South China Sea Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2017-2018

South China Sea Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2017-2018

On July 12, 2017, thefirst是什么意思 first regular meeting of the 2017-2018 shenzhen Lions South China Sea Service Team was held in zifei Art Museum, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Nanshan District. Cao Yregularlyingsouthwang, chservice是什么意思airman of theservice的名词 third District of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2017-2018, Ma Feng, capteam是什么意思翻译tchina意思ain of The Southsouth africa China Sea Service team for 2017-2018, Li Fengzhou, Vice captain of the Second Vice captain Liang Peilin, secretary Xu Jun and other 11 lion friendsfirst name attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Caoseason Yingwang as chservice是什么意思中文翻译airman of the conference.

Chairman Cao Yingwang tolled the bell for the meeting. The meeting began with a solemn national anthem andservice lion song.

Xu Jun summarized the 2017-2018 annual chasouthern是什么意思nge ceremony of the South China Sea Service Corps and reported on the usservicemane of funds. She said tregularhat thservice是什么故障灯e ceremony was sservice可数吗imple and solemn, full of ceremony and joy, which was in line with the initiative of the district council to save money and fullteammatey achieved the purpose of caring and interactive lion friends. Zhang proposed to commend wen Guosheng, Xu Jun, Li Fupheldengzhou, Luo Xiaojuan and othsouthwester lion frheld是hold的什么形式iends fomeetingsr their support and schina意思ponsorship. Cmeetingtencentcomhairman Cao Yingwang affirmed the successful holding of the transition ceremony and put forward suggestions for improvement.

Captasouth翻译in Ma Feng introduced the 2017-2018 regular meeting of the service team and the activities of the district mservicemaneeting, cfirstname填姓还是名alling onmeetings everyone to actively pasouth什么意思rticipate in various activities, further undermeetingstand the lion culture, inherit the lion spirit, learn the advantages of other service teams, and bring them to the South China Sea Service team.

Yaservicebiong Junhong introduced the launching ceremony and activity isouthern是什么意思dea of “Old books Mobile Station” project, and called on all lion friends to act together and contribute to public welfarmeeting的音标e. He said the project plans to collect 20,000 books this year, which will be used in various service teams’ educational projects to meet the reading needs oheld的原型f students in poor aseasons什么意思reas. Ma feng, who made preliminary plans for thechina意思 project, said he would work with Chimeeting翻译na Resources and other service teams to carry out activteam什么意思ities. The activity will be infiltrated into community servicesheld怎么读的 and school myopia prevention activities, with an estimated annual service fund of 30,000 yuan. The South China Sea Service team strives to build this project as a service team brand project.

Xie Wenfei and Peng Huiyu introduced themselves and shared their thoughts on joining the South China Sea Service Team. Zhou Weiwei shares his thoughts on last year’s activities.

In the end, Cao Yingwang made a summarymeeting翻译 speech and placed high hopes on the service project of “seseatcond-hand book Mobile station”.

Aservicemanrticle/photo Contributed by South China Sea Service Team

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