Lion exchange visit – Lion exchange between Shenzhen Lion Club and Hong Kong and Macao Lion Clubs in China was carried out smoothly

Lion exchange visit – Lion exchange between Shenzhen Lion Club and Hong Kong and Macao Lion Clubs in China was carried out smoothly

On January 12, 2019, lions clubs from Hong Kong and Macao visited Shenzhen Lions Clulion怎么读b. Lions froclubmedm the two places participated in the coclubmedmmunity Service Day of zon孔夫子旧书网e 4, visited the Lion Love Station, held a lion affairs exchange forum, shared service ex红烧排骨perience and shared friendship with lions. This activity is a return visit organized bvisitedy guo Meihua, director of Lions Club of Hong Kong and Macau in Chimacao和macau使用区别na, after shenzhen Lions club visited Hong Kong and Macau Lions Club in December last year.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 President Ma Min, First Vice President Weng Hua, Deputy Supervisor Zhang Hongxiang, Secret深圳疫情最新动态ary General Du Hengkun, Chief Financial Officer Luo Jinsong,clubman General Aff红旗airs Director Guo Yongyong, Chief Inspexchangedector Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary General Li Feng, Rong Jing, Regional Chairman Liao Ronghu恐怖复苏i, Du Peng, Li Zhou, chairman oclubman是什么牌子车f the孔雀东南飞 partition, RuChunXu, Fang Shilei, good iwslt Li Chshenzhenunchang, lian wei, li xiang, wit andpassion, Yang Hankun, Cui Weiying, yun-peng z洪主hao, Luo Junpinmacao怎么读g, supervvisit翻译isors, &schwarlionz, whclub用英语怎么说y to pay such as captain and chairman of each special work, service, secretarial, finanbetweence and so on more than 100 shenzhen lion, d空气炸锅omestic director of Hong Kong and Macao liovisit翻译n mei-hua guo, former governor, GST area coo孔雀东南飞rdinator Feng Miaoyun, District Treasurer Chen Jianming, r洪主egional chairman Chen Yahui, Cheung Kwok-keung, IP Xiaotong, Lam Kwong-tak, Xie Xiang-ying, Lu Shao-xin and other 46 Hong Kong lion friends participated in the activ红码黄码绿码代表什么ity.

District 4 Community Service Day

On the morning of December 12, the Community service Day of Shenzhen Lions Club was held at donghai City Squar深圳地铁线路图e. The activity was sponsored by the Shenzhen Lions Club and Xiangmeihu Street officvisitede, led by the Fourth zone of the Shenzhen Lions Club, and co-organized by 30 service teams such as Longhua, Xin ‘an and Bougainvillea, which received special support from the classvisitedic ser控卫在此vice team.

During the aclion的音标tivities, Shenzhen Lion Friends actively organized Spring Festivalclubs couplets, Red Action, free dental consultation, diabetes education, legal consultation, red movie replaying, “Save by your Side” education and training services, attracting many community rlionkkesidents to participate in the eexchangednthusiasm, invested 20,000 yuan in the service fundsbetween的英语怎么读啊. Hong Kong Lion Friends also enthusiastically participaexchangedtes in low vision services, especiamacao翻译lly brivisit翻译nging eye testing machines to the community to experience. President Ma Min’s 81-yea洪荒星辰道r-old father, Mr. Ma Sung Pak, came to support the event, perfclubmed官网预订ormed a tai Chi for the public and wrote more than 20 coupletsbetween and to the public.

Dbetween怎么读啊lirector Guo Meihua made a speech. She was very honored to lead the Hong Kong Lions club to participate深圳天气 in the community service day of Shvisit的过去式enzhen L马槽ions Club. During the activity, she learned about the service projects of Shenzhen Lions Club, saw the svisit什么意思olidarit马槽图片y of Shenzhen Lions Club, and fully felt the serializationvisit什么意思, centralizatio孔夫子旧书网n and scale of骂曹操的檄文 shenzhen Lions Club’s community service.

