Lions on will notice | shenzhen coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work plan

Service teams:

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the CPC Central Committee and The Swill后面动词什么形式tate Council have attached great importance to the prevention and control work and made a series of important arrange深圳市最新疫情ments. On January 2control歌曲5, a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPCnotice同义词 Central Committee stressed that Party commicoronavirusesttees and officials at all levels must cepidemic翻译omprehencontrol游戏sively mobilize and strengthen work in acccoronavirusesordance with the decisions and plans of the CPC Cpneumonia怎么读entral Committee,深圳 put people's safety and health first, and make epidemic prevention and control the mosepidemic是什么意思t impneumonia怎么读portant wepidemic和pandemicork at present.prevention翻译

The competent unit, Shenzhen Disabled Personcontrolss' Federation, issued the Notice of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation on Further Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, and the National Lion Federa深圳地铁线路图tion issued the Guidnotice翻译elcontrol游戏ines on Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia by Domestic Lion Federation.

In order to further implement the spirit of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on 25 January, and in accordance with the spirit and requirements of the notification issued by the Domestic Lions Asepidemic是什么意思中文翻译sociation and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Fe深圳市最新疫情deration, and in light of the actual work of Shenzhen Lions Association, the working pnotice作文lan for further prevention and control of novelcontrols Corcoronavirus读音onwill后面动词什么形式avirus pneumonia is hereby formulated asnotice作文 follows:

First, strengthen organizawillpowertion and leadership, and car深圳大学ry out services in an orderly manner.

The Novel Coronavirus outbreak is gripping the hearts of the whcontrolledole natiwillingnesson. More than 3,000 lion friends of The Lions Club of Shenzhen pay close attention twill后面动词什么形式o the situation of the epidemic all the time. The Licoronavirusons Club of Shenzhen and various service teams spontaneously contact and purchase various epidemic preventio深圳市最新疫情n materials to support the affected areas and shenzhen hospitals. Adhering to the principle of "helping othenotice作文rs, serving the society" and the original intention of "Wherever there is disaster, there are lion friends",control Shenzhen Lions Club is actlions翻译ively leacontrol翻译dinepidemic怎么读音g and coordinawill后面动词什么形式ting the preventepidemic和pandemicion and control work of novel Coronavcoronavirusirus infection.

In order to effectively carry out the prevencontrol的过去式和过去分词tion and controwill的过去式l work of novel coronotice作文navirus pneumonia, Lions Club Shenzhen has decided to set up a leading gnotice同义词roup for epidemic prevention and control, with President Weng Hua as the head, to strengthen the leadershicoronavirus翻译p of epidemic prevention and control wwill怎么读ork. The list and responsibilities of the leading group and its working groups are as follows:

(1) Leading group

Group & have spent     Long:WengHua

Deputy grcoronavirus读音oup leader:  Li Weihua, Ma Min, Lu Zhcontrol游戏iqiang, Guo Yongyong, Du Hengkun, Peepidemic怎么读音ng Daojian, Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, Li Fengnoticed

The President racontrol键是哪一个ised:Guo Yongyong

Deputy General Manager:Xuwillow Qiubin

As & have spent   Agent: & have spentZheng Guoping, Jing Micontrol游戏aojun, Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, CAI Micoronavirusn, Chen Guanglions怎么读xi, Ru Chunxu

(2) The leading growill是什么意思up shall have working groups

1. Comprehensive Group

Group & hawillpowerve spent Long:Guo Yo深圳疫情ngyong

Deputy team leader:Xu Qiubin, Wang Yibcontroling

As & havcontrolse spent Alions的音标gent:Cui Weiying, L深证指数i Zhou, Cai Min, guang-xi Chen, RuChunXu, Fang Shilei, yun-peng zhao, shui-jin Yang, Yi Shumin, zhu fengpneumonia翻译, Zhang Zheqin, lily, Tang Quanhui, kevinbales, necoronavirus是什么意思w, li xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi Wei Xin, Hualion是什么意思ng Xiaoru, li Ming, ChiMingHui, Ye Ning, ZuoHongYi, dong-mei Chen, deng mei heart, the sea, Wang Yi soldier, jian-hua su liu

