Five functional party branches of Shenzhen Lions Club were officially established

Keep pace with The Times, focus on party building, concentrate on creating a new roa深圳风险等级d

-- Shenzhen Lions Club offlions翻译icially established five functional pawere的否定形式rty branches

In order to improve the organizational structofficially怎么读ure of the party branch, strengthen the construction of grassroots party orlions读音ganizations, and effectively carry out grassroots party organization activities, on the afterfive怎么读noon of June 20th, thparty是派对的意思吗efive翻译 second party member meeting of the functional Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Clwere怎么读英语ub was held at the Lions Club office in Shenzhen, where meparty是什么意思mbers of the branch were elected and the establishment meeting of thfive什么意思e branch was held. Shenzwere什么意思hen dwereisabled persons' federation, party sebranches什么意思中文cretary peng ying, vice director of nine, Fang Kang, director of the social organization of the pabranches英语怎么读rty committe深圳e office of shenzhen, shenzhclubmeden federation Luo Qiwei, deputy director of the office of the President of shenzhen lions in 2017-2018, tian wang xing, the secfunctional是什么意思ond deputy Prfive的音标esident elect zhi-qiang lu, deputy swere怎么读ecretary-general Liao Ronghupartynextdoori long, secretary-general, party branch secretary Zeng Shi, chief financial officer zhang jian, District chairman Dai Jihong, Du Peng, Jing Miajun, Xu Qiubin, supervisor Lclub是什么意思uo Junpinpartynextdoorg and more than 5officially英语怎么读0 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dai Jihong.

Chairparty是我家man Dai Jihong introduced the leaders and guests at the meeting. Tian wang, President of the speech, definitely the lions club in shenzhen set up five functional significance of party branch, want the lion friends party member to play a good rolpartynextdoore models, the sclubmed官网预订henfive翻译zhen lions closely unite around the party mbranches什么意思中文embers, continweren'tuously expand its mass base and improve thfivenightatpeppapige influence of the party in shenzhen lion, consolilions是什么意思date the party's ruling foundation, steadily push forward branch of the partbranchesy member troop constructionparty英文意思, Give full play to the role of functional party branch fighting fortress.

Luo Qiwei, deputy director of the Committee, reaparty是我家d the approval document of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation party Committee on the functional party branches, agreeing that Shenzhen Lions Club should set up five functional party branches based on the district, and apclub翻译provedparty的中文 liao Ronghui and 2were和was的区别0 other party membeparty是我家下载mp3rs as the candidates for the bra深圳疫情nch members. All functional party branches of Lions Club Shenzhparty是派对的意思吗en are under the overall planning, coordination and management of lions Club Shenzhen Party Branch.

The congress gave full play to the spirit of democfiverrracy and ensured party members' rights to stay informeparty的中文d, participate and supervise. The partici深圳市最新疫情pants elected 15 members from five flions翻译unctional party branchofficially是什么意思英语es by secret ballot. Secretary Of Thefive翻译 Party Branch Zeng Shiyang announced the election results. The members of the functional Party Branch of The First Region were liao Ronghui, Zheng Anpingparty and Peng Yanling. Liao Ro深圳疫情最新消息nghui was the secretary of the party bpartynextdoorranch. The members of the functional Party Brancbranches英语怎么读h of thparty是什么意思e second Zone are: Lu Zhi深证指数qiang, Zhang Jian and CAI Chunlin, among whom Lclubmanu Zhiqiang is the branch seclub翻译cretalions读音ry; Candidates for the functional Party Branch of The third Zone are: Xu Qiubwere怎么读英语in, Lai Mingfang and Wang Cheng,lions英语怎么读 among whom Xu Qiubin is the branch secretary; Candidates for the functional Party Branch of The Foparty是我家urth Regiclubson are: Du Peng, Liu Guolia深圳风险等级ng and Deng Xuefeng, among whom Du Peng is the branclubmedch secretary; The candidatbranches怎么读es for the functional Party Branchfive of The fifth Region are: Jing Miaojun, Luo Junping and Zeng Xiaomingfunctional是什么意思, with Jing Miaojun as the branch secretary. Meanwhile, five party meparty怎么读英语mbers, including Lao Lina, Xiao Xingping, Xie Zhenwu, Chenshenzhen Nianzhong and Lifive翻译ubranches是什么意思 Yukun, were appoclub翻译intbranches是什么意思ed as party building liaison officers forclub怎么读 the five functional branches.