Thbetween用法e lion love post

In the afternoon, lion friends from the two places visited the Comfort Centevisit翻译r o深圳疫情最新动态f Lion Love Station luohu (Departure) in Shenzhen People’s Hospital and attended the opening ceremony of the center.

Luo Jinsong, chiefbetween是什么意思 financial oclubmanfficer, introduced that The Lion Love Inn wclub怎么读as estab深圳疫情最新消息lished by Shenzhen Lions Club in cooperation with hospitals and social workers. Its inspiration came from the Patient resource Center in Hong Kong, which mainly serves patients and medical workers. By inviting doctors to carry out knowledge lectures, it regularly holds birthday parties and angel nights for patients and medical workers深圳市最新疫情. Send patients to hospice care, ease doctor-patient relationship, help medical workers relieve work pressure; Although the lion Love Station is not big, ivisitort makes peclub怎么读ople feel ve红码黄码绿码代表什么ry warm. Shenzhen Lions Cluexchange造句b will cooperate with other major hospitals to build the lioclubmedn love Station one af控卫在此ter another to help more patients and medicalvisit怎么读 workers.

Lion business Exchange Seminar

In order to promote the further commun马槽里伸个驴头多了一张嘴ication between lions club and Hong Kong, lions club of Hong Kong were invited to shenzhen lions Club office to participate in the lion exchange fo恐龙rum.

President Ma Min said that Hong Kong and Macao Lions Club is the guiding and friendly area of Shenzhen Lions Clvisit名词ub, and has given a lot of guidance and help to the establishment of Shenzhen Lions Club. Over the years, the libetween造句on friends of the two places have maintained close contact and friendly relion复数lations, and also had certain exchanges in the cluvisit是什么意思英语b affairs and serbetweenvices. She introduced the plans, services and offices of Shenzhen Lionbetweens Club this year. Hong Kong lion friends are very wbetween是什么意思elcome to shenzhen, often go home to have a look.

Weng Huaexchange用法及搭配, first Vice Presidehongnt of洪主 CCPIT Xiamen, extended a warm welcome to the Hong Kong lion friends and hoped that the lion friends of Hong Kong and Hong Kong would contivisit怎么读nue to maintain friendly relations, learn from each other and孔令辉担任什么职务 grow up together.

Guo meihua, director of Lions Club of Hong Kong and Macao, introduced the general situation and projects of Lions Club of Hong Kong and Macao, a深圳疫情最新动态nd affirmed the exclub用英语怎么说cellent service projectsclubman是什么牌子车 of Lions Club of Shenzhen. At the s红码黄码绿码代表什么ame time, she said深圳 that inspired by ma Min’s gobi video, she will organize Hclubman是什么牌子车ong Konlion的音标g Lion Friendclub是什么酒s to carry out hiking activities.

President Li Xiangexchange造句 shared the brand project of Shen红烧肉的做法zhen Lions Club; President Wang Danya introduced the team stru恐怖电影cture and debetween怎么读啊lvelopment process of the lecturing Group. Supervisor Gao Ling shared the original intention and brand project of lion Love Football S红烧肉ervice Team; Zhang Hongxiang, Depmacao翻译uty Chief Suplion翻译ervisor, introduced the role and responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors… A seriesvisitor of wonderful sharing, let Hong Kong lion friends fully understand the characteristics of Shenzhen Lions club.

After the meeting, Presid洪主ent Ma Min and Director Guo Meihua exchanged gifts and took photos with the participants.

During this visit, Hong Kong Lion Friends were deeply impressed b深圳疫情最新消息y the service activities of Shenzhen Lions Club and the hospitality of Shenzhen Lion Friends. The Lions Clexchange造句ub of Shenzhen gave a warm recep红楼梦tion and arranged a varietyvisit翻译 of activities to show the charm of shenzhen lion friends and furthlion的中文意思er strengthen the lion affairs communication between the two places. It is hoped that bo孔令辉副局长照片th sides will have more eexchangexchanges and cooperation in service acvisit什么意思tivities and lion service constrlion复数uction inbetween the future.

【 Tlion怎么读ext 】 Huang Xinran Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Zho控卫在此u Wenguangexchange

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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