Notice on registration of candidates for director, Deputy Director, Secretary General and Director of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2013-2014

Dear fellow lions:  

In accordance with the laws and regulations of China’s societigeneralistes, the charter of Lions Club sh深圳天气enzhen, the relevant regulations of Lions Club Shenzhen and Lions Club International, and in combination with the guidance of Shenzhsecretary什么意思翻译en Civilnotice作文 Organization Administration Bureau and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedsecretary怎么读eration osecretary什么意思中文n the gener深圳地铁线路图al election work, The Lions Club shenzhen was launchedThe registnotice用法ration of candidates for 2013-2014 director, Deputy Directdirectoror, Secretary General and Director is hereby notified as follows:
First, t深圳地铁线路图he way of generation
1.      The 11th annual meeting will be elected from among the candidates who have met the qualifications and registered for the election33 directors. Candidates for blionsoard of directors include 4 ex officio boardregistration翻译 osecretary什么意思翻译f directors candidates (governor, last governor, first deputy Governor, secretary general) and sevnotice用法eral board of directors candidates.
2.  Candidates for governor argeneralizatione from the first deputy governors; The first depnotice是什么意思uty governor candidates are from the second deputy g深圳大学overnors; Candidatregistration动词esdirectory for the second deputy governor are selected from the new board members; Candidates for secretdirector是什么意思ary-general shall be nominated and recommended by competent departments.
3.      The Governor, First Deputy Governor, second Deputy Governor and Secretary-general are elected by sedirectory什么意思cret ballot by the new Council.
4.      Members of the new board of directors arlions是什么意思e elected by secret ballot by representatives of the members of the annual meeting.
See the attacregistrationhment for1-6.
2. Qualifications
(I) Candidates for Director, First Deputydeputy怎么记忆 Director, Second Deputy Director andcandidate什么意思啊 Secretary General
1.Lesecretary怎么读gal citiregistration翻译zens o深圳疫情最新动态f the People’s Republic of China (excludin深圳疫情最新消息g Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwsecretary-generalan);
2.He has a great reputation in the field of lion affairs and has served agenerals a member of the council of the Association.
3.Support the line, principles and policies of the Communist Party of China, and have good political quality;
4.Undelions是什么意思r the age of 70;
5.A healthy body, can insist on normal work;
6.No criminal record;
7.Having fulsecretary什么意思翻译l capacity for civil conduct;
8.Strong organization, coordination and leageneralizedership skills;
9.The number of servicregistratione team members has reached three consecutive years20 or more employees, 25 or more in the current yeanotice作文r;
10.&nbregistrationsp;   &lions翻译nbsp; Get your service teamRecommended by 2/3 of the members;
11.      At least fideputy怎么记忆ve years of lion age;
12.      Campaign pdirector动词ledges of individual contributions and fundraising have been fulfilled;notice的固定搭配
13.      To complenoticete the tasks of this position in the current year.
(II) Qualifications for director candidates:
1general什么意思中文.Legal citizens of the People’s Republic of China;
2.Served as the service team president;
3.Under the age of 70;
4.A healsecretary什么意思thy body, can insist on normal work;
5directors.No criminal record;
6.Having fullnotice capacity for cigeneralize是什么意思vil conduct;
7.Have strong organization and coordination ability;
8.The number of service team members has reached two consecutive yearsMore than 20 people;
9.Get your service teamRecommended by 2/3 of the members;
1深圳大学0.    &nb深圳天气sp; At least three years of lion age;
11.      To complete the tasks of this position in thesecretary怎么读音英语 current year.
Iii. Material s深圳疫情ubmission
1. Self-recommendation and nomination recommendation Form;
2. One copy of id carddirectors and household register;
3. No criminal record certificate;
4director. Identificanotice过去式tion of Partregistration怎么读y organizations; Civil servants and staff of enterprises and public institutcandidatesions shall provide proof of tenure by their work units; The business owner must provide a copy of深圳疫情 the business license; Members of the community are required to provide proof from their respective streets;
5. Tax payment certificate of lanotice翻译st year of national tax and local tax of the enterprise; Proof of personal tax payment for the predirectorsvious year (trustee candidates are not required to provide article 5 iregistration是什么意思中文翻译nformation);registration翻译
6. Letter of recommendationcandidate什么意思中文 from your service team.
Iv. Schedule
(I) May 28, 2013 to June 6, 2candidate什么意思啊013 is the self-recomnoticeablemendation and nomination recommendation time. Fill in & othecandidate什么意思中文r; Running for position ” , which should be nominated and recommended bygeneralist two previous district council members. Application materials should be sent to the Lions Club office by 5 PM oregistration翻译成中文n June 6th.
(2)A special distrlions的音标ict council meeting was held at 2:30 p.m. on June 8 to review tgenerally翻译he qualificnoticedations of candidates for governor, deputy governor, sdirectorsecretary general and directonoticer.
(3)From June 9 to June 13, the list of candidates for governor, deputy governor, secretary general and director will be pregistration翻译ub深圳地铁线路图licized.
(4)From June 14 to June 18, candidate materials of director,secretary deputy director, secrelions的音标tary general and director shall be sregistration formubmitted to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’registration Federaregistration翻译tion for approval, and to Civil Affairs Adregistration翻译ministration Bureau and China Lions Association for record. After waiting for approval, the annual meeting will be handed over to the general assembly focandidatesr election.
(5)The 11th annudeputyal meeting was held on June 22 and elected 2013-2014 director, deputy Ddirector属于什么职务irector, secretary genernotice用法al and director.
(6)The names of directors,notice用法 deputy directors, secretary general and directorscandidate什么意思中文 of 2013-2014 should be submitted to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federatiodirector是什么职位n,深圳疫情最新动态 Management Bureau of Intersecretary是什么意思英语-citizen Organizations, Lions Association of China and Lionsdirector Club Interngeneralizeational for record b深圳天气efore June 30.
V. Contacgeneralbutchtcandidates information
Contactdirector是什么意思: Ma Huijuan, Zhang Lideputy怎么读chen
Telephone:0755-2notice作文56885directorship67, 25688980
Attachment:notice的形容词1. Election method for director of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2013-2014
&nbdirectorsp;  noticed   &notice的固定搭配nbsp; &nbspregistration翻译;   &generalize是什么意思nbsp;                                 2. Rules for the 2013-2014 election of the last director of Ligeneralistons Club shenzhen

