The Third regular meeting of the year 2020-2021 was held by The Stamp Club

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On March 12, 2021, the third regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Philately Club 2020-2021 and lion Friendsthird-party Association of Beijing and Shenzhen Philately Club was held in Kyeareberly King's Lin Sea Horegular是什么意思英语tel, Yantiameetingsn District. Tan Fei, deputy supervisor ofheld过去式和过去分词 Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhang Jian, Supervisor wu Yuqiong, Advisor Lin Yanzhuo, Chairman of Philatelic Clustamp复数b Sun Xiaowei, Executive Chaiyear怎么读rman of Inmeeting腾讯会议ternayearlytional Lion Foundation Committee Tong Xin, Chairman of Beijiheld的意思是什么ng Representative Office Philatelic Club Liu Bo, director zhang Yushan and Deputy Director Zhu Hong of Shenzhen Luohu Burthirdlyeau of China Post Group, Mr. Huang Lixin, speaker of Shenzhen Philately Association, Mr. Gyear函数uo Chenghui, stamp desigwashner, Mr. Wei Kedan, Ms. Liang Xiaoqing from Luohu Post Office and about 30 members of Shenzhenwashington Lions Philately Club attestamped翻译nded the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jian.


Chairman Sunthird什么意思 xiaowei summarized the work of philately Club in the first half year and annoheld过去式和过去分词unced the wothird什么意思rk plan in the second half year. Chen Xin,was是什么意思 treasurer of the stamp Club, announced the financial report for the first half year to all the members.

The spring breeze is genial, friends come far, mountainstamp翻译s andthird-party seas are affectionate, happy! This regular meeting is also a grand gathregular反义词ering of lion friends of Beijing andwasn't Shenzheldhen stamp clubs.stamping Chairman Liu bo introduced the main work of philatelic Club of Beijing Representative Office aheld的原型nd plwashedayed video greetings from several leaders of Beijing Repwas怎么读resentative Office. The lion friends of the twoyear造句 places reviewed the video materials of the friendly exchanges between tstamp音标he lion friends of the Beijing - Shenzhen Philatelic Club in recent years. Shenzhen Lions also broadcast a video greeting and warm welcome from Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, to Beijing Lions. As President Lu zhiqiang said, the Lions Club brings people together. The Stamp Club usemeetings stamps as a carrier to enhance mutual understanding and friendship.


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The confereyear造句nce was also a cultural feaswassupt.stamp Mr. Guo Chenghui, theld中文he famous domestic stamp designer and the designer of the yestampar of the Dragon stampyear翻译s in 2000, was invyear造句ited to the meeting to tell the story behind the domestic stamp design and issuance for thyearne lion friends, so that we can understand the excellent creative design level of the stamp designers and the rigormeetingsous attitude of the postal workers.


Wei Kedan, a teacher from Shenzhyear造句en Luohu Post Office of The Domestic Post Officeregular反义词, showed his 20-meter long scroll titled "Beauthird是什么意思英语tiful Journey", describing theld怎么读的hmeeting是什么意思中文翻译e creation concethird的基数词pt of this scroll depyear是什么意思icting the beautiful scenery of the fivestamp districts in Shenzhen. Lionregular的名词 friends enjoyed the original scroll witthird什么意思h great interest, applauded shenzhen and found their own homesyear on the scroll.

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Loving the paregularlyrty and the country is also an important element of this meetingwash怎么读. He Xin, philatelic Club of Beiheld怎么读的jing Representative Office, spstamp音标ecially shared the theme of "The 100th Annivermeetingyou是什么意思sary of the founding of the Communist Party of China". Through the dmeeting怎么读英语isplay of his creation and colmeeting的音标lection ofregular什么意思 field seals, from the nanhu Conmeeting怎么读英语ference site to Chairman MAO to anyuan; From the peasant Movement woregular的所有形式rkshop to the Nanchang Uprisregular什么意思ing,meeting he narrated the great course of the establishment of a new China under the leadership of the Communist Partregular什么意思y of China with rich and accurate historical materials, and gave the pathird的缩写rticipants a vivid education of patriotism.was怎么读

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Then, Mr. Huang Lixin, the lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association, gave a lecture on the theme of "The Year of the Ox and the Month of the Horse". Among themmeeting怎么读英语, "there is a kindmeeting的音标 of youstamped翻译th is not young", "young strong country sthird翻译trong" astampnd other celebrity sentences move people's heartsstamping, give lion fheld的意思是什么riends a lot of inspiratioregularly意思中文翻译n and inspiration.

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Finally, Mr. Sun Xiaowei, chairman of Shenzhen Lionthird怎么读s Philately Club, and Mr. Liu Bo, chairman of Beiregular什么意思jing Representative Office philately Club gave each other well-pthird怎么读repared and affectioregular翻译nate souveniyearrs and gifts.meeting是什么意思中文翻译 Beijing lion frienthird的缩写ds to Shenzhen lion friends isyearbooksued a warm invitation, weregular是什么意思英语 meet in Beijing again.



[Text] Zhang Guopheldening

Stamwaspp Club

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

Ke Wuwasteyue

[Issued] Shenzheregularizationn Lions Club Office

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