Poai Service Team held the sixth regular meeting of 2013-2014

Poai Service Team held the sixth regular meeting of 2013-2014

            On April 18, 2014, Shenzhen Liomeeting是什么意思中文翻译ns Club Love Club held the sixteamth regular meeting of 2013-2014. A total of 23 lion club members,regularly including Qiu Jingservice是什么意思bin, president of 2013-2014, Lin Xinyue, president of 2014-2015, and Qikelin, first Vice President of 2014-2015泊爱延时喷雾, attended the meeting. Chen Neng Tiheld中文ng, executivesixth读音 Chairman of the 2013-2014 Peace Poster Committee of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, was present.
  &meeting腾讯会议nbsp;         During the self-intmeetingsroduction session, the lion club membersteams手机版 deepened their mutual understandteams会议ing. At the same time, the senior lion club members shared their inner feelings since joining the lion Club, which made the new lion club members have a new understanding of the lion club. They all said that they woregularizationuld do their best in the future activities. Presidsixth的基数词ent Chen nengting expressed his best wishes to the Team and put forward some vteamoaluable suggestions for the future lion work.
    &n泊艾延时喷剂效果怎么样bsp;     &regular的名词nbsp; Qiu Jserviceingbin, chair泊艾man of CCPregular什么意思IT FCCPIT Summarized the recent work, briefed the election of the new board of directors again, and made an introduction tregularityo the new board of directors, congratulating them on their election. Smeetingyou是什么意思ubsequently, I made a plan for the work in the last two mosixth音标nths of 2013-2014. I planned to carry out a visit to the chiregularizationldren in the welfare home durinregularizationg the Children’s Day, a bright activity in Sangzi, Hunan Province, and a project to assist the construction of Xintian Primary Scheld中文hool imeetingsn Xinfeng.
         regularization   President-elect Ms Lam expressed her gratitude to outgoing President Mr Chou Chmeetinging-bin for his efforts. She said that poai Steams手机版ervice team can develop to more than 50 members today because of good inheritance. She felt a great responsibility, but she was fully confidemeeting翻译nt to be the president of the team, and made thesixthtone arrangement of the annual work plan: First, continue to carry out 2013-2014 fundmeeting翻译 Xinfeng Xintian Primarsixthymeeting school project泊艾延时喷剂多少钱一盒, strive to become a brand project; Second, try to visit all the enterprises of lionservice翻译 friends in the association to understand what members think; Third, aheld中文ctively carry out community service projects to serve people around; Fourthlyheld中文, carry out more member fellowship activities to enhance member cohesion.
            At the same time, boai service team also held a financial salon before the meeting, invited Mr. Dingregular反义词 Qingnian, an international financial planner, to make a public speech with the theme of “famservicemaniserviceablely-Enterprise Weaserviceablelth risk Manageteamsment”, which was highly praised by more than 50 people presentpoai.


Text/Tubo Love Servregular的所有形式ice Team


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