New sound action | lion love both feeling warm – 2019 police take care of the traffic police series activity start signing ceremony was held successfully

New sound action | lion love both feeling warm – 2019 police take care of the traffic police seriactiongirls女兵人es activity start signing ceremony was held successfullyfeeling什么意思

In response to the call of “New Volion怎么读ice, Heart, Walk”, to further implelove直播软件安卓下载ment the concept of serpolice officerving the community this year andlove strengthen exchangenew的反义词s and cooperation with oaction翻译fficial departments and local communities, Shenzhen lionwarmly to shenzhen municipal public security bureau traffic police on March 8 to clionsarry out the “action怎么读语音three eight international women’s day care condolpolice怎么读ences to female, female auxiliary police, police JingSao and take care of the traffic police in 2019love slove直播手机版app下载eries of activities and traffic civilization public welfare proplions英语怎么读aganda project signing ceremony of the cooperation, and care series activities on March 11 first – the shell schemfeeling是什么词性e, The service funds totaled 99,200 yuan.

The evesoundwirent sponsored by the lions club in shenzhen, shenzhen municipal public security bureau traffic policsoundlye slion翻译tation, saction是什么意思英语henzhen lions phoenix, humble lolion的中文意思ve, lions love football, Oriental rose, chaction怎么读语音eckpoint, tightsen, happiness, shell, oct, Chipoliceman的复数形式nese epolice原则ntrepreneursnew, salt pawarm怎么读ns and otpolicemanher 15 teams jointly undertake, shenzhen lion health committee, women and families grow committee, jiangshan service in collaboration wipolice是单数还是复数tpolice手表h the joint, Shfeeling什么意思enzhen Shuisheng Technology Developolice手表pment Co., LTD., Shenzhen Yiheng Clothing Co., LTD., Shangpinju teahouse women cake to provide sponsorship.

March 8, in this special daywarmer, in orderbothering to show the female elegant style, tree femalefeeling翻译 police heroic attitude, promote female police, female auxiliary police in the work of hard work, the courage to forge ahead, love the spirit of The Times, commend for a longboth的用法和位置 time tonew是什么意思 give trafwarm翻译fic police husband silent support, selfless dedication of good police sister-in-law, Ma Min, president ofbother CCNA, led the group to the hall of Xillove is gone英文翻译i Vehicle Management Department in Nanshan District to carry out the “March 8” International Women’s Day care and condolation activity, anlion复数d sent special holiday wishes to the female police, female auxiliary police and police wives.

This activity is also to cooperate with the Shenzhen Traffic Police Detachment “In March, flowers bloom in Love” — 2019 “March 8” International Working Womenlionkk‘s Day commendation celebration held for the joint police and civilian activities. At the beginning of the apolicemanctivity, Xu Wei detachment leader and the handsome men of the traffic police gave bright roses to all the female compatriots at the scene. In a room full of leading guestfeeling是什么意思英语s, the activity began in apolicewomen怎么读 warm chorus ofwarming “Me and my Countrypolice怎么读” performed bwarmlyy the traffic policaction的动词e.lionel Xu Wei detachlove直直播appment captain speech, on behalf of the traffic police detachmsoundlyent party committee and all male traffic police to all femallove直直播appe compatriots to extend cordiallovely什么意思 greetings, but also to the commendation of the “best female police”, “best female auxiliary police”, “best police sister-in-law” expressed the warmest congratulations and the most sincere repolice是单数还是复数spect. At the same time, he expressed his sincere thanks to the Shenzhen Lions Club and otsound怎么读her units who participated in the condolence activity. Hwarm怎么读e thanked everyone for their understanding, support and care for the traffic police work for a long time.

At the scene, a commendation ceremonfeeling是什么意思英语y was held for the winners of “Top ten female police officers”, “Top ten female auxiliary police officers”, “Top ten Police sistelove直播破解版r-in-law” and outstanding female police officers, female auxiliary police officers and police sinewsster-in-law. The Lions Club of Shennewspaperzhen donated 60 sets of high-enpoliced water purifiers to the 60 female police ofnew怎么读ficers, female auxiliary polisounds怎么读音发音ce officers and police sister-in-law.

Unpolice officerder the witness of huang Fa Division Director of Thenew是什么意思 Munibothcipal Disabled Persons’ Federation and Deputy branch captpolice原则ains xu Wei and Cui Binghua ofnew是什么意思英语 the Traffic Police Bureau, Presinewlydent Maboth怎么读 Min aboth andnd Director Lin Weiming, on befeeling是什么意思英语half of The Shenzhen Lions Cllion翻译ub respectively, signed the “feelings教案2019 Traffic Civilization Public Wnewlyelfare Publicnew的反义词ity Cooperation Plan and the Llove直播手机版app下载etter of Intent onew balancef the Shenzhen Lions Club Caring for Traffic Police Series activities” with the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau. Content including HPV screening services “shell plan”, a line of polbotherice fofeeling翻译r road auxilsound音响iary police (including fighterwarms) to solve practicalsoundtrack dilovealarmfficulties to optimize Gangaction是什么意思英语Dian facilities “lion love warriors plan”, cooperate with the traffic police propaganda department in traffic civilizbotheration of public welfare propaganda “lion love both plan”, accepted trainwarm怎么读语音ing of tboth怎么读raffic police in children in shenzhen lions public service projefeelingct olovely什么意思f “public welfare bud plboth什么意思an” And a series of innovative caction翻译are actions and transportationlion翻译 civilization public welfare cooperation plans. It is reported that this is the first time for Shenzhen Lions Club to sign a long-term strategic cooperation letter of intent with the Municipal Traffic Police Bureau, and also the first time to “large-scale” care for trafboth的用法和位置ficsound音响, auxiliary police and pofeeling什么意思lice in an innovative way.

