Standardized, pragmatic and Steady Development — The third meeting of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee was held smoothly

Standardized, pragmatic and Steady Development — The third meeting of the Chairmanpragmatic翻译‘s Advisory Committee was held smoothly

On January 27, 2019, the third athird的基数词dvisory Committee meeting of the 2018-2019 Chairman of Shenzhenthird-party Lions Club was successfully held in The Soucommitteeth International Pmeetingyou是什么意思laza in Futian District. At the meeting, the lions clumeeting怎么读英语b members listened to the work of the board of Direcommittee造句ctors and the Board of Supervisors this year, discussed the election work, cleaning and rectification work of Shenzhen Lions Club, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions for the devesteadyme表达的啥意思lopsteadyshotment of Smeetingyou是什么意思henzhen Lions Clchairmanshipub.

President Ma Mincommittee和council introduced the work of the council this year. This year, in the domestic lions under the leadership of the federation, under the guidanthird是什么意思英语ce of disabled persons’ federation of shenzhensteady, shenzhen lionsunstandardized around the theme of “new lion nsteady副词ew generation kinetic energy”, continuesdevelopment怎么读 to improve the management level of the organization construction, strengthen the lion, the revision of partthird怎么读英语y construction, system, member madevelopment翻译nagement, service management, financial management, offcommittee是单数还是复数ice management, and other aspects armeetingyou是什么意思e new measures; The next step will be to do a good job in the 17th Member Congress, member management, service team constructiondevelopment的用法和搭配, system construction and other work, promotepragmatics和semantics区别 education, assistance to the disablsteady是什么意思ed, community services and othpragmatics语言学er activities, actively support the work of tcommittee造句he Municipal Disabled persons’ Federation, find a starting point in the constrdevelopment怎么读uctionsteady的反义词 of barrier-free city, and contribute tothird the construction ofsteady是什么意思 barrier-free city in Shenzhen.

Zheng Degang, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, briefed the work of the Board of Supervisors this year. In terms of system construction, the Board of Supervisors comprehensively launched the system revision work, revmeetingised the work discipline and rules of procedure of the Boarmeetingyou是什么意思d of Supervisors, and will revise the work system of the Board of Supervisors according to the constitution and rules of work; In terms odevelopments翻译f team building, we have detailed responsibilitiescommittee和council and added more than 30 supervisors in accordance with the work rules. We have combined pre-event, in-process and padvisory是什么意思ost-event supervision to acthird音标hieve full coverage of supervision and effectively fulthird的缩写fill responsibilities to ensure the smcommittee翻译ooth and orderly daily work of Shenzhen Lions Club. So far, the supervisory board has not received a single valadvisoryid complaint.third怎么读英语

The former chairmen of tpragmatiche conference delivered speeches on the electiosteadyme表达的啥意思n work and the clean-up work respectively, and made suggestions and suggestions for the relevant work of the Ccommittee是单数还是复数ouncil.

The presidenadvisor是什么意思t of Xie Jian Cultural and Creative Association thstandardizeinks that the work of this year is standardized and pragmatic, which deservecommittee怎么读s praise. Shenzhen Lions Club shoudevelopment同义词替换ld adhere to the problem oriethirdntation, stdevelopment可数吗art from problems, solve problems, and carry out solid work; We shouldpragmatics语言学 pay attention to and support full participation in donation, adevelopment怎么读nd put member participationdevelopment翻译 in the first place. At the same time, he agreed to the resumption ofchairman the Chinese Lion Night, pointing omeetingyou是什么意思ut that the eight-point regulations of the CPC Central Committstandardized是什么意思ee should be strictly impmeeting的音标lemethirdlynted and all lion affairs should be earnestly done.

Dai Tongxin, former CHAIRMAN of CCPIT Xiamen pointed out that the electthird的缩写ion work should be normalized, the election discipline should bethird翻译 serious, and the election atmosphere of democrameetingtencentcomcy, fairness, integrity and harmony should be created and mameeting是什么意思intained.

Domesdevelopment可数吗tic lions apragmatics名词解释ssociation supervisor Su Zeran pointed out that the association and the unit members, reprdevelopment是什么意思esentative office of the rectithird翻译fication work is still not over, I hope the Shenzhen Lions club deeply understand the requirements of the redevelopment可数吗ctification work, stricommittee造句ct law has, lead a gsteady和stableood team, promote the work in the forefront.

Wang Jinliang, chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Chchairman怎么读airman of thchairman和president的区别e Board of Directors, made a concluding speech and extended his New Year greetings to all the leaders of the Lion Friends. He thanked everyopragmatic是什么意思ne for attending the meeting despitechairman和president的区别 their busy schedule and sachairman翻译id that the advisory comstandardize翻译mittee of thepragmatics和semantics区别 Chairman of the board of Directors would give full play to its role, earnestly perform its duties, actively support the work of the Bocommittee和commissionard of directors and make suggestions and suggestions for the board of directors.

Wang Jinliang, chaichairman是什么意思rmastandardizedn of the Advisorychairman翻译 Committee of the Chairman of Lionsteady和stables Club shenzhen, Xie Jianwen, chairman of lions Club Shenzhen, shi Jianyong, Wu Xiaomidevelopment是什么意思ng, Su Zersteady怎么读an, Zheng Degang, Dai Tongxin and other 7 members attended the meeadvisor软件ting. Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Presidenpragmatic是什么意思t Ma Min, last ppragmatic翻译resident Tian Wangxing, first vice President Weng Hua attended the meeting. The meetmeetingsing was chaired by Wang Jinliang.

【 Text 】 Mapragmatics语言学 Hthird的基数词uijuan

[Photo] Ma Huijuan

[Editor] Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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