Xunliao Bay Lion Friendship - Central District Service Team lion friendship activity

Happy reunion xunliao Bay & NBSP;   Frozen Lion Friendship
                  &nbfriendship的英语作文sp;                          service的名词;   — Central District Service Team Lions Fellowship activity

&nbteamworksp;         &nbs拔牙多少钱p; Saturday, March 17, 2012. Lion friends and family members of the central district service team of 20 people, from shenzhen,teammate east, west, ndistrictingorth and south of each direction to gather inservicebio huidong Xunliao Bay.
Fengchi Island resort occupies the most beautiful section of xuteam什么意思nliao Bay 16 km coastlinactivity怎么读e, where the water is clear, beautif鲅鱼ul scenery, white beach,service翻译 delicate, each room has a large balcony, between is facing the bay, endless. It is indeed the pe拔牙多少钱一颗rfect place to relax and recuperate.
         activity翻译;   On the afternoon of 17th, after the lion f巽寮湾和双月湾的差别riends arrived one after another, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of thxunliaoe surrounding area with high interest. Come to the seaside, must eat seafood, dinner lion frieservice可数吗nds full of rich seafood, evening to soak in the hot spring. Usually in Shenzhen, we work very hcentralizeard, and we dolionsn't spend much time tofriendship思维导图gether. We rarely have leisure time to spend with family, friends, and lionbrothers and lionsisters on weekends, so we cherish the good time together.
            In the morning of 18th, we rented a boat to go fishing together. In two hours, we harvestteammateed a lot of fish, shrimps,巽寮湾现在开放吗 crabs and so on.
      &nbs八一影院下载安装p;   &activity的四种启动模式nbsdistrictingp; Happy time is always fleeting, the good memories will be remembered in my heart. Although it was only a shfriendship的意思ort day, the friendship between lion friends enhanced understanding, deefriendships吉他谱pened fricentralisedendship, cohesion of unfocentralizergettable lion friendship. Only by communicating with each other can we unfriendship的意思derstanlion怎么读d each other.activity We hope to have the opportunity to organize such social activities more often.

Article/photo & have spent Centracentral怎么读l District Service team


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