Mileage Service Team: hold the 10th regular meeting of 2020-2021 and the recommendation meeting of 2021-2022

On April 10, 2021, the 10th regular meeting of the 2020-2021 year and the 2021-2022 year recommendation Meeting of theserviceable Shenzhen Lions Club Mileage Service Team was held in The 9TH Floor E, Block A, Cedar Building, Tairan 6th Road, Futian District. 52 participants, inclumeeting是什么中文意思ding Xiong Qi, cteamhairman of The third District of Shenzhen Lions Club, Huang Weiqiang, leader of the mile Service Team, Wang Shu, Chang Hongliang, Zhao Dan, founder Chen Shijun, former leaders Yang Shuijin, Wen Shuxian, Tan Zhaolin and Feng Qijiang, attended the on-sithold one meeting, and 24 online participants. Lu Zhiqiang, president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Tan Fei, deputy supervisor, Zhang Zheqin, president of the first zone, Wei Xinxin, president of the secondregular是什么意思英语 Zone, Wu Guiche童话故事ng, leader of the red lichenmileageg service, Xie Yan, leader of the central zone service, Wan Xiaoyun, and Cui Weiying, founder of the Bougainvillea service, were present at the meeting. The meeting was chahold键是什么功能ired by Xiong Qi andmileage翻译 preteambitionsided over bholdingy Chang Hongliang.

Mileage. JPG

The conference heard capthold是什么意思ain Huang Weservicemaniqiang's work summary and CAI Yunxi's financial report. After selecting candidates for election speech, the new team leader Wang Shu, the first vice captain Chang Hongliang, the second vice captairegular翻译n Zhao Dan, the third vice captain Gao Liping andteams手机版 other team members were elected.



Text/picture contributedmeetings by mregular翻译ileage Service team


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