Notice on the registration of candidates for supervisor, Deputy Supervisor and supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2013-2014

Dear fellow lions:  

In accordance with the laws and regulations of China’s societiesregistration翻译成中文, the charter of Lions Club shenzhen, the releclubmanvant regulations of Lions Club Shenzhen and Lions Club International, and in combination with the guidance of Shenzhen Civil Organization Administration Bureau anregistration动词d Shenzhen Disabled Persupervisorsons’ Federation on the general eleregistrationction work, The Lioncandidate什么意思啊s Club shenzhen was launchedThe registration of candidates for chief superdeputy翻译visor, Deputy chief Supervisor and chief supervisor in 2013-2014registration form is hclub怎么读ereby notified as follows:
First, the way of generation
1. The 11th Annual Meeting wclub怎么读ill be selected from candidates wclubmedho meenoticedt the registra深圳地铁线路图tion rregistrationequi深圳疫情最新动态rementregistration翻译s and register for electionFifteelions翻译n supervisors. Candidates for supervisor include one candidate for ex officio supervisor and several candidates for supervisor.
2. Candidates for chief auditor are selected from thlion是什么意思e previous superintenclub是什么意思dents. The candidate for the chief of the board of asupervisor翻译udit is tsupervisor教程he candideputy翻译date folionsgater the board of audit. Candidadeputy怎么读tes for deputy chief supervisors shall be elected from the current session of the board of Supervisors.
3. The election of the chielion是什么意思f supervisor and deputy chief supervisor shall be colions怎么读nducted by secret ballot of the supervisors of the Board of Supervisors, and the election of the supervisors shall be conducted by secret ballot and competit深圳ive election of the member representatives of thlions英语怎么读e annual meeting.
See the attachment for1-3.
2. Qualifications
(1) Shenzhen Lions ClubApplication requilions的音标rements for the candlions翻译isupervisor什么职务date of slions英语怎么读upervisor in 2lions翻译013-2014:
1. Legal citizenotice同义词ns of the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan);
2. He has a great reputation in the field of lion affairs of the Association and has served as the director of the association.
3. Supporsupervisor教程t the line, principles and policies of the Communist Party of China, and have gsupervisor和manager区别ood political quality;
4. Under the age of 70;
5. A healthy body, can inscandidatesist on normal work;
6.&nlions读音bsp;No criminalclub用英语怎么说 record深圳疫情最新动态;
7. Having full capacity for civil conduct;
8. Strong organization, coordination and leadership skills;
9. The numclub翻译ber odeputy怎么读f seclub翻译rviceregistration的动词形式 team members has reached three consecutive years20 or more employees, 25 or more in the current year;
10.candidates什么意思&noticenbsp;Get your service teamRecommended by 2/3 of the members;
11. More than eight years of lion age;
12.&nbdeputysp;Promise to performclub怎么读 the duties of sdeputy和vice的区别upervisor during his term of office.
(2) Qualifications for candidates for deputy chief of supervisors:
                              &nb深圳风险等级sp;   1.Legal citizens of the People’s Republic of China;
        &nbspregistration翻译;                         2.Henotice过去式 has a great reputation in the field of lion affairs and has served as a member of the cocandidate什么意思啊uncil of the Association.
                                  3.Supportcandidates翻译 the line,supervisor翻译 princclubiples and policies of the Communist Party of China, and have good political quality;
            &nbslion是什么意思p; &nbregistrationsp;       &notice的固定搭配nbsp; &nnotice同义词bsp;         4.Under the age of 70;
            &nb深圳大学sp;  registration动词   &nnotice翻译bsp; &ndeputy是什么意思bsp; &nbsplions英语怎么读;   &nb深圳风险等级sp;       5.A healthy body,lions读音 can insist on normal work;
     supervisor和manager区别                     &nbslion是什么意思p;        6.No criminal record;
              &nbsupervisor是什么职位sp;                    7.Having full capacity for civil conduct;
&notice同义词nbsp;       &candidate什么意思中文nbsp;                         8.Strong organization, coordination and leadership skills;
                    &nbspregistrationfailed什么意思;             9.The number of service team members reached25 people;
        &nbscandidates什么意思p;                    10.Geregistration动词t your service teamRecommended by 2/3 of the members;supervisory
          &deputy和vice的区别nbsp;                  11.At least five years of lion age;
  &nbspclub是什么意思;                   &nbsregistration动词p;      12.Promise to perform the duties of supervisor during theregistrationfailed什么意思 term of office.
(III) Qualifications of candidates for supervisor:
&nbsupervisor教程sp; 1. Legal citizens of the Pdeputy怎么记忆eople’s Republic of China;
  2. Have a great reputation in the field of lion work of thregistration的动词形式e Associlionsgateation;
