Brief Report on Epidemic Prevention and Control Services provided by Shenzhen Lions Club (1)

Since the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has been paying close attention to the situation and actively responding to it. With a strong seepidemic怎么读音nse of responsibility for public safserviceshellety, the club has launched an all-out battle against the epidemic.


On 25 January 2020, The Lions Club of Shenzhen issued a proposal on COVID-19 prevention and control, urging alservice是什么故障灯l lion friends to respond to the call of the Party andbriefs the official authorities, reduce travreport名词el, actively carry out prevreportingention and control work in the face of the Noprovided怎么读vel Coronavirus, and propose to donate epidemic pserviceshellrevention materials and donations to the affected areas. Each service team and lion friprevention是什么意思ends responded positivelprovide的用法y and initiated solibrieflytairprovide的用法e in wechat group. As of 6 PM on January 28, nearly 70 service groups of 19-20 llions翻译eaders of the Shcontrol歌曲enzhen Lions Club had actively donated money to the wechatlions英语怎么读 gservices怎么读英语roup, and service groups such as Fuai, Diwservices怎么读ang, Qiancheng, Hongy深圳疫情最新动态a, Chang Yuan, Yitian, Hongbrief翻译li, Silver Lake, Shande, Mingjia Shanpin and so on have laun深圳疫情最新消息ched their own service activities.


Thprovided引导条件状语从句e Liocontrollablens Club of Shenzhen donated 50,000 yuareport造句n to the association at the beginning深圳 of the New Year to carry out epidemic preventioservice是什么意思n and control services in Wuhan. At the same time, Guo Yongyong, the second vice President, alsbriefly是什么意思啊o actively sought suppliers of epidemic prevention materials on behalf of the District Council and set up “Shenzhen Epidemic Emergency Repidemic品牌esponse Group”. , hope lion friends with resources also actively contact him,report怎么读英语 discuss together, for epidemic prevention econtrolledfforts. The district committee intends tepidemicso purchase medical protectivprovidede clothing, N95 masks, medical (sprovided怎么读urgical) masks, positive pressure isolation clothinprovide的用法g, protective masks, goggles, etc. Contact person: Guo Yongyong 13802570660, the second Vice President; Xu Qiubiservice是什么意思中文翻译n, Deputy Secretary-general 135107147service是什么故障灯08; Wang Yibing, Chlions是什么意思airman of the Mprovided引导条件状语从句edical ancontrol歌曲d Health Commission of the NPC 13809892247; Deservices.msc什么意思puty Director-general Su Zhuangbin 15915444117.

  Shenzlionshen lion will open support service in epidemic prevention and control services, please also the service and extensive friendly lion rational and orderly conduct charitable service in accordcontrolsance with the relevant requirements, not ran thcontrol的过去式和过去分词e epidemic area, donated materiallions是什么意思s must conform to the standardepidemic翻译, don’tepidemic是什么意思中文翻译 buy “3 without” and fake and inferior products, ensure donated materials can reallprovide的意思y help to those in need. At threportaprobleme same time, pay attention to personal and family health protection, to build a common defenepidemic怎么记忆se of heservices怎么读英语alth, in case of special circumstances or coservice是什么故障灯nfirmed infection must report to the district cocontrol什么意思uncil. Special thanks to all lion fr深圳iends and officials for their dedication to epidemic prevention during theprovided翻译 Chinese New Year.


Life is more important than Molions英语怎么读unt Tai. The epideserviceshellmic is an order, alions是什么意思nd prevention a深圳nd coepidemic是什么意思中文翻译ntrol is our resprovide的固定搭配ponsibility. Let us unite as one, breathe togethcontrol什么意思er, share a common destiny, and achieve an early victory in the preventiepidemic翻译on and contrservices怎么读英语ol of pnlion是什么意思中文翻译eumoepidemic是什么意思nia.

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  
28 January 2020

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