The launching ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Technical Institute and Shenzhen Lions Club was held

On December 9th, the launch meeting of strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic Institute and Shenzhen Lions Club and thbetween是什么意思e "Shenzhen Lions Club Cup" Maker Intelligent Manufacturing - Innovation atechnical英文解释nd Entrepreneurship inter-school invitational competition was held in the convention center of Shenzhlionsen Polytechnic Institute. The activity is divided into two stages: the first stage i深圳市最新疫情s the strategic cooperatcooperation和collaboration区别ionceremony和celebration的区别 launching meeting of the School Association, and the second stage istechnically the Inter-school invitaceremony复数形式tional competcooperation和collaboration区别ition of Innovation andtechnical的名词 Entrepreneurship.

The launching ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Technical Institute and Shenzhen Lions Club was held news picture1Zhang

Luo De Chao, Secretary of the Partybetween Committee of Shenzhen Technician College and Guo Yongyong, President ofbetween and Shenzhen Lions Club 2021-2022 attended the event and delivered a speech. Shenzhen lion XiaoXingcooperation什么意思中文Ping President and the secretainstitute和college的区别ry-general Lai Zhuoni before the meeting, chief fibetweennancial officer Xu Qiubin, dean of general affair Tan Fei, deputy secretary-genera六安城南疫情l WenYaoLi kevinbales, dceremony怎么读eputy secretary-general and deputy sstrategic翻译ecretary-genlaunching翻译eral Li Chunchbetweenang, chairman of the second zone Wu Jinzhi, li xiaofeng, chairman of the third section, the fourth section, ginstitute和institutionuang-yu fan and the seconlaunchingd partition President Lin Xiaoyi, chairman of the fourth anikayoo fly, chairman of the partition and partition the seventh Yu Xiaoping, shenzhen lion Ren Guihua, chairman of the student Selionsgatervice Committee of the Sub-assocstrategic名词iation, and the calions是什么意思ptains of 20 service teams, including the Happy Servinstitute的名词ice Team of shenzhen Lions Club, participated in the深圳地铁线路图 whole process, and the leaders of Shenzhen Technical College attended the activit深圳地铁线路图y.

Luo Deochao, secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Technician College, said in his speech that he hopinstitute是什么意思英语ed that bobetween翻译th sides of the college would lead and promote the integration of skills, innovat栾城区有几个乡镇ion and entrepreneurship underbetween the framework of strategic cooperation in the future, so as to create a broad栾城天气预报er path for more young students to become talents with skills.

Later, both sides of the school association held a awarding ceremony, shenzhen Polytechnic College awarded shenzhen Lions Club off-campus innovation and entrepreneurcooperation什么意思中文ship Practice base, and Shenzhen Lions Club awarded Shceremony翻译enzhen Polytechnic Collelions读音ge Lion Friends Help innovation and entrepreneurship baselionsgate.

The launching ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Technical Institute and Shenzhen Lions Club was held news picture2Zhang

At th深圳疫情最新动态e appointment ceremony of innovation and entrepreneurship mentors outside the school, Secretary Luo Chao presenttechnical怎么读ed the certificates of innovation and entrepreneurship mentotechnical翻译rs outside the school to 20 lions selected by Shenzhen Llions翻译ions Club. It is reported that these 20 mentors are entrepreneurs in business management, blions是什么意思rand marketing, creative design and other fields of Slionshenzhen Lions Club Lion Friends. They will help our teachers and students carry out innovation and entrepreneurship practice activities in the f深圳疫情最新消息uture and provide professionlions翻译中文al guidance.technical怎么读

Afterwards, the inter-sbetween造句chool invitational competition wacooperation是什么意思英语s held to help entrepreneurship scholarship donation and flag ceretechnical information蓝屏mony. Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhenstrategically怎么读 Lions Club, donated 150,000 YUAN of innovation and entrepreneurship support scholarship to shenzhceremony造句en Lions Club on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club. Luo Chao, Secretary ofbetween的英语怎么读啊 the Party Committee, Gao Zuming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committelions怎么读e, Ji Dongxia深圳疫情最新动态o, vice president of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Peng Ying, etc., presented the flag to Shenzhen Lions Club and 20 service teams oninstitute是什么意思英语 behalf of The school.

The second stage of the activity is the inter-school Invitational competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is the key competition item of the 17tinstitute的名词h Skills Festival of our school and has beenstrategical successfully held for threelions怎么读 times so far. The clions是什么意思ompetition consists of 8 teams from Shenzh深圳en University, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Shenzhen Pengcheng Technician College and students from our schoolions读音l. The competition is supported by the entrepreneurship scholion是什么意思larship pr深圳大学ovided by The Lions Club of Shenzhen.

The topics of the competition are based on two fields of technological innovation and public welfare innovation, iceremony同义词ncluding business plan evaluation and project roadshow evaluation. The projects selected by each school involve innovative practice projects combining c深圳市最新疫情utting-edge technostrategic翻译logy with hot social topics, such as artificial intelligence, block chaistrategicn, 3D printing, genetic engineering, etc. The business planbetween的英语怎么读啊 submitted bystrategic名词 all the particip栾城北部新城规划图ating teams is complete, and the project roadshow has clear logic and complete structure. Aftlions的音标estrategic翻译r more than two hours of competition, in the end, shenzhen univlions英语怎么读ersity, "the little moxa arceremony复数形式tificiastrategic翻译l intelligence helps the blindceremony的名词 glasses - domestic visual sensory substitution device pioneer" project, shenzhebetween是什么词性n vocational and technical college in "soft" wor深圳疫情ldwide project, shenzhen technician institute "kingbetween是什么词性 silceremony和celebration的区别k does domestic precious metals - 3 d printing fashion accessories pace-setter" project won the first, two, three, respectively. Finally, Mr. Luo Chao, Chairman Guo Yongyong and other leading guests preslions是什么意思ented prizes tlion是什么意思中文翻译o the winning projeccooperation可数吗t team.

This activity has been planned for nearly 2 monttechnicallyhs. Through the early exchaninstitute和institutionge of visits, shenzh深圳疫情最新动态en Technical College and Shenzhen Lions Club reached a consensus on cooperation in sotechnical information蓝屏cial hot public welfare fields such as student assistance, red action a栾城天气预报nd rural revitalbetween用法ization. Will be to carry out strategic cooperation as an opportunity to carry out all-rshenzhenound, a high level of cooperation in thestrategic翻译 future, further mining school skills students innovative undertaking demand with shenzhen lions entrepreneur resources, synergy in fusicooperation翻译on, designed a fusion innovation such as production and education, reabetweenlize the school party both sides hceremony同义词ave co深证指数mplementary advantages and coceremony的音标mmon development, explore a double gen education and skills education financing the development of the neinstitute的意思w roalaunchingd.

Source | Jiceremony翻译ngbao APP

[Source: Jingbao APP]

The launching ceremony of strategic cooperlionsation between Shenzhen Techceremony翻译nical Institute and Shenzheceremony翻译n Lioninstitute翻译s Club was held

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