Precise Assistance for the Disabled sharing the Beauty — The Fourth Zone carries out the “570 Warm Project” precise assistance for the disabled

Precise Assistance for the Disabled sharing the Beauty — The Fourth Zone carries out the “570 Warm Project” precise assistance for the disabled

On January 25sharing是什么手机卡, 2019, the fourth “570 Warm Project” targeted dsharing怎么读的isabildisabled电脑ity assistance activity of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held at the Disabled Passistance动词ersons’ Federation Building in Bprecise读音ao ‘an District, Shenzhen. The event distributed 1,000 yuan of condolesharing翻译nce money and gifts to each of 159 families of persons wsharing是什么意思英语ith didisabled是什么意思sabilities living on subprecise翻译sistence allowances in Bao ‘an district, Longhua District and Guangming New District, with service funds of 189,000 yuaoutragen.

Du Peng, chaisharing怎么读的rman of the conference and chairman of zone 4 of Shenzhen Lionsdisabled翻译 Club, introduced the leaders and guests and thanked them for comingoutbreak.sharing怎么读的

Luo Guanqi, chairman of the Poverty Alleviation and Assistance Committee odisabled翻译f Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced “570 Warm Project”. This year, under the guidasharingnce of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhbeautycamen Lionsassistance和help的区别 Club, led by five special distrassistance是什么意思icts, carried out four “570 Series Warm Proprecisely翻译ject” precise assistancarries怎么读ce services for the disabled, providing economic assistance and materiafourth是什么意思l sympathy to 551 familisharing是什么意思es of the disabled with subsistence allowances in thefourthly city. In the future, Shenzhen Lions Club will inassistance是什么意思tensify its efforts to help tsharinghe disabled to improve their quoutrageality of life.

Nong, the representacarries翻译tive of the assisted disabled, thanked tassistancehe Shenzhen Lionoutrages Club and othprecise的名词形式er caring units for their subdsharingpport and hdisabled造句简单带翻译elp, to convey love and pzone怎么读ositive energy to the disabled, encourage the disabled to face life more actively.

Shenzhen XuanQuan disabled persons’ federation group insurance department directfourth的基数词or Huang Fake speeches, on behalf of the disabled persons’ federation to the baoan districtoutlook邮箱 of shenzhenbdsharing, longhua area, new district light disableprecise翻译d friends extezone护眼nd my cordial greetings, chairman of the five zones and shenprecise和accurate的区别zhen lion lion friend precibeautybay官网se assistive work sincerely respect, to shenzhen lions want t52sharingo thank you for contributing to the development of undertakings for disabled persons, We pay high tribute to all sectors of society and workers with disabilities who have long attached importance to and supported the cause of the disabled.

Ms. Ma Min, president obeautybox软件旧版本下载f Lions Cluoutrageb shenzhen, delivered a speech, thankizone怎么读ng the 20 service teams and the lions in Zbeautybox安装one 4 for their gsharing是什么手机卡reat love and dedicatfourth-gradeion. She encouraged disabled friends to learn new skills and actively integrate into social life, and extended Spring Festival greetings to disabled friends ioutbreakn advance.

Leadezone护眼rs of the Disabled persons’ Federation of Baoan district, Longhua District and Guangming New District accepted check cards on behalf of all rbeautybox注册码ecipients in their respective districts. Leaders of the Disabled persons’ Federation, Lions Club of Shenzhen and rfourth怎么读epresentatives of various service teams came on stage to distribute condolence money and gifts to families of the disabled on subsistence allowance.

Huzone是什么品牌手机ang Fake, Direprecisenessctor of publicity and Rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Wang Wei, Secretary-general of Bao ‘an Districtzoneturf Disabled Persons’ Federation; Xi Zhiying, Longhua District Disaassistance的用法bled Persons’ Federation; An Zhenlong, Guangming New Area Disabled Persons’ Federation; Ma Min, 2018-201beautybox9 President of Shenzhen Lions Clubsharing是什么手机卡; Tian Wangxing, last president; Du Hezone什么意思车上的什么按钮ngkun, Secretary-general; Li Feng, Deng Yi, Deputy Secretary-Genbeautybay官网eral; nie Xiangdong, Du Peng, regional chairmen; More than 130 people, includizone什么意思车上的什么按钮ng district chairmout什么意思en Wen Yaoli, Ru Chunxu, Chen Qunhao, Chen Nianzhong and Cui Weiying, secretary General of the Boardsharing是什么手机卡 of Supervisors Li Aijun, Chairman of the Coprecisenessmmittee for Poverty Alleviation and Disability Luo Guanqi, executive chairmen Zhu Yaer, Sucarries翻译 Jianhua and Chen Jianjun, staff of the DISABLED persozone什么意思ns’ Federation and representatives of tassistance是什么意思英语he disabled, pafourthlyrticipated in the activity. Tbeautybox注册码he activity was chaired by Du Peng and Gao Chenhan.

This activity was directed by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedprecisenesserabeautybox软件旧版本下载ti52sharingon, hosted by Shenzhen Lions Club, undedisabled造句简单rtaken by 20 service teams idisabled是开启还是关闭ncluding Shenzhen Lions Club Missoutlook邮箱ion Hills, Longhua, Xin ‘an, Tiancheng, and co-organized by Bao ‘an Disassistance的用法trict Disabeautyboxbled Persons’ Federout什么意思ation, Longhua Disbeauty什么意思trict Disabled Persons’ Federation, goutrageuangmfourth用英语怎么说ing New District Disabled Persons’ Federation.

【 Text 】 Huang Xinrafourth翻译n

[Photo] Hong Shenglong

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shabeautycamoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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