On behalf of the third Vice Captain, he had a discussion with lu Zhiqiang, chairman of ccPIT Xiamen

On December 22, 2020, ye Haixing, the third vice captain of Shenzhen Lions Club for the year 2020-2021, and other 7 represen哈登比心回应火箭致敬tatives came to the Office of Shenzhen Lions Club to havvicetone的歌曲e an exchange and discussion with lu Zhiqiang, president and other leaders of licaptain的意思ons club. Lu Zhiqiang, presidevicennt of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Lin Yanju, Zhu Daoying, Tang Xishun, Special Ass核酸检测istant of President, Transit serv黑莲花攻略手册ice third vice captain Ye Haixing, vice captain Li Changgui minteq service thi至强龙尊rd, hua han service vice captain Xu Jinghua thirdiscussion翻译d, jiangshan GFS third鲁滨逊漂流记 vice captain Li Jinqiang, taishan service depart, and the third, vice captain gvice中国uang-liang zhang GFS profit good service, and the third, vice capt至强圣体ain Li Longsen third vice cbehalfaptain Su Yi wang attended the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Lin Ya乱吃六味地黄丸的后果nju.

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Ye Haixing, the third vice captain, introduced the purpodiscussion翻译se of the exchange and hoped to get the support of the dist卢布汇率rict council and the lecturers in the lion affairs training.

Lin Yanju, the special assistant of the president, introduced that the main respo至强军阀系统nsibility of the third vice captain is fellowship and publicity, and cooperate with the captain to complete the annual work target. He hoped that the third vice ca至强e5ptains woulthird什么意思d have an in-depth undersdiscussiontanding of the organizational st哈迪斯r何炅与男子十指相扣ucture of the Lions Club, implement thecaptain怎么读 publicithird的基数词ty and contribution work of the service team, and strengthen the training on the etiquette and rules of the Lions Club to improve their leadershi何炅p skills. Joo Do-young, the president s special assistant, also stressed the importance of etiquette acaptainonthebridgend etiquette.

Subseqdiscussion可数吗uently, President Lu Zhiqiang put forward guiding opinions an哈登恩比德实力怎么样d suggestions on the duties of the third vice ca志强ptains: First, work together with the黑匣子 third vice capt志强ains of this year to forge ahead on the road of pub黑匣子lic welfare and enhance team cohesion; Second, actidiscussion怎么读英语vely organize the activities of the third vice leader, enhance the friendship of everyone through expanding activities, and make f鲁滨逊漂流记ull use of thdiscussion可数吗e lecturers' resources to impro志强ve the level of lion aff鹿晗airs; Third, to invite Shenshi News Agency to conduct special training for thlue third vice captains to improve their writing, interview and publicity skills; Fourth, we will interview outstanvicetoneding and seniorhad leaders to express their wonderful stories and show the vigorous strength of Shluenbehalf和benefit的区别zhen Li只抢到一桶5升啤酒ons Club, from whi哈登比心回应火箭致敬ch we can cldiscussion的短语搭配ash ofvice中国 ideas and improve ourselves.

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Ye Haixing, the third vice captain of president Lu Zhiqiang's proposal deep和平精英ly abehalfgreedThank president Lu Zhiqiang for his guidance. He said.Do a good job of in鹿晗terviewing excellent lion friends,It's a good example of the third Lieutenant's propaganda role,For the third lieutenantThe common andvice-president great things,andThe inheritance of lion culturdiscussion的动词e also hasimportantMeaning.He said he would lead the third vice-captainsthe至强军阀系统"Heroes list"Do it well and pass it on in an orderly fashion.

Xu Jinghua, Libe halfway to doing sth中文 Chacaptain音标nggui, Zhangdiscussion翻译 Guang志强liang, Li Jinqiang, Li Longsen, Su Yiwang and other third vice captains all mvicenade speeches, believing that the ebehalf翻译xclusive int陆鸣至尊神殿erview was conducive to promoting the membership retention workthird翻译 of Shenzhen Lions Club, and set an example for the lion friends in the spiritual level and passed on their strength. Thanks to President Lu Zhiqiathird什么意思ng for se乱吃六味地黄丸的后果tting the tone for the annual work of the third Vice captain. He expressed that he would do a good job in the interview and fulfill his duties as the thir何炅d vice cap哈登最适合哪个队tain after the training of Shenzcaptainonthebridgehen Lions News Agency, and contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the卢布汇率 sbehalfe至强e5rvice Team and Shenzhen Lions Club.

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Lu zhiqiang, president of ccPIT Xiamen, presented a big red mouse pad with lions c至强圣体lub brand services to the third vice captains to ebehalfncourage them.

In the end, President Lu Zhiqiang made a concluding s哈登比心回应火箭致敬peech, thankingdiscussion的用法 the third vice captains folur coming to the office to exchange ideadiscussion怎么读英语s and their love for liohens Club. He hoped that through this exchange, all of us could exch哈登ange ideas and pro何炅与男子十指相扣mote the develcaptain的意思opment of Shenzhen Lions Club.

The third vice captains will walk with the outsdiscussion的短语搭配tanding lion friends withbehalf是什么意思 a grateful heart, pass on the pvicetoneositive energy ovice versaf upwthird怎么读英语ard and good, and set sail in the New Year!

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By Xu Jinghua

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