xiu-zholion是什么意思中文翻译ng zhao & have spent Zhang & have spent Cheng & have spent   The horse & have spent Min & have spent   &nbsclub是什么意思p; Chen is c.    Chen Shuhuan    Wu Zewei & have spenbookt Liu Quanshi & have splions读音ent Yellow & have spent bearing  &nbshonorablyp; Huang Yiqun      Lrene & have spent   Wu liujiang river
Li Zanmei & have spent Tian wang & have spent The mining-team wide
2.Director’s Spe深圳疫情最新消息cial Support Award (5)
Xiaclub是什么意思oXingPing & have spent   Wei-xian zhang & have spclubman是什么牌子车ent     Sun & have spent Accumulate & have spent   Sand) & habook是什么意思ve spent   &nbs深圳风险等级p; Wear with xin
3.Special Telions翻译am Contribution Awards (17) (ranked by Committee in 2012-2013)
District Annual Conference Committee    Leadership Academy. Legal Affairs Panel
Lion Care Committee & NBSP; Sinhui Development Committee & NBSP; Honors, Awards and Information Cohonorable翻译mmittee & NBSP; Committee on Education and Poverty Allevibookmarkation and Disabled Persons & NBSP; Community Service Activities Committee &深圳大学 NBSlions翻译P; Peace Poster Committee & NBSP; branch        &nclubmedbsp;     &nbclub是什么意思sp; Public Welfbookletare Cult深圳大学ure Research Center        Love Kidney Service Center
Golf team&nbclubsp;       Low vision rehabilitlion是什么意思ation Project group      &nbsplionsgate;   Lion Shadow Service team
C深圳地铁线路图harity Collection Service & NBSP; Shenzhen Lions Club Office
4.Outstanding District Chairlions读音man Award (5) (in order of Distrclub是什么酒ict)
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