Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014 District Council, Committee, service team directors Seminar was successfully held

Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014 District Council, Committee, service team directors Seminar was succelion是什么意思中文翻译ssfully held

            From August 17th to 18th, 2013, the seminar of District Council, Commitcommitteecounciltee and service team ocouncil词根f shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014 was succescouncil和committee的区别sfully held in Dongguan Tangquan Spring Golf Hotel. More than 400 members of the board of directors,service怎么读 committees, service team presidents, secretaries and finacommittee和commission区别ncial staff, including Wu Xiaoming, 2013-2014 Director of Lions Ccouncil翻译lub she深圳nzhen, Lin Ziyu, First Deputy Director, Lin Tao, second deputy Director, and Zhang Xiaowei, secrclubsetary general, adistrictingttended the secouncilmanminar. Zhang Guoju深圳地铁线路图n, Executive Vice President of Lions Club in China, Huang Chunbin, Vice President深圳大学 of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, and Xie Jianwen, founding Distriservicect Director and supecouncil怎么读rvisor of Liocouncil读音ns Club in shenzhen for 2013-2014 attended the seminar and made imporcouncilman小体tant speeches.
&nbcouncilmansp;           Onclub用英语怎么说 the acouncilmanfternoon of August 17, Ms. Lin Ziyu, the president and first deputy diclubman是什么牌子车recto深圳风险等级r, delivered a welcome speech. She talked about, this seminar is shenzhen lions over the years to participate in the larg深圳风险等级est number of a seminar, hope that through this seminadistrict缩写是什么r to the leadership of the new lion friends to study andservice翻译 understand the goals and plans for the year, maste深圳大学r the job reserviceablesclub用英语怎么说ponsibilities of each position, mlion是什么意思中文翻译utual learning, communicommittee怎么读cation, discussion, sharingclubs the lion service experience, increase the friendship. Mr. Zhang Guoyun, vice president of the National Lions Association, gave a detailed interpretation of the spirit of the 8th national Lions Association general Meeting. Direccouncil词根tor Wu Xiaoming theme of this year & LDQUO; Because of the future At the same time, the work plan and key work of this year are summarized. Lin Tao,lion是什么意思中文翻译 the second dserviceeputy director, explained thclubmede outline of this year’s activitcouncilories. Lu Zhiqiclub是什么意思ang, chairman olionsgatef Shenzhendistrict Lions Llions翻译中文eadership Academy, explained the seminar’s curriculum.
            In深圳市最新疫情 this seminar, the lecturers arranged rich discussion content for leadinservice的名词g liocommittee和counciln friends. Under the guidance of Yi Dongsheng, the leader of the Chservice怎么读inese Lions Associat深圳天气ion, the students were organizedcommittee造句 int深证指数o groups to show team spirit and formed with human body in a short time. Because of the future The words. In the group discussion of深圳疫情最新消息 duty cases, the lion friends were first divided into district council, committee group, president group, secretary groupcommittee是什么意思 and finance group according to their posclub怎么读itions. The lion friends in each group deepened their understandincommittee是什么意思g of their duties by analyzing aservicend discussing the cases carefully designed by lecturers. Through case study and work placlub翻译n making, lion friends not only had a better understanddistrict和region区别ing of the cooperative relationship among the service teams in the region, but also had a clearer work goal for 2club013-2014. The atmosphere of the seminar was brought to a climax by the enthusiastic contributionclubmed of lion friends in the group discussion.
            Through two days of training, lion club mlionsembers not only understood their responsibilidistrict是什么意思英语ties, work goals and lion cultureclubmed, but also inspired their love for lion cllion是什么意思中文翻译ub, and gained happiness and friendship. The seminar was a great success. At the graduation ceremony, Huang Chunbin, vice chairman of Shenzhen Disabserviceableled P深圳疫情最新消息ersondistrict翻译s’ Federation, gave a speech affirming the achievements of Shenzhen Lions Club, and said that the sta深圳tion has achieved certain results in the community. He said that Shenzhen Lions Club is a learnclub用英语怎么说ing-oriented team. Through exploration, learning and communication, they apply what they have learned to various llions读音ion work and promote the construction of lion work and the steady developmenlionsgatet of lioservice是什么意思n Club. On behalf of the board of Sulions读音pervisors, Mr. Xie Jianwen, the director of tcouncil翻译he innovation dlions英语怎么读istrict, made a speech entitled “For the future”, and emphasized that for the future, we musservicet use the strength of the plenary session to do a goodlions读音 job in three aspects: building th深圳e sy深圳天气stem, establishing the orientation and building the fund. Wu Xiaoming, director of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, expressed her graclub是什么意思titude to the participants for their dediccommittee和commission区别ation, especially to the president Lin Ziyu, the executive chairman Zhou Ting, Thedistrict词根 execservice是什么故障灯utive chairman Lei Qingming, the Executive chairman Hong Zhimin, the teachers’ Group深圳疫情最新消息 and the office of the Lionservice是什么故障灯s Clucouncilmanb of Shenzhen for their support and hard work. Director Wu Xiaoming awarded thelions翻译中文 certificate of completion and took a group phot深圳o for the studentscouncilman.
        &nbsdistrict和region区别p;   Thecouncilor seminar organizing committee specially arrangedclub是什么意思 a wonderful bonfire party, dazzling fireworks, passclub用英语怎么说ionate songcouncilors and hot pole dancing show for the participants, which left us a good memory and enhanced the friendship of lion friends. Lion friends said that the seminar wascommittee是什么意思 timely and practical, and had a good guiding effect on the lion work in the future. People have joincommittee怎么读ed wechat groups to facildistrictitate future communicadistricttion and exchcouncil翻译anges.


By Zhou Jiaolong

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