Fukuda and charity collection service team held joint transition ceremony and charity auction dinner

Fukuda and charity collection service team held joint transition ceremony and charity auction dinncollectionser

      &collection游戏攻略nbsp;     On August 10, 2014, the 2014-2transition是什么意思015 joint transtransition造句ition ceremony and charity auction dinner of Shenzhen Lions Club Futian Service Team and Charitytransition翻译 Collection Service Team was held in the Civic Center Restaurant. Zhang Guojun, chairman of Lion Foundation of Lions Club of China, Lin Ziyu, 2014-2015 President of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Wang Jinliang, Supercollection是什么牌子visor, Lin Tao, First Vice President, Shfukuda是什么牌子i Jianyong, former president Dteamviewerai Tonupheldgxin and other leaders of Lions Club of Shenjoint造句zhen, Qiu Jiaru, founding team leadecharity音标r of Foton Service, The ceremony was attended by zhang Honupheldg, the founcharityding leader of tteam是什么意思翻译he charity collection service team, and more than 200 guests.
        &jointheclub是谁nbsp;   At 5:30 p.m., the ceremony began punctuallyservice是什么故障灯 after the bteamworkell ringing of the two chairmen of the conference, Huang Deqing and Xiong Jun. Brother Huang deqing introduced the leadtransition的用法ers and guests who attended the party and gave a welcome speech. At the ceremony, The 2014-2015 Futian Service Team leader Pan Yingshan and the charity Collection Service Team付款二维码 leader Luo Junpingteam delivered speeches respectively, expressing heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all of you, reviewing the lion work achitransitionalevements of thcharity的动词eir respective service teams, and saying that they woulfukudad do their duty in the New Year. Write a new chapter for the service team together with the new board members.
            Then pan Yingshan and Luo Junping awardedteams手机版 the ldquo to Cao Yan. Charity first beat &rdqservicemanuo;jointed With the MEDALS, the ceremony has enteamtered an important part of its second chapteheld的原型r. — Charity auction dinner. In this auccharity是什么意思tion dinner, Futian servteamoice team auctioned a total of 13 auction items, and raised 125,400 yuan, cash donation 2,500 yuan, subtotal 127,900 yuan; The charity collection tservice的名词eam socollection是什么牌子衣服ld 12 items worth 123,000 yuan. A total of 250,900 yuan was raised.

Article/photo & have spent Brother Zhang Qingshi from Futian Service Team

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