Red Action Red Movement Pengcheng – The fifth “Red Action” of Shenzhen Lions Club was launched

 Red action red Movement pengcheng
— — The 5th Session of Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Red actiolions是什么意思n ” Start the
        On the morning of Defifth怎么读英语cember 12, 2014, the 5th ldQUO was co-hosted bclubmed官网预订y Shenzhelions翻译n Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center, organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Brand Selions读音rvice Committee, Poverty Alleviation and Disawasbility Assistanfifth音标ce Committee and 28 service teams, co-organized by Excellence Group, Shenzhen Eveninmovementsg News and Entertainment channel city Discovery. Red action ” The launching ceremony of lion Blood Donation molionsnth was held in the Plaza of Century of Excellen膨成语ce center in Futian District. Although the weather is cold, the lion friends in red lion suit look like maple leaves all over the mountain, red is warm and warm, red is refreshing, magnificent.
        Mu Tonglun, deputy director of Shenzhen Spiritual Civilization Office, Chen Li, full-time deputy director of Shenzhen Love and Care Office, Liao Shuhua, Deputy Secretmovement的形容词ary of The Party Working Committemovement的动词e of Shenzhactionscripten Health and Family Planning Commission, Yang Baocheng, director of thredundante City Blood Center, Xiao Xingping, financial diractiongirls女兵人ector of The Domestic Liredison Association, Nearly 200 people attended the opening ceremony, including Lin Ziyu, president of lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015, Wu Xiaoming, president of Lions Club of Shefifth怎么读英语nzhen last yeaction怎么读语音ar and other board members, captains of various service teams, represenclubmed官网预订tatives of lions friends and caring enterprises. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Da, the famous haction是什么意思英语ost of The entlionsgateertainment channel “City Discovery” and the image ambassador of shenzhen blood donation, and鹏程杯官网 Wang Xingyue, the well-known master of ceremonies of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Many media reporters came to the scene and witnessed the surredundantging love on the land of Pengcheng.
Thefifth基数词 Central District Service Team distributed &LDquo tactiono all guests attending the ceremony. Red action ” Leaflets, and send scarves鹏城是哪个城市, c热点ommemorative badges, small lion dolls and other items, at the same time, love corporate sponsorship & LDquo; Polaroid & throughout; For th深圳天气e leaders and guests attending the event tclubso take photos as a souvenir, the hellions的音标icopter sponsored by Lion Fmovement的中文意思riends recorded this warm afifth什么意思nd touching moment.
  &nbmovement翻译成中文sp;     At the launching ceremony, wu Xiaoming, the former pre鹏城是哪个城市sident of the fourth session of the ldQUO; Red action ” Summary was made and outstaction翻译anding service teams, enterpriselion是什么意思中文翻译s and individuals were awarded &LDquo; Outstanding Contribution Award & RDQUO; , to 28 service teams that organized blood donation and donation. Excellent Organization Awaaction怎么读语音rd & RDQUO; , & other Best Participation award & RDquo; And & other Most Supportive award & RDquo; . Wei Weiguang of the Hand-in-hand service team won the gold medal. Love Ambassador Award & RDQUO; . When the host introduced that Brother Wei shi had donated blood for more than 103 times, the audience applaud深圳ed loudly, bringing the atmosphere of the activity to a climax. After 28 service teafifth基数词m leaders and lion friends read the red Action Proposaredmik40l, last president Wu Xiaoming and president Lin Ziyu热点 hfifth翻译eld a symbol & LDquo; Red action ” Torch passing ceremony. A total of 123 people dclubmedonated blood, totaling 45,150 milliliters.
      “ Redaction下载 action &rdquactiongirls女兵人o; Blood Donation Month has been held for 4 consecutactiongirls女兵人ive sessions sclub是什么酒ince its hot launch on January 12, 2011. As a key project of Shenzhen Care action, under the vigorous promotion of lion friends, the action has achieved great success: in the past four years, a total of 88 service teams participated in the activity, a total of 112 blood donatioclub怎么读n orgaction的动词anizalion是什么意思中文翻译tions, 8588 people participated in blood donation, a total of 2.97 milclubslion ml of blood donation, completed the fund-raising of 1.37 million yuan, has donated two cars & LDQUO; The liaction下载on number & throughout; Blood cart, two. Thewashington lion num鹏城ber & throughout; Blood donation car, has been tracked by 18 media a膨成语t home and abroad, has热点 won the dredomestic Lion association & LDQUO; Outstandiredmi是什么手机ng Swasteervice Project Award & RDQUO; And Shen热点zheclub用英语怎么说n Care Action & LDQUO; Public Satisfaction Actilions英语怎么读vities & RDQUO; Shenzhen Lions Club and related service teams have been awarded the 9th and 10th Shenzhen Non-remuneratfifth的缩写ive Blood Donation Awards & LDQUOreduce; Adfifth音标vanced Collective of Voluntary blood Donation & RDQUO; The title.


              Awassuptclub翻译tached: Shenzhen Lions Club Red Action Awardred是什么意思 list

Photo of the 5t深圳h Red Action Organizing Committee

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