  3. Support the lisupervisoryne, principles and policies of tdeputy翻译he Communist Party of China and have a good politlionsgateical quality;
 registration form 4. Under the age of 70;
  5. Good health, can insist on normal work;
  6. No criminal record;
  7. Having full capacity for civil conduct;
  8. Strong organization, cnotice同义词oordination and leadership sregistrationfailed什么意思kills;
  9. The number of service team members has reached20 people;
10. Get your service teamRecommended by 2/3 of the members;
                         11. Mlions翻译中文ore than five years of lion age;
&notice是什么意思nbsp;   &nbspregistration翻译;           &nlions读音bsp;        12. Promise to perf深圳天气orm the duties of supervisor during the term of office.
Iii. Mateclubman是什么牌子车rial submission
1.      Self-recommendation and nomination recommendation form;registration翻译
2.      One copy of id card and household register;
3.    &nbsregistration怎么读p; Proof of no criminal record;
4.      Party orgclubman是什么牌子车anization identification; Civil servants and staff of enterprises and public institutions shall provide proof of tenure by their work units; The business owner must provide a copy of the business license; Members of the community are required to provide proof from thesupervisor什么职务ir respectivdeputy翻译e streets;
5.      Tax payment certificate of the previous year of the enterprise; Peregistration翻译rsonal proof of tax payment for the previous year (article 5 is not reqdeputy和agent的区别uired for candidates for supervisor);
6.    &lions的音标nbsp; Where theService team recommendation letter.
Iv. Schedule
(I) May 28, 2013 to June 6, 2013 is the self-recommendation asupervisor和manager区别nd nomination recommendation time. Fill in &registration form other; Running for position ” , which should be nomin深圳ated aclubnd recommesupervisor中文意思nded by two previous disnotice是什么意思trict council members. Applicaclub用英语怎么说tion materials should be sent to the Lions Club office by 5 PM on June 6th.
(2)registrationfailed什么意思The district special council meeting was held at 2:30 p.m. on J深圳天气un深圳大学e 8 to examine the qualifications of candidates who applied for the election oclubmedf suregistration翻译成中文pervisor, deputy supervisor and supervisor.
(3)From Julions翻译中文ne 9 to June 13, the list of candidat深圳疫情最新消息es for chief, deputy chief andeputy怎么读d chief supervisors will be publicized.
(4)Froshenzhenm June 14 to Jregistration怎么读音une 18, the materials of the chief supervisor, deputy chief supervisor adeputy是什么意思nd candidates for the supervisor ssupervisor是什么级别hall be submitted to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation for approval, and to the Civil Affairs Adminisupervisor什么职务stration Bureau and the Domestic Lions Association for the record. After waitingregistration翻译成中文 forsupervisor是什么职位 approregistration怎么读val, the annual meeting will be handed over tonotice是什么意思 the gen深圳地铁线路图eral assembly for election.deputy和agent的区别
(4)The 11th annual meeting was held on June 22 and elected the chieflions翻译中文 supervisor, deputy chief supervisor and chief supervisor for 2013-2014.
(5)The names of tclubmanhe chilionsgateef supervisorsnotice的固定搭配, deputy chief supervisors and supervisors to be appointed in 2013-2014clubs shoudeputy怎么记忆ld be submitted to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Management Bureau of Inter-citizen Organizations, Lions Association ofsupervisor什么职务 China and Lions Club International for record before June 30.
V. Contact Information:
Contact: Ma Huijuan, Zlions读音hang Lichen
Telephone:0755-25688567, 25688980
Attachment:1. Electisupervisor中文意思on method of Supervisor for 2013-2014 of Lions Cludeputy怎么记忆b of Shenzhensupervisor中文意思

&nbnotice作文spsupervisor和manager区别;                     &nbsupervisor教程sp;     &nbsnotice过去式p; &registrationnbshenzhensp;            2. Rulesregistration动词 for the election of Deputy Supervisor of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2013-2014


    &deputy怎么读nbsp;               &deputy是什么意思nbsp;                       3. Electregistration怎么读音ion Method of Supervisors fo深圳地铁线路图r 2lions怎么读013-supervisor是什么职位2014 of Lions Club of Shenzhen


&nbspcandidates;                             &nbspnotice用法;       &nsupervisor是什么职位bsp;    4. Self-recommesupervisor是什么职位ndation and nomination form ofclub是什么酒 supervisor,lions是什么意思 Deputy Supervisor and supenotice的形容词rvisor candidate for 2013-2deputy和vice的区别014 of Lions Club of Shenzhen

    &nnotice翻译bsp;                         &deputy和agent的区别nbsp;           &candidate什么意思中文nbsp;         &nsupervisor什么职务bsp;   &nbspcandidates; &nbspregistration form; &nbs深圳风险等级p;    Shenzhen Lions Club
                                                  &nbsp深圳天气;         &nbs深圳疫情最新动态p;         &nbspclub怎么读;            registration怎么读                             In 2013,On May 28day

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