Subsequently, peng Yingjiu, Fang Kang, Luo Qiwei, Tian Wangxing, Lu Zhiqiang, Zeng Shiyang and other leadersofficially怎么读 jointly plionsushed the ball, marking the formal establishment of the five functional party branches of Shenzhen Lions Club. Peng Yingjiu Party secretary, Tian Wangxing, president of the branch awarded the badge, the flag, all party members with warm applause witnessed this sacred moment.

Tian Wangxing, president of CCPFfive的音标, conveyed the spiritfive什么意思 of strfivenightatpeppapigengthening the party building worweren't怎么读英语k of lioclub是什么酒ns Club to the participating party members. The National Disabledwere的否定形式 Persons' Federation and the National Lions Association attach great importance to the party building work of lions clubs, and put forward requirements and clear tasks for the party building work of lions clubs in various places through issuing documents and holding meetfunctionality翻译ings.

Then, Zeng Shiyang branparty是我家ch secretary led all party members under the party flag solemnwere的原形 oath, review the oath of party meclubmed官网预订mbership. Director Fang Kang warmly congratulated the establishment of the functionaparty复数l Party branch and hoped that the functional Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club would take rootfive9股票行情走势图 in the work offivenightatpeppapig lion affairs and maintain the correct pofunctionalitylitical dibranches是什么意思英语rection.

Peng Yingjiu, se深圳疫情最新消息cret深圳疫情最新消息ary of the Party Committee, said thatwere什么意思 the elionsgatestablishment of the functional Party branch of Shenzbranches翻译henparty是什么意思 Lions Club is not ofunctionality翻译nly a great event for Shenzhen Lions Clparty是我家ub, but also a great event for the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation Party Committee. She confivemgratulated the establishment of the functional Party branch on behalions英语怎么读lf of the Leading party group and the Party Co深圳天气mmittee of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Fedepartynextdoorration, and thanked the Party Committee of the Municipal Social organizations foclubman是什么牌子车r their support and gofficially翻译uidance. At the same time, she put forward three reqwere和was的区别uirementclub是什么酒s for the future party buildfunctionality翻译ing wwere怎么读英语owererk of Shenzhen Lions Club: first, fully understand the signiwere怎么读英语ficance of the party organization construction of Shenlion是什么意思zhen Lions Club; The second is to advance with The Times, vigorously promote the party building work of the functional party branch, while doing liobranchesn work well, further strengthen the party building work, and provide experience for the party building work of the 1partynextdoor4 regional lion clubs in the country; Third, strengthen learning, strengthen service, closely around the goal of "five的音标learning + serviceclubman是什么牌子车" party organization conbranches怎么读struction, focus on the implementation of the four, the Party activities and service activities of the integration, and strive to enhance the roparty复数le of party members as pioneers and models and direcparty的中文tion leading.

Finally, all party members stoparty怎么读英语od up to sing the "Internationale", and the election of members of the functional Palions翻译中文rty branch of Shenzhen Lions Club and the establlion是什么意思中文翻译ishment meeting of the branch were successfully concluded. I believe that with the jparty是我家oint efforts of al深圳大学l lion friends, Shenzhen Lions Club will create a new situation of lion work and party building work "working together" and "flying together".

【 Teclub是什么意思xt 】 Yang & NBSP; hin

[Photo] Xu Shener

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clparty怎么读英语ub Office

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