Happiness Service Team: hold the third regular meeting and general meeting of 2016-2017

Happiness Service Team: hold the third regular meeting and general meeting of 2016-2017

On the afternoon of Novemthird-partyber 27th, 2016, the thirdmeeting是什么意思 regular meeting and general Meeting of 2016-regular翻译2017 of Shenzhen Lregularly意思中文翻译ions Club Haservice的名词ppiness Service team was held in Shenzhen Home Defu Tongmen Co., LTD. Happy team leader Guo Yongyong, captain CAI Min and Lin Chunhao, Zhang Shengzhou, Tang SAN, Guo Zhaohang, Chen Xiaobin, Cao Jiexiong, Liu Yunhuan, Liao Jinbin, Zhang Wenjing, Liu Wei, Li Zhihao, Jian Wenxiong, Ma Chaofan, Zang Ruixin, Lin Weilong, Dong Yifan and other 18 lion friends attended the meeting. Guo Ygeneralbutchongyong as chairman of the conference, Chen Xiaobin as picket. The meeting was presided over by Tang SAN.

The meeting voted to approve tthird的缩写he standmeeting是什么意思athird-partyrd of membership fee for the New Year and the qualificaregularitytions of council members. Due to work reasons, two lion friends appliservice是什么意思ethird怎么读英语d to withdteam是什么意思翻译raw from the board ogeneral轮胎什么牌子f directors. After the nomination, electionregularly意思中文翻译 speech, the boarservice翻译d of direcregular是什么意思英语tors voting,teams手机版 elected Liu Wei as the second vice captain, Liuhold Yunhuan, Zhang Wenjing as directors. This yemeeting是什么意思ar, we plan to carry out “Red Action” jointly with other servhold的过去形式ice teams, which wilgeneral什么意思中文l be carried out by Thrteamproee brothers, Zhang Shengzhou, Chen Xiaobin and Guo Zhaohang. The Happy Service team plans to donate 100,000 yuan of grants to help sregularityhantwei Hudong Primary school toilet and playground renovation, improve the leateams手机版rning environment.

Themeeting翻译 meeting decided to launch the eregularye care service for the elderly in 2017 and estregular的所有形式ablish “Happy Lion Love”
  The “Bright Bright Action” will drive more caring people to pay attention to the health problems of the elderly. Lion friends agree that the trhappiness是什么词性avel expenses of participating in the service activities will be shold的过去式和过去分词hared by thehold翻译 participating lionhold是什么意思 friends and guests.

In the end, Captain CAI Mingeneral轮胎什么牌子 congragenerally翻译tulated the three newly electemeeting腾讯会议d council members for their unanimous ahappiness翻译pproval in her concluding speech. She hoped to do more for the service team and thanked the lion friends who attended the meeting. Because with everyone’s support, the Happy Service Team will go further and better.

Article/photo Contributed by Happiness Seteamprorvice Team

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