Blue Sky Service Team: Held the third regular meeting of 2018-2019

Blue Sky Service Teama20182019The annualThe third timeThe regular meeting


Decembemeetingyou是什么意思r 2018month27,Shenzhen Lions Club Blue Sky Service TeamThe third regular meeting of 2018-2019 was held at 1st floor, Block A, Nanshan Wisdom Square. Blue Sky Service team captain Huang Junping, third vice captain Liang Qun, team leader Zhang Cheng, former team leader Chi Guandong attended the meeting. Ththird的缩写e meeting was chservice和serve的区别aired bservice怎么读y Mr Tan Yee-fai and chairedsky by Mr Wong Jun-ping.

Captain Wblue特殊含义情侣ongblue chun-ping expressed his gratitude to the chairman of the Conference, Mr Tam Yee-fai, for his continuoublue特殊含义情侣s care and support to the Service teamWe reviewed the lion activitieskype安卓手机版s in the past month, including organizing and planning the reception of the president of Lions Club International at oct Wetland Park and participating in the 3rd Warm Lion Love Carnival“The Most Beautiful Stage – Inspirational Speech for the Disabled”, participated in the “Music Company” carregular什么意思e for autistic chithird翻译ldmeeting是什么意思ren held isky光遇n Bao ‘an, participated in the 9th “Red Action”,To participate in2019 New Year charity party, organized and planned the annual team leader volunteer training held in oct Wetland, parthird的缩写ticipated inthird-party the “Garbage Act” environmental protection activity with Lu Bing’s fmeetingsamily in Shenzhen Bay Park, particteamworkipated in the jteam什么意思oregularityint meeting of zone 1 with First Vice Captain Chen Haiyan, and participated in the second Shenzhen Special Culture Festival with Zhao Zhenmei.

Subsequently, Captain Huang Junping announcedWskype安卓手机版ill be in2019yheld中文earsOn January 11, wmeeting是什么意思中文翻译e will jointly undertake “Red action” iheldenn oct Happy Coast with high-tech service team. Wservice的名词e hope lion friends will actively support us. Liang Qun, the third vice captregular是什么意思英语ain, reported the seservicervice funds and administrative funds of thskype是什么软件e service team.

Finally, particiservice是什么意思中文翻译panskyworthts expressed their views on the develblued暂停新用户注册opment of the service team and the lion activities.


wen/ Photo Huang Junping

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