                                        &registration formnbsp;       &nbsecretary什么意思中文sp;             3.deputy和agent的区别 Election method for 2013-2014 Firstsecretary Deputy Director of Lions Club shenzhen


            &nbspshenzhen;         &ncandidate什么意思中文bsp;             &nregistration动词bsp;       &nbspnotice是什么意思;  4. Methodnotice过去式 for the election of the second Deputy Director of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2013-2014generalize


  &registration的动词形式nbsp;           &secretarynbsp; &nb深证指数sp;                     &nbspdeputy怎么读;        5. Rules for the election of secretary General of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2013-2014


 secretary什么意思翻译                              lions怎么读                6. Rules for the election of directors of Lions Club of Shenzlions是什么意思hen in 2013-2014


                       registration翻译 &secretarynbsp;                     &nbdeputy是什么意思sp;7. Self-recommendation and nomination form of candidates for 2013-2014 Director, Deputy Director, Secretary General andnoticeable Director of Lions Club shenzhen

                  &nblions的音标sp;       &nbsnotice同义词p;   &nbspdeputy和agent的区别;     &ndirector是什么意思bsp;  lions翻译中文                           Shenzhen Lions Club
&notice作文nbsp;             &notice翻译nbsp;             &directornbsp;                                                       In 2013,On May 28day

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