Veterans of shenzhen Lions Club celebrate August 1

The passage of time cannot erase the feelings in the heart,
The change of The Times does not take away the faith in the heart;
You bleeclubmedd, you sweat,
Just watch that piece of home.
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          On July 20, mo深圳疫情最新消息re than 80 retir深圳天气ed lion friends gathered in shenzhenclubmed Silver Lake Clions翻译中文onvention Center for a unique lion friendship activity, looking back oveteransn military life and sharing coveteran怎么读mrades-in-arms friendship. Lin Tao, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016, Shi Jianyong, First Vilions读音ce Presiclub是什么意思dent and Zeng Shiyang, secretary general attenaugusttaylor后门ded the event.
         celebrate过去分词 The lion friends who participated in this activity were all veterans who had joined the army or even experienced the baptism of the battlefieldshenzhen.club用英语怎么说 They spoke freely, shared their military life full of tears and laughter, expressed their surging feelings on the arrival of the Augus深圳疫情最新消息t 1st Araugust泰星mclubmany Day, and communclub怎么读icated their experiences in lion activities. The scenelions的音标 was also intersclub用英语怎么说persed with lottclub是什么意思ery and gift exchange links, especially a lion siaugust音标ster singing a song “blood style” to the evcelebrate用法搭配eninclubmang of the fraternity atmosphere to a climax, the whole chorus, heroic singing filled with breath, fate, heart to h深圳风险等级eart patriotic feelings.
          Theclub怎么读 whole party was full of applause, laughter and touching. Lion friends and comrades embcelebrate英语怎么读raced each othlions英语怎么读er in a ha深圳ppy and joyful atmosphere and l深圳ooked forward to the next meeting.


Article/Photo/Cheng Zhaohua


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