After the activity, the lion friends will be handmade 160 delicious “women cakes” to the scene of every lovely female police, femalfeelings歌曲e auxiliary police, police sister-in-law hands, the lion friends of love, let the present female pofeeling是什么意思中文翻译lice, femboth的用法和位置ale auxiliary police, polisound是什么意思ce sister-newlyin-law smiled with joy…

This event was held in the lobby of the DMV. There was no luxurious stage or coboth的用法和位置mfortablesoundly seats, but a large number of citizens partinew怎么读cipated in the event. They stoodlion是什么意思 orderly and surrounded the big screen, which was simple and warm.

For expression of a line of traffic polbothice comrades care, care about the physical and mental health of the traffic police and JingSao shesoundcorsetnzhen lions non-stop into caring service activities, on March 11 in the afternoon, in the futian district lotus branlion复数ch bureau of traffic police third floor hall has carried out the slove直播软件安卓下载hellsoundpeats program activities, for the female,both的用法和位置 female officers, JingSao policeaction是什么意思英语 carrying out health lecturaction是什么意思英语e, early screening for HPV service, And the screening of the problem oflove直播手机版app下载 individuals to follow up and assistance.

At the beginning of the activity, Supervisor Gao Ling, the general coordinator of the series olove直播软件安卓下载f activities of Caring for Trafficlovely翻译 Police, introduced the significance and content of this year’s series of activities. Traffic police, he said, are not the “powerful people” that people intuitively misunderstand. They are also peactionsople wnewspaperho need to be cared for. Over the years, Shesoundcorsetnzhen Lions Club has been continuously caring for traffic police who arelovely seriously ill and disabled due to servboth andice. This year, underactionable the guidance of President Ma Min, while inherits the originsound翻译al caring projlion的音标ect, combifeeling是什么意思中文翻译ned withnew the rpolice officereality of Shenzhfeeling什么意思en traffic poliaction对魔忍ce, we have developed a series of innovative “large-scale” caring activities for frontline polion的中文意思licesoundtrack, auxiliary police and their families.

Lin Weiming, director of the Shenzhen Lionboth和all的区别s Club last year for the traffic police box donated 160 refrigaction怎么读语音erators, this year and the traffic police detachment signed a letter of intent to care for the traffic police cooperationlove直播破解版, for female police, female auxiliarsoundwirey powarm反义词lice, police wife to carry out free HPV testing services. So many charitboth的用法和位置ablions英语怎么读le acts reflect the lions Club of Shenzhen to shenzhen traffic police and shenzhen traffic management cause of care and care, he on behalfnewgrounds of the traffic police detachment party committee to the Lions Club of Shenzhen care and supportbother.

Director Lin Wwarmeiming and president Ma Min presented a certificate of apprecisoundwireation to the sponsors, co-organizers and sponsors of shenzhen Lions Club.

President Ma Min delivenews可数吗red a speech. As the city’s “road angels”, the traffic police command the traffic in order to slow down the traffic jams and keep the traffic smooth. For years and years, the wind and rain have hit, and they have become the real “high intensity, high pressulions英语怎么读re, high disease, high risk and low life expectapoliceman的复数形式ncy”. She called on all walks of life to pay attention to the traffic police, and on behalf of the Shenzhen Lions club thanked the traffic police comrades for their hard work and paid high tribute to themnew怎么读.

When others enjoy warm indoor, grassroots traffic police braving the biting winwarm反义词d on duty; Family repolice原则union occasion, grassroots traffic police still stick to theirfeeling怎么读英语 posts. Thlove直播软件安卓下载e more hsoundpeatsolidays, graboth翻译ssroots traffic police work pressure greater, ensnewgroundsure safety, promote smooth task more onerous. Hoboth和all的区别wever, they have the courage to take responsibilitynew是什么意思 and make unremitting efforts to maintain road safety and ensulion复数re the saflionsety of people’s lives and propertbothery. Salute to the cutest hero trlions英语怎么读affic police!

Xu Wei, head of the Traffic Police Detachment of Shenzhen Munewlynicipal Public Security Bureau, Cui Binghua, Feng Daoke and Liupolice原则 Xiaoding, deputy head of the Generlovealarmal Office Lin Weiming, Director of the Command Officwarmlye Wang Yafei, Director of the Vehicle Management Office Liu Dagang, Deputy director of the General Office Tang Xianghui, Direnewsctor of the Pwarmerublicity and rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Dactionableisabled Persons’ Federation Haction翻译uang Fake, section chief Huang Te, Shenzhen lions club President of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last Pwarmingresident of tian wang, first deputy chairman Wengboth andHua, former Prsoundpeatsesident of jisounds怎么读音发音n-llion复数iang wang, sactionecretary general Du Hengkun, chief financial officer LuoJinSong, long picket Peng Daojian, deputy secretary-general Li Feng, cwarmlyhairman of the first zone Liao Ronghui, pawarm反义词rtition President WenYaoLi, RuChpolice翻译unXu, Li Chunchang, Cui Weiying, Cai Min, supervisors, &schwarz, why to pay such as zhang jian, Medical and healthboth翻译 committee chairmanboth怎么读 Tapolice怎么读ng Quanhui, executive chairmanwarm Liu Liqing, service team lion friensound翻译ds representatives, top ten and outstandiboth用法ng female police, female auxiliary police, police wife andnew的反义词 the traffic police brigade leadership representatives and trafnewsfic police iron riding representatives of more than 270 people participated in tboth什么意思he activity.police

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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