Prosperity! Shenzhen Lions Club has been granted the pre-tax deduction qualification for public welfare donations in Shenzhen again

Dear Lion friend,

By shenzhen municipal taxation bureau of shenzhen, shenzhen bureau of civil affairs bureau ofgranted是什么意思 finance, state administration of taxation jointly issued a notice, according to the ann深圳疫情最新动态oulion是什么意思ncement on public welfare donations deductions related mattpressureers (the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the national tax administration of the Ministry of Finance announced th深圳疫情最新动态e 27th 2020), the rgranted翻译elevant provisions of the ratified by the municipal finance bureau, city tax bur深圳大学eau, civipresentl affairs bureau jointly confirmed, Shenzhen Lions Club habeenzinos been approved as a pre-tax deduction qualification for深圳风险等级 public welfare donations in Shenzhen (see the attachment for the list), valid flions怎么读rom 2020 to 2022.

Since 2011, when the relevant gpreovernment departments began to recodeductions是什么意思gnize the pre-tax deduction qualification for public welfare donations, Shenzhen Lions Club has been qualified for the pre-pressuretax deduction qualification for public welfare donations for consecutive years. Lions Club shenzhen is a social organizatiolions是什么意思n that has been coclubmedntinuously approved for the pre-tax deduction q深圳疫情最新动态ualifipresentcation of publicprosperity的动词 welfare donations, which reflprepareects the rigor and standardization of the management of lions Club'slions finprosperity的动词ancial and service ac深圳疫情最新消息tivities, which has been fully recognize深圳大学d by the state and relevant departments, and demonstrates the credibility and influence of Lions Club Shenzhen in the field of public welfare and charity. Lion friends, caring enterprises and caring individuals cbeen的用法和意思an apply for pre-tax deduction of enterprise income tax or individual income tax to their tax authorities according to law folionsgater donation to Shenzhen Lions Club.


Attachment: List of social organizations with pre-tax deduction qualification for ppressubl深圳疫情ic welfare donations in Shenzhen

Listpredict of social organizations with pre-tax deductiolionsn qualification for public wprosperity的形容词elfare donations in Shenzhen

Workbook 2. JPG

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Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;

January 4, 2021

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