Job & have spent Responsibility:To coordinate epilions英语怎么读demic prevention and controlwilling spreventionerviceprevention是什么意思s; Organize and hold relevant special meetings; To convey and imprevention怎么读plement the instructions and opinions of shenzhen Lions Club; Striepidemic和pandemicct discipline of prevention and colionsntrol work to ensure a smooth and orderly prevention and control wornotice同义词k; Co-ordinate district club fundraising; With the appwillingnessroval of the leader of the l深圳疫情最新动态eading group, materials for epinoticeabledemic prevention shall be purchased; Timely inform the purchasing situation of district materials; Support service teams to carry out epidemic prevention services.coronaviruses


2. Secretarial Team

Group & have spent Long:Du Hengkun

Deputy team leadernotice的形容词:Ma Huijuan

As & hacontrol的过去式和过去分词ve spent Ageprevention怎么读nt:Su Zhuangbin, Lin Yanfen, Hu Lpneumonia怎么读ei, Li Jiangping, Huang Xinran, Zhou Wenguangepidemic和pandemic, Qiu Peng

Job & have spent Responsibility:Drafting meeting minutes and information relatedlions是什么意思 to prevention and contrlions是什么意思ol serpneumoniavices; Counting individual contributions; Coordinepidemic怎么记忆ate and report relevant information to Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and China Lion Unlions读音icontrolon in a tlionsgateimely manner; Answer inquiries, collect complaints and report to leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club. Tolions是什么意思 release bull深圳etins on the epidemic prevention services of Shenzhen Lions Club, to release the latest epidemic situation of Shelion是什么意思nzhen Lions Club according to laws and regulations, and to timely inform the public of the epidemic sprevention翻译ilions英语怎么读tuation and promote prevention knowledge through the publicity platf深圳天气orm of Shenzhen Liolions翻译中文ns Club; Timely republish social media reports on ewill是什么意思pidemic prevention and control work, and release informatnoticeion on assistance from Lion Friecoronavirus音标nds and the effectiveness of epidemic prevent深圳ion and control work.


3. Financial Group

Grnotice的形容词oup & have spent Long:Peng Daojian

Deputy team leader:Xiepidemic怎么记忆u-mei wang

As & have spencontrollablet Agent:Ma Haixia, Peng Li, Yang Lili, Li Wenbin, Han Rongzhengwill是情态动词吗

Job &深圳市最新疫情 havnotice的固定搭配e spent Respnotice作文onsibility:Do a good job of statistics and summary of donations; Collecting statistics of donated materwill是情态动词吗ials; Guide the service team to standardize the financi深圳风险等级al procedures for donatioepidemic是什么意思中文翻译ns and materials. The receipt and expenditure of donated funds anepidemic品牌d materials shall be promptly announced. Donations shall be credited to service expenses,epidemic和pandemic的区别 and donated materials shall be credited to service expenses according to the invoice amount; Standardized allocation of special assistance funds for epidemic prevention and control; Do a good job of material statistics and classificatepidemic怎么读音ion. Cepidemic situation翻译omplete and accurate registration of varieties, specificatiocoronavirusns and models of matericontrolledals and equipment; According to the provisions of the materials and equipment iwillpowern and out of the warehouse acceptance, accounting and distribution work, make the account consistent with the actual;lions翻译 Master the inventory status at any time, ensure the timepneumonia记忆方法ly supply of materials and equipment, give full play to the turnover efficienccoronavirusesy; Do a good job of post-donation supervision and inspection work.深圳地铁线路图

Ii. Work arrangement

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Domestic Lion Association and Shenzhen Disabled Pepneumonia是什么意思rsons' Federlions怎么读ation, Shenzhen Lions Club plays a macro coordinating role, gathers the strength of lion friends and various service teams, firmly establishes the overcoronavirus读音all awareness and overall awareness, andpneumonia记忆方法 does a good job in the official epidemic prevention and control work, and reswill是情态动词吗olutely wicontrol歌曲ns the bepidemic怎么读音attle of epidemic pr深圳市最新疫情evention and cwillowontrol.

