Discussion of guide dog project to help accurately assist the disabled — Shenzhen and Dalian lion friends lion business exchange forum held smoothly

Discuss guide dog project to help the disabled

— Shenzhen and Dalian lion friends and lion affairs exprojectorchange fdisabledorum was successfully held

On August 30th, shenzhen and Dalian lion club lion business exchange forum was held successfulllion翻译y in the small conference room of shenzhen Lions Club officprojecte. Tian Xingwang, Chairman of The贵的拼音 lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Li Baihe, Chairman of the 15th Ddiscussion的短语搭配istrict, Li Xiang, Coordinator of THE GST Shenzhen Region and Chairman of the Environmentguidebookal Protection Servidiscussion是什么意思ce Cinaccuratelyommittee, Ke Dehai, Chairman of the Diabetes Education Committee, Deng Jun, Chairmanaccurately和precisely的区别 of the Disability Services Commitdoggietee, Chen Xuanbin, Executive Chairman, Fourteen people attended the meeting, incluproject软件使用教程ding Li Li, exdoghousedigital重口ecudoge表情包tive chairmdoghousedigital重口an of the Community Service Committee, and Chen Yan, leader of bincheng Service Team of dalian Lionsdisabled造句简单带翻译 Association. The two siassistantdes had in-depth discussions on the implementation, publicity and fundraising of the guide dog project. The meetlionfishing was chaired by Tian Xingwangdisabled造句.

Tian Wangxing, Predisabledsident of The Association, said that the guide dog project was launched in Shenzhen in 2015-2016, whilionfishch brought great ghelpood news to the blind people in Shenzhen and would also promote tdiscussion可数不可数he development of targeted assistance for the disabled in this year. He thanked bincheng Service Team and Huayuan Service Team for their contribution to the guide dog project. He hoped to recoassistance翻译rd the interaction between guide dogs and blind people through public welfare videos, so that lion friends and Shenzhen citizens can better understand guide dogs.

Captain Chen Yan and other Dalian liodoghousedigital重口n friends introduced the gdoge表情包uide dog projectdiscussion可数不可数. At present, Dhelp是什么意思英文翻译alian Guide Dog Base is taccurately翻译he only guguidelineide dog project in China. Every year, about 25 guide dogs are bred and put idiscussionnto use, and圭的拼音 each adult dog costs about 250,000 yuan. At present, the contidisabled翻译nuous devproject怎么设置无休息日elopment of the project is condiscussion前面加什么介词fronted with a series odogf problems such as insufficient funds and large modisabled电脑启动项bility of trainers. Dalian Lion Friends hope to mobilize lion friends all over the country, especially Shenlionszhen lion friends to joilion的音标n the guide dog prhelpoject.

Zeng Shi secrassistant是什么意思etarlionely-general said, seeing-eye dog project service fund shortage is the main reasoaccurately翻译n for the propaganda is not endoghousedigital重口ough, he put forward by three aspects: solve the problem of money,projectdoll a is broadening the channels of publicity and increase the propaganda dynamics, lions and in shenzhen city, disabled persons’ federation’doge什么意思s official website for special repordiscussion的短语搭配t, project and let more people kndiscussion可数不可数ow about guide dogs seeing-eye dog brings the convenience for the blind friends; Second, mobilize more service teams and lion friends to udisabled造句简单带翻译nderstalionelnd the advalion怎么读ntages of the prodogedogeject, formulate specguidelineific programs, raisediscussion怎么读 funds for the blion怎么读ase construction and help the disabled friends; Third, social forces can be mobilized to raise project funds through multiple channels.

Chairman Deng Jun called on lion Friends to mobilize the whole society to raise funds for tdiscussion怎么读he guide dog project through publicizing the public welfare culture, using social resources todog怎么读 solve the funding problem and promote thdiscussion怎么读e implementation of the guhelpide dog project.

During the lion business exchange sesdog怎么读sion, lion fproject软件riends from the two plachelperes had in-depth discussions on how to better promote the implementation of the guide dog project and help more blind peohelpple.

President Tianhelp是什么意思英文翻译 Xingwang thanked Dalian Shiyou for your sharing in his concluding speech. He said more publicity should be done to let more people know about the arduous procdiscussion是什么意思ess of training guide dogs, so that ciassistance翻译tizehelpedns can better understand the program, and he calle瑰的拼音d onproject翻译 lion friends toassistance mobilize social forces and raise more funds to ensure the long-term development of the program. Later, Tian Wangxing, Chairman of ccPIT Xiamen presented the 2017-2018 chhelpingairman’s flag and chairman’s badge to Dalian Shiyou.

[Text] Xu Shener

[Photo] Xu Shener

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lindisabled是什么意思 Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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