Shenzhen Lions Club punch Service held its inaugural meeting

Shenzhen Lions Club punch Service held its inaugural meeting

            At 5pm on August 8th, shenzhen Lions Club punch selions是什么意思rvice tmeeting翻译eam held a grand ceremoclubmanny in Huaxia Hall of Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. Lion love inheritance, Thanksgiving peers ” Inaugurallion是什么意思 Meeclubmedting and charity Gala. More tmeeting腾讯会议han 300 leaders of Lions club shenzhen,inaugural address including Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club S深证指数henzhen 2014-201punchline5, and social caring people witnessed the event.
         punch怎么读 &itsashou微博nbsp;   The conference is divided into three chapters. As the chairman of the conference and first vice captain of the Punch Sclub是什么意思ervice, Brother Chen Chih-hang, struck the bell with a hammer. Ding & throughout; “, opened theheld opening cermeeting腾讯会议emony of the Establishment of the Punch Service深证指数 team, the audience broke into warm applause. Mr. Liu Xingchen, executive chairman of the conlions英语怎么读ference and the second vice captain of the Punch Service team, read the guest list on the stage, and then Mr. Chen Zhihang gav深圳e the welcome speech on the stage.
            Then, the most solemn moment came. Under the common witness of the participants, President Lin Ziyu gave the ribbon to the foundingmeeting怎么读英语 leader Huang Xingmilionsgaten of the Punch Service Team. Wclubmanhen Huang xingmin shared the hardships of founding the team, the real man could not help but shed tears. Then, huang Xingmin, the founding team leader, lemeetingtencentcomd the members of the council to undertake the inaugural pledge.
            Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club, highly praiitstimefor和to区别sed the dediheld的意思是什么cation of Brother Huang Xingmin, congratulated the establishment of the Club, and welcomed the new lion friends to join the family ofinaugural翻译 Lions Cits和it’s的区别lub, hoping to inherit the lion club in the f深圳疫情最新动态uturpunch怎么读e. Founding director Huang Yongsheng on behalf of the new lion friends made an acceptance speeclions是什么意思h. Domestic bank Shenzhen Branits翻译ch and Punch Service team signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
            Then itpunches goes to the charity auction. The auction iteitsms come from donations from caring people and calligraphers to raise money for Chen Xu, a teenager with cerebral palsy in Longgang District, and the victims of the llions是什么意思udian earthquake in Yunnan province,inaugural address翻译中英对照 spreadheld的原型ing great love深圳疫情 in the world.
        &nbspclub怎么读;   Thepunching third chapter of the conference is the performance and lucky draw. Under the coordination of Zheng Cuirong, the third vice president of The Service team, shenzhen Pioneer Cattle Art Troupe specially invited the troupe to elaborate wonlion是什么意思中文翻译derful performances to thank all the participants, including dance “Female soldiersits是什么意思 walking on the Street” and special perfor深圳风险等级manclub是什么意思ce “Drinking fun brother”. The lucky draw prizes were sponsored by the cclubommunity caring people and the Punch Club members free of charge.
            Finally, Mr. Liu Xingchen shi, executive chairman of the conference,clubman came to the stage to give a speecmeeting怎么读英语h of appreciation. After the performanceits翻译 of “Domesheld中文tic Dream”, all the members of the Punch Service team took a group photo with the guests and performers. The activity endepunch怎么读d in a happy and peaceful atclubmedmospinaugural addresshere.

Writing/Tpunch韩国女歌手ubbage Service team

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