In order to implement the relevant spircontrol游戏it and work requ深圳天气irements, we will focus on the following aspects:

First, actively raise funds and supplies.

(1) Actively raising funds and supplies to continuously provide finacontrol游戏ncial and material support for the fight against the epidemic in tnoticehe worst-hit areas onotice是什么意思f Hupneumonia翻译bei Province. Only meepidemic是什么意思dical protective suits, masks, gowns, goggles and disinfectants applicable to the epidemic are accepted. The funds raised are mainly used to purchase medical protection necessary for the epidemic and provide help to hospitals or vulnerable groups in urgent nwilliameed of pepidemic和pandemicrotective supplies. The matecontrollingrials purchased mucontrol歌曲st meet relevant national standards, and "lions翻译thr深圳大学ee noescoronavirus翻译" and fake and shoddy products are not allowed to be purepidemic是什么意思chased to ensure that the donated materials can truly help the people in need. Procurementcoronavirus怎么读 procedures must be improvecoronavirus是什么意思d to comply with the financial management system, and the plions是什么意思rocurement of oprevention怎么读verseas epidemic prevention materials is not encouraged.

(II) In response to the call of THE Federation, part of the service funds (150,000 yuan, including 50,000 yuan donated) will be used to support hubei Pcontrol歌曲rovincial Disabled Persons' Federation, which will connoticeablevert tcontrol的过去式和过去分词he donations into urgently needed goepidemic是什么意思中文翻译ods locally.

(3) to prevent fucontrollablerthpneumonia翻译er proliferation after outbreak, do a good job inprevention是什么意思 shenzhen official's assistant, railion是什么意思se funds and supplies have to love tepidemic怎么记忆he shewilliamnzhen local people in need of help, especially shenzhen lions object and unit of the designatlion是什么意思中文翻译ed seepidemicrvice, including but深圳地铁线路图 notcontrollable lepidemic翻译imepidemic怎么记忆ited tolionsgate the streets, "red lion assistive standing," kang center, very school, municipal workers projects such as the service object,will是什么意思 Support the hospital where shiaiyi Station is located and the Third People's Hospital, shenzhen desiglions怎么读nated hospital for tepidemic品牌he treatment of new-type lung inflammation.

Second, we need to do a glions的音标ood job in disseminaticontrolsng information on assistance and epidemic prevention and control.

Release the latest situation of the epidemic in accordance with laws and regulnotice过去式atiocoronavirus音标ns, inform the public of the epidemic in a timely manner threpidemic翻译ough the official webwill怎么读site, official wechat and wechat groups, and publicize prevention knowledge; Timcontrol的过去式和过去分词ely republish social media reports on the epidemic prevention and control w深圳疫情最新动态ork of the Association, as well as the results of the epidemic pprevention怎么读revention and control work of the Shlions翻译enzhen Lions Club.

Third, standardize the deepidemic是什么意思claration andepidemic怎么读音 statistics of prevention and control services an深圳市最新疫情d improve financial procedures.

(I) Shenzhen Lions Club supports the service team in rational and orderly prevention and control services wcoronavirus音标ith an open attitude. All serviccontrol翻译e teams and lion friends should carry out charity services in a rational and orderly manner accolion是什么意思rding to relevant requirements. They should not go to the epidemic area,controlling donate materials in accordance with standards, and do not purchasecoronavirus读音 "thrlion是什么意思中文翻译elionsgatee noes" or fake awill怎么读nd shoddy products to ensure that the donated materials can truly help the people in need.

(II) As the preventiwilliamon and control services arecontrolled available during the Spring Festival holiday and the prevention and control work is highly efficient, all service teams should report in advance through email and wechat, and other procedures should be completed after the holiday.

(III) After the service team has confirmed the purchase of matcontrollingerials深圳疫情最新动态, it is sugges深圳疫情最新动态ted thnoticeableat lions club indiwillpowerviduals pay for the purchase, and submit the purchase invoice, sales contract and transfer record to shenzhen Lions Club Financial Settlement Center for reimburcontrol键是哪一个sement and verification after the hoepidemic是什么意思中文翻译liday.

(4) The serlion是什么意思中文翻译vice team shall clion是什么意思onduct stalions怎么读tistical work on epidemic prevention and control services, actively collect data on epidemic prevention services carried out by the service team, including iepidemic和pandemic的区别ndividuals and amount of donations, amount of donatedwillow services, quantity of materials and recipient units, and timely report to the district Conotice同义词uncil.

(V) Email to:szl深圳疫情最新动态; Wechat can be sennotice的固定搭配t tepidemic是什么意思o the area liaison.

Hu Lei 18926071100, Li Jiangping 13692203512, Huang Xinrepidemic是什么意思an 13713667519, Zhou Wenguang 182075coronavirus是什么意思34494, Li Jiangping 13692203512, Huaprevention是什么意思ng Xinran 13713667519, Zhou Wenguang 18207534494

Fourth, stanwill是什么意思dardize the management of fundsepidemic和pandemic, matnotice作文erials, strict financinoticeableal work.

(control歌曲1) Collecting statistics of donated fwillunds and materialscontrols; Guide the service team to深圳地铁线路图 standardize the financial procedures for donawill后面动词什么形式tions and materials; The receipt and expcontrollingenditure of donated funds and materials shall be pronotice作文mptly announced.

(2) Donations shall be recorded as service funds, and the invoice amounotice的形容词nt of donated materials shall be recorded as service funds; Standardized allocation of special assistance funds for epidemic prevention and control; Make good statistics and classification of materials, complete and accurate registrprevention翻译ation of materials and equipment variprevention是什么意思eties, specifications and models; Accnotice是什么意思ording to the provisions of the materials and equipment in and out of thlion是什么意思中文翻译e warehouse acceptance, accouncontrolsting and distribution work, make the account consistent with the actual; Master invewill是情态动词吗ntory stlion是什么意思中文翻译atus at any time, ensepidemicsure timely supplypneumonia翻译 of materials andcoronavirus音标 equipment, give full play to turlions英语怎么读nover efficiency, etc.will怎么读 Do a good job of post-donation supervision and inspecticoronavirus读音on.

(c) Please transfer the donations alrcontrol游戏eady made to lepidemic situation翻译ions Club of Shenzhen for epidemic prevention services to lion深圳疫情最新动态s Club of Shenzhen as soon as possible, so that the district Club can provide services.

Beneficiary account name: Shenzhen Lions Clulion是什么意思b; Bank of deposit: Shenzhen Shennan Middepidemic和pandemicle Road Sub-Branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank; Account nulions翻译mber: 79130 1control游戏552 6000 01coronavirus翻译60; Contact person: Financial Director Wang Xiumei 13554804204.

Fifth, actively cooperate and do a good job of protection.

(1) Lionfriends shouldepidemic翻译 pay attention to personal and family heepidemic situation翻译alth protection, pay attention to twill的过去式he ventilprevention是什么意思ation and disinfection of public plapneumoniaces such as office places, and ensure the health and safety of work and service places.

(2lions是什么意思) Strictly follow the first-level response requirementcontrolss for major public health emergencies, wear masks in common places, wash hands frequently, avoid going out to reduce the riskwill是什么意思 of cross-infection, and report special cases or confirmed infections to the district council, so as to contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.

Lifenotice的固定搭配 is more important than Mount Tai. The epidenotice过去式miepidemic是什么意思中文翻译c is an order, and prevention and control is our responsibility. Let us unite as one, breathlions是什么意思e together, share a common destiny, and achieve an early vcoronavirus音标ictory in the prevention and control of pneucontrol什么意思monia.


Shenzhen Lionslionsgate Club & NBSP;  

29 